June 16th, 2008

Spring-Time Mew

Loads of pokemon stuff for sale =D

I have LOADS of pokemon stuff for sale.

EDIT: Someone better take my luxray plushie... $30AUD Shipped to US/UK etc.  need money please :(

1. Paypal accepted only.
2. Shipping fees varies, it all depends on the items you choose - when asking about shipping, please mention your country.
3. I live in Australia.

List of stuff for sale:
1. 24x Great Encounter Booster Packs (all sealed, and real).  $4ea
2. 2007-08 City Championships Medal $12
3. Heatran deckbox (hornzital) $12
4. Heatran deckbox (vertizal) $12
5. Regigigas deckbox (horniztal) $12
6. Regigigas deckbox (vertital) $12
7. Magmortar/Electivire deckbox (vertital) (Jedi_Amara)

1. Power Keepers Notebook $15
2. Blastoise Notebook $15
3. Dialga/Palkia card folder $15
4. Torterra/Infernape/Empoleon folder (Jedi_Amara)
5. Pokemon Emerald 2004 promotional item w/ cd. $5
6. Pokemon Red/Blue walkthru by Jason R.Rich $5
7. Pokemon Snap walkthru by Jason R.Rich $5
8. Pokemon TCG for gameboy strategy gude by Prima (not mint) $7
9. Pokemon DP walkthru volume 1 by prima (near mint) $10
10. Pokemon DP walkthru volume 2 by prima (near mint) $10

Groudon satchel bag, full of goodies which are:
beach ball, frisbee, 2x pens, a winner tourney pin, a Mewtwo tag, a Rayquaza coin, 12x pencils and a Mewtwo hat - all mint and unused.
This lot is not going to be sold seperately.(Jedi_Amara)

And many of you may ask why my Luxray plushie is there...

Thanks =D

also, dont forget that I have pokemon cards for sale/trade.

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ATTN: obakehoshi

Since April I've been getting inquiries about those packages that your post office messed with. Nobody seems to be able to contact you through email, LJ comments/messages, or any other means, including myself. Last word was you would get the packages re-mailed, but you seem to have vanished from the comm after that post.

If you are reading or anyone who knows you is reading, HELP!

If you havent gotten your stuff from obakehoshi, please reply here with that info and any times youve tried to contact her.
Hoppip friends
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Shhh.. he's sleeping

So, I discovered that I can handsew small plush on the bus to work and back :D Amidst some hard times, I decided to treat myself to a Luxio that I had planned for 8 months. (Ordering this icon from Armaina and seeing YY's sleeping Shinxes further inspired me!)
Luxio is 13" long, made of all plush, has a poseable tail, took 14 hours, and is WAY TOO CUTE.

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The other day I went to Target and picked up some Pokemon notebooks for relatively cheap. I thought some people here might be interested since I have never seen them before.

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Not too many new products (although I added some kids, pretty TCG tins and free stuff), but a lot of reduced prices and deals. Please take a look. ♥

o hai guise

So you've probably seen me around on the comm and in the chatroom, but I've not intro'd myself yet. So, here I am.

o hai guise

So yeah, my name is Allan, and I'm in England. You might have seen me on the other pkmn community. Or in the chatroom as kaecyus.

I would have a collection pic, but since this is more of a resurrection of my old fandom than a continuance. I first got into Pokémon when my parents (yeah, first good thing they did? xD) got me Blue /before/ it became popular. And they took me to the releases of GSC and RSE. So yeah.

I aim to collect Scythers and Dialgas, although I would love to have my team from a single set (ie Zukan, Battle Museum etc etc), but that'll be a little bit difficult. You WILL be getting some pics from me in the near future, as my partner in crime tsukiyashi  is grabbing a few lots we bought together/I bought for her as graduation fees bribes gifts.

So yeah.

hai guise.
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Group Auction?

Would anyone want to do a group auction for this Y!J lot of 20 plushies?

I would want the Bulbas... the only problem is that someone else would need to do the bidding, as I have no SMJ account.

These are all really good quality plushies, though, it's looking like, and since there are so many I don't think the price should get TOO ridiculous. (I don't see this going above 20,000¥, do you guys? :\ that'd still be $10/each)

Person to SMJ this -- anuvia

Bulba S, M, L -- emurii
Squirtle S --
Squirtle M -- meowthcollector
Squirtle L -- goku_the_saru (Waiting list: starseed4)
Charmander S -- sonicelectronic (Waiting list: tortoises)
Charmander M --
Charmander L -- anuvia
Meowth -- lovestyle
Mew -- goku_the_saru (Waiting list: shiny_mew
Mewtwo -- goku_the_saru (Waiting list: kanackering)
Marill -- crimson_angel02
Pichu -- pikabellchu
Jirachi -- taycs (Waiting list: stargirlshine, tortoises)
Deoxys L -- meowthcollector
Deoxys M -- meowthcollector
Kyogre -- anuvia
Rayquaza -- stargirlshine
Lucario -- anuvia (Waiting list: penanna, rinkatink)

I hope we can drum up a group auction for these, they're SO CUTE. ;A;

EDIT: Waitlisted people will be contacted if the original sale falls through. :] Small Squirtle and Medium Charmander are the only without buyers!

EDIT2: Current high-bidder! >w< Currently $3.30/plush (but we have 5 days for that to go up, so don't get too excited yet)

CURRENT: Not high-bidder; would like to wait on bidding for a few days so as not to drive the price up further than necessary (6.17 @ 1:32AM US East Coast)

Updates updates <3

I got my Sunyshore package over the weekend, along with a couple other things today/saturday. :D

Also I have finally updated my collection website. @_@ Using the scanner just makes me so lazy. D:

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Click the button to visit my webpage. n_n

ALSO! Because he is awesome and special, TOOTHY now has his own L-J! :D He keeps a record of his adventures there. <3

Lucky Star: Oversoul

[You are you are~//]

A few things!

Firstly, I received my package from privatelyricist  on saturday :D

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Second, after watching this video that Gin put up, I had to find out what the song was. It's the Movie Theme apparently! ^o^ The song is called called 'One' by the singer Crystal Kay, and the Pokemon Limited Edition Single is available for pre-order ovah heaah~
I ordered one :X


I'm getting pretty excited about this year's AmeCon in the UK (yeah, it's early days yet xD), and I want to know who else will be there!! =D We could maybe arrange a community meet up or something ^___^
I'll be doing pokemon related cosplays, yesyes. x3

And lastly, packages! There are two packets left to go out; Kari's and shiruken_chan's. They'll be out within the week. Everything else has been posted.

Thankyou c:

talking pikachu and zukan sale + tiny collection update

Well guys, yesterday I actually managed to find some Pokemon stuffs for sale, yay! I bought some for myself and some which are intended for you guys =3

Oh and to shootthetanks and pacificpikachu, your packages are now on their way to you as of this morning, so they should be with you shortly I hope =D

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pichu :P

collection update part 2!

 I got my package from sunyshore! Also i was waiting to post until i got more packages.

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Pkmn_masta, i still have a kangaskhan card and scyther card (from majestic dawn) for you if you still want them? if you do i need your address! Email it to me imadeamisstake@yahoo.com (dont forget the two s)

And if you have received your cards from me, let me know! I've already gotten emails from about half of the people. And please leave me some feedback! (whenever you have the chance of course!)
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Picture story and sales.

Hello everyone~ ^3^!

Today I bring you my very first picture story, followed by teeny sales.

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I owe someone a commission of Oak riding on a Lapras, I'm working on it. It'd be done already but school really got to me these past few weeks. :| I forgot your LJ too, and my inbox erased everything because it was too old. I really need to change that setting... ;o;

I'm going to be working on my collection site now that I got my pride and joy! Look out for it within the next few days. ^___^
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ready to explode

I received one of my collection grails from kefanii today!

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Also decided to grab the rest of my main collections and take some pictures. I don't think I've ever properly posted them here.

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I'm always on the lookout for stuff I don't have, particularly the Poochyena and Mightyena kids! I'm also interested in the antagonistic-looking Buizel kid, or really any Buoy that's not this guy. Feel free to offer if you have anything, though I can't pay by Paypal.

I'm also debating about starting a Leafeon collection. D: I know, like I need another eeveelution in my life, but I really, really like him. I have the Zukan. So, offer up your Leafeon wares too, if there are any to be found. *laugh*