June 21st, 2008

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Well after fretting over the fact that the funds wouldn't clear in time and that I had to pay .75$ per minute in the middle of the ocean for SLOW internet I finally got one of my most wanted items, a "holy grail" if you will, that should be waiting for me when I get home!

the DX Buneary is mine!!!!111

Also, tacys (i think) I can pay for the MD Flareon now!
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Okay, no joke. I REALLY want this mega blok...  If you have one and you wouldn't mind making some money, PLEASE sell it to me! Or maybe point me in the direction of one? I wouldn't even mind buying the whole set. Help anyone?

WoW - Khadgar

Long Time No Post...

I will admit it has been some time since I have done a collection update post!! All of my collections have had something new added to them in the last few months, mainly thanks to some wonderful community members, you know who you are!!
Dial-up users you will be warned my collections are image heavy!!
Please check my collections out:





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Plus, I have finally got around to redoing my Treecko/Grovyle collection page:


On another note, my shop is over loaded with all kinds of new "goodies!" I have had several awesome lots full of various Pokemon reach my door in the past month!! I have also lowered some prices on older merchandise!
The photos in my shop are compressed to make it easier for Dial-up users to view!!

You can access my shop by clicking the link below:


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Please place all orders in my journal, not here for your order may get over looked!! Thanks and have a fluffy weekend!!!
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Collection Updates Ahoy!

Originally, I was going to post this about a week ago with my custom Murkrow plush (around my birthday, June 10), but LJ restricted my post size, so here I am...

I feel like I've been just lurking in this community ever since I joined Serebii.net's fourms about a week ago, so I suppose the time is right for a collection post. Let's start off with my Minuns...

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Pokemon - Buds

Looking to buy~

I am in search of a couple of things.

First being: Lumineon/Finneon Zukan.
Second being: Lumineon Pan sticker. Anyone have one by chance?

Also I'd like to add a question: aside from the Lumineon kid, upcoming Finneon kid, and the Lumineon zukan, what other Lumineon items are there?
Is there a chou yet?

(Note: I'll be off and on during the day, but I will respond to people <3)

I would also like to shamlessly plug sales

Got my keychain lot and... something completely different...

I got that lot of Kellogs keychains in the mail today! ^^ They are made of soft plastic and kinda rubbery. Me likey. ^_^ So, to those of you who reserved Gengar and Jiggly, you may pay me now if you like. Squirtle is still up for grabs!

Gengar: shootthetanks
Jigglypuff: alakazzandra
Squirtle: meowthcollector

Please give me your locations so I know what to charge for shipping. Reminder: shipping for the US is $1.50; Canada is $2; Int. is $3. The keychains are $2 each. Thanks again guys! ^_^

Oh, and... the seller included something really random and... odd. >.> If anyone would like it for free with their order, let me know. Here's a pic:

Seriously... wtf? o_O Why did she put this in a Pokemon lot?

calling all sidebar links!

I have decided to do these periodically.

If you would like your shop or collection link placed in the sidebar, post here! :D Please include the URL (obviously) and title of your page.

Also, if you are already linked, but would like the title of your page changed, post here.

Finally, I have deleted some of the links that were no longer working. If you have relocated, please let me know and I will add you back up!

Rules: If you would like your shop linked, make sure the majority of the items you are selling are Pokemon-related. I will not link to sales journals with one or two Pokemon items.

I also added a few more links recently. Please check them out! Old links too, of course, since some may have updated!

~ Sam

question I keep forgetting and finally remembered

I was wondering if there is such thing as a website where all the TCG sets and cards are listed? I figured people at this community would know best seeing as some of you are pokemon collectaholics xD.

Also still looking to add to my licki collection and to get rid off my old Pokemon stuff. So if anyone has licki items they be willing to trade (or sell for cheap) ya'll can tell me. (I still have you in mind jedi_amara, I'm still waiting til next month to make sure I'm safe cash wise so I can buy from ya).

Ok, I should list what I do have of licki (or at least what I have coming to me).
lickilicky keychain of mysterious origins (D: I'm not sure what its technically called, I got it in a trade for my shaymin clay charm).
Lickitung from Majestic dawn, dragon frontier, jungle, Secret wonders set
lickilicky from Majestic dawn set
lickilicky poke kid
Lickitung/lickilicky zukan
Lickitung glow in the dark... thingy
And some old non TCG card of lickitung
Guh by Ghostmeast
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Big Ass Sales Post of Happiness!

THIS SALES POST IS CLOSED! If you ask me about any of these items, I'll be very grumpy with you! :[

Sales Post time!! I have a LOT of items here (and I do mean a LOT), including extremely rare dice games(!!!), crazy colored figures of the original 151, two books, tons of playing cards (not TCG cards, these are special!), magnets, and a myriad of other assorted odds n' ends!

First off, my sales policies. I know they're boring, but they're a neccessary evil!
-Paypal only. Money orders can be used for orders of $20 or more, but must be recieved within 7 business days. E-checks are okay, it just means your item will probably be shipped at a later date as I wait for payment to clear.
-No holding of items unless we have previously arranged something.
-Trades will be considered for items of relative value. I hardcore collect Growlithe, Arcanine, Stunky, and Skuntank. Here is a list of other things I'm after. No art trades this time, plz. :3
-To calculate shipping, give me your zipcode or country, if you're outside the US. I am planning to ship on Monday or Tuesday.

PROTIP: Use ctrl-F to search for your favorite Pokémon!

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When ordering, please link to the image with the item you want, and be specific. :3 There's a lot here to get confused over, I'd hate to send you the wrong item!

Also I can't stress this enough, WRITE WHAT YOU'RE BUYING IN THE PAYPAL MEMO D: I will have a LOT of customers to keep track of, and I'd like to avoid needless confusion! Thanks.

question: white mew plush?

anybody ever seen this before?!


1997 White Mew Plusha WHITE mew??? was this one of the first mew plush created or something??? i find this so strange!  if anybodies heard of this and has any info on it plz let me know! i'm curious to wat it's deal is on acount of it looks nothing like a bootleg and seems completly official on the website.