June 17th, 2008

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Tomy Cell Phone Charms

Would anyone be interested in a group purchase on this one?


I love these charms to death but I only want about 3 of them. XD Unfortunately they don't sell them separately.

That leaves:
-Celebi stargirlshine
-Jirachi HOLD for tehpixelpixie
-Deoxys shrines
-Rayquaza stargirlshine
-Chimchar (2$)

2.50$ each plus shipping would be fine! Paypal only please <3

-Shipping is 2$ to the US
-I have a Chimchar from the same company if anyone wants it, 2$ since it's already open :) I never get what I want in those machines, ehehe.

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This lot I purchased a little while ago on eBay arrived today!

Bulbasaur is actually not the giant, 16"x13" Play By Play I thought he was, but a smaller 12"x9" Play By Play. (My quest for reasonably priced Mega Bulbasaur continues.)

ALSO, what I thought were Charmander and Squirtle Pokemon Banks are actually not, but rather large talking figures. They say their names and play the Pokemon Opening theme. Both are in working condition -- Charmander is a little dirty, but I'll clean him before shipping. Squirtle is in gorgeous condition, but takes a little bit more coaxing to talk, so maybe replace the battery.

Light-up Charmander's tail does NOT light up anymore. Beanbag Squirtle is actually really cute! D:

Already sold:
Bulbasaur - emurii PAID
Obese "Meh"chu - yaoi_queen PAID
Pocket Pikachu - digivolution PAID
Venusaur BK Launcher - pkmn_masta PAID
Talking Charmander - tehpixelpixie PAID

Talking Squirtle (6.5"x6") - $5
Squirtle Beanbag Plush (5.5"x3.5") - $5 $4
Light-up-no-more Charmander (2.5"x1.5") - $3 $2
Meowth BK Plush (3.75"x3.5") - $3 $2

Feel free to haggle! Everything must go!
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Hi! Intro Post!

Hey, my name's Tanya :3. I'm pretty much new to this community (although I may know some of you through trades/purchases I did), so hello everyone!

I collect all kinds of pokemon (Mewtwo/Lucario/Gengar/Eeveelutions are my faves though). I'm mostly interested in pokemon plush and kids. I do have quite a few plush in my collection and not many kids. I'm hoping to collect the kid forms of all my favorites. :)

I also love to draw pokemon! You can find me on DeviantArt and FurAffinity.

Mudkip art  Jolteon Dialga art 

I do take commissions for custom artwork, both digital and traditional, and pokemon chibi badges (shown in the last picture above). I'll also accept trades for kids, plush, and other merch. Just contact me if you're interested. Feedback for me goes here.

Introduction Post

Hi guys, I'm pretty new to this community so I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Scott and I'm a fan of Pokemon, though I have yet to pic up my copy of Diamond/Pearl :) I don't really have much else to say except I am a sculptor and I have a gallery over on DeviantArt: www.whitey594.deviantart.com You'll find some Pokemon art, most of it is jewelry(which is for sale, but I won't post that info yet) And I also have some other non-pokemon video game art so feel free to take a look. I also have a shop over on Etsy with most of my stuff: www.whitey594.etsy.com :)

I look forward to talking to you guys and being active in this community.

Shipped Out~!

Click to visit the store!

To those who have paid: your packages have been shipped! :> One of you sent me an e-check- I will ship your items as soon as it clears. If there are any problems upon arrival (missing items, etc.), please contact me!

To those who haven't paid: I won't constantly remind you, but please note that if payment isn't received by Friday, the items will be put back up for sale.


Received items + 'DOOF QUESTIONS

I have received items from featherclaw, taycs, pacificpikachu and lightofapollo; Pichu-Pika-Rai set, Bibarel Sticker, Nidoqueen Kid, Pidgeotto Roller and Blue Version. Thank you guys so much, and if you have a feedback thread I'll post feedback for y'all ^^

Secondly, I am looking for the Jakks Bidoof Figure, it doesn't have to include the marble or base. I SWEAR that Toys R Us/Target/Walmart/Kmart is smiting me because NONE of those stores have poor little derpy 'Doof now D: Go figure, I start collecting it and it disappears :/

However I DID buy the Jakks Pokeball Throw Plush Bidoof thingie and it's kinda fun to throw the Pokeball and have a tiny plush 'Doof jump out X) I finally convinced myself to buy it, after all I've been wanting it every time we go to TRU, and since I finally deposited my paychecks today I figured what the heck. Plus, I convinced myself that I wanted needed a Pokeball for my Flint cosplay in the fall ;D

Thirdly, I belive there's a Bibarel plush out there somewhere? I can't remember but I've never seen it on Ebay and I just wanted to know if anyone had it ^^ Not looking to buy right now, but just for a reference for myself. I do not want to go through SMJ after hearing about Growly's troubles and excess fees with it >(

ANYWHO I'll have a collection post after the first week or so of July, my mom currently has my camera and the only way to get a picture is my crappy webcam :P
Fofinho Flowers

Intro Post time!

Hey everybody. Name's Amanda, but feel free to call me Broken, since it seems to be easier for a lot of people to remember. xD
I'm 17, Brazilian, and well, what else is there to say about me? My love for Pokemon has been sleeping for about a year or two but it came back suddenly last year and now some people can't stand me anymore. xDDD Ah well. I like to consider myself an artist, but I still fail at drawing pokemon. I draw some nice girls, though. xD You can find me on DeviantArt as broken-chan. I'm still figuring out how to use Live Journal's features so please don't get mad if I do something stupid accidentally. xD
Well anyway. I don't have a collection of a specific Pokemon, since most of my collection is just random Tomys and other figures. I'm trying to start collect Caterpie stuff, though. I'm a Dragonair, Vaporeon, Espeon and Suicune lover as well, though. Can't buy else anything right now but if you find something you think I might like, please do tell me as I'm bad at finding things. xD
Thanks for reading, I hope that wasn't a total waste of your time. ^^"


His Jingles are the Stuff of Nightmares

It's kinda hard to see his arms because it's black-on-black. :( But there are plenty more pictures under the cut! :D

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I have another sewing project I am working on for a comm member, I will be sure to show it off here in the next couple of days. ;D

This has been my favorite contest ever. :3 I really love seeing what everyone comes up with, and it's a personal challenge as well to create the designs for my plushies and sew them up. It makes me feel productive at any rate. xD

Check out this video of the Pokemon Center!


It's a Pokemon Center in Hamamatsu, Japan. This guy brought a camera into the place. Look at all the Poke-phenalia!

Especially the plush section about halfway through... is that a huge Chatot at the bottom? o_o I've never even seen that...

I wish that someone who lives in that area could serve as a middleman of sorts to ship these things to people who would pay for them, to help out people who want to buy things from there.

(I'm talking someone in general! Not specifically on here!)
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Collection Update!

I just got quite a few things in the mail and Little Tokyo. <3 kaygee84 and I went yesterday cuz it was our day off together and he REALLY wanted to go see all the new Poke goods. XD I did, too, I have to admit. =P I mainly wanted to see their shipment of kids. So, without further adieu, here is all the shtuff I've gotten over the past few days! ^_^

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Also, I think this has been done before, but I wanna start a Poke-thread of my own. ^_^ People, I want you to show me the Poke charms dangling off your cell phones! GO!

Sorry for the grainy pic. ^^; Manaphy was one of the first Gashapon charms I ever purchased. Pikachu I got at Hot Topic recently. :3