June 19th, 2008


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all shaymin plushies from yesterday's orders are in-hand and will be mailed monday. THIS WEEKEND there will be a semi-big sunyshore update, including ALL of the new dangle keychains from movie promotion, including such lovelies as PIXIES, MEOWTH, WOBUFFET, GIRATINA AND ORIGIN GIRATINA! Not to mention Sky Formy and Magnezone!

also more sky forme goods and other pokemon goods as well. I'll combine any orders with Shaymin plushes :D

for now! This is an auction that will run until SATURDAY NIGHT! come and bid on giratina or shaymin hanckercheif! keep in mind these are NOT bandana, they are mini towels. these items usually sell out very fast (last time it was those eeveelution ones, which i only ever saw twice before they vanished). i grabbed one of each of these designs!

more photos and info under cut.

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Ash Dandilions

Sorry for a post without pictures...

Well yes. I need a little bit of help from the experts here. Can someone please tell me what cities (and maybe relative location of) the Pokemon Centers in Japan.

I hope this is applicable. I'm very sorry if it's not.

Also: lati_fox I dunno if I let you know I got your cards! Thank you very much.
_nofuturenohope I haven't yet gotten your payment for the Leafeon kid. Did you still want her? Did you send the money? I'm still holding her, so I didn't get rid of her or sell her. Just let me know!
light_venusaur Same, I haven't gotten your cash, I'm still holding onto everything for you as well, but I'd like to know the status of things.
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hey guys, to get this out of the way ASAP!

the issue about art/icon/commissions has been talked about a few times, and basically what badgerr says, goes. that is these basic points.

-icon commissions/art commissions/stuff having to do strictly with digital art or artwork online, please take that to poke_arts.

-art you've printed or somehow made a part of your PHYSICAL collection, well, of course that counts, especially if its the backdrop to your stuff. its no different from a poster or a wallscroll or a postcard. "custom" does not mean "not as good as official"! however, commissions for this stuff begin digital, so drawn art commissions still belong on poke_arts.

-ALL PLUSH ARE ALLOWED. people in this comm have bootleg plush, custom plush, ugly plush, official plush, fat plush, giant plush, bell plush. we collect plush as major parts of our collections, for the most part, and all plush are allowed.

this isn't a matter of "if you ban one form of art you must ban it all". this is a community for our COLLECTIONS, physical collections, that we have in our homes, and if something in your collection is sitting in it, it counts, no matter where its from. i'm sure we all collect pictures of our favourite things on our computers, but that's for another community.

this is the administrator's basic opinion, which all mods agree with, and after going over most comments it should explain any questions/fill in any gaps. if you have any more questions or issues, please comment here, and consider the other post closed.

This post is full of cool stuff

What could be inside? :D

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Click this cut to see other stuff I have gotten in the mail this week, including my PIkachu grail! :D :D

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Click THIS cut to see the best card I have ever pulled ever! :D :D

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ONE LAST CUT! Click this to see a project I finished for a trade with taycs. :D

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WOW what a bunch of stuff. D:

Thanks for reading! :D

Collection increasement

So guess what was waiting for me when I got to my parents' house?

Oh yes.

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SHAYMIN^2 from Sunyshore! Photobucket

Good god, they're so soft and cuddly! I litterally squeed when I saw the two packages, and just like some five-year-old at Christmas morning almost attacked the unopened bundle of joy out of sheer excitement.

When my parents saw what I was so excited about, they were all "... you are turning 20 this fall, right?". XD

Btw, I answered no.

So this is a great start for my summer. Being at my parents' I pretty much have nothing of Pokémon to contently stare at, so I'm pleased to have these two plushies (plus a Purugly kid) keep me company. Now to have fun teasing my cats with them >D

I'm almost considering ordering more of these plushies so I can have an army. God, they're CUTE!

Almost Photobucket

When the weather gets better here, I'm going to have fun taking pictures of these beauties outside in the garden.

Additional card sales

Anyone wanna buy some Japanese pokemon cards?
Eh, eh?

This is all I'm selling card wise for the moment. I have other non card sales still up at This Post.
These are all holo and have little to no damage. If you really want me to I can take a picture of the individual card for you to examine for yourself. :3 I'm not sure how much I want to sell each for so just make an offer on a comment. Thanks. ;D

Beruberto getto daze!!

Was browsing in KB today.

In the Pokémon section, I found the new 3-packs from figure series 8, the first released under the "DP Battle Dimension" title (the box front has Dialga, Palkia and Darkrai on it)

Box at the front of the shelf didn't appeal to me, so I pulled it back and looked at the second.


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Just an fyi to the ever-increasing number of Lickilicky collectors, it's out there waiting to be taken!

The full set list:

-Lucario, Wobbuffet, Lickilicky

-Psyduck, Cranidos, Bonsly

-Girafarig, Gallade, Happiny

-Snorlax, Machop, Drifblim

-Sneasel, Yanma, Budew