June 22nd, 2008


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sunyshore is updaaaaattteeeedddd yay!

check under the cut for lowered prices and new diamond and pearl and other goodies! including SKY FORMEY! :D If you ordered a SKY FORME POKEDOLL last week, please include that order number if you want combined shipping and a refund!

ALSO! i will be stocking the friends plushies but they will not be combinable with these orders, so pleeeeeeeeeeeease everyone dont ask me ;-; i am mailing this stuff out before i buy friends. the friends will be on sale middle of next week :)

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iCollect--by profsparky


So on the Bulbapedia, it says Ken Sugimori did character concept art for the second movie. I've only seen his art for 1, 3, 4, and 5. But since the second movie has my favorite character, now I have a need I never knew I needed. Someone out there has to have this apparent Sugimori art of Jirarudan. So, pray tell, where might this be found?

...there's no tags for "anime", "art", or "humans/people/characters" anything like that. And that's not fair.

Oh well, while I'm editing this post, I might as well ask--anyone have volume 3 of Special in English? (and add "manga" to the tags while you're at it).
JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

I found more stuff!

First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who took stuff off my hands in the first sale. Everyone who has paid me by Paypal has had their items sent out. They'll be from A. Simon or Angela Simon. If you paid me by mail, I haven't gotten any payments yet, but I'll tell you as soon as I do.

I re-took 99% of my pictures so you could get a look at what is left and what is newly added (yes, I actually found MORE stuff...) Nothing that was previously sold is in this entry. However, if you wanted something but you never paid me, I put it back up. If you want it again, let me know.

If you have any questions, let me know, and I will be more than happy to answer them for you. Thank you again for looking and if you bought from me, for buying. PS- I take paypal, money orders, or concealed cash.

Everything is make an offer- As people could probably tell from my last sale I accepted just about *every* offer made to me. I am NOT picky!

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Well, that's all for this round! Thank you so much for looking! I appreciate it a lot...

Some stuff

I'm not a big fan of figures, unless there are very well detailed.
But I do love zukans! I'd like to collect them, but I only have two right now.

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I would especially like the Anorith/Armaldo zukan (anything Anorith related, actually!) and the Wooper/Quagsire zukan, as well as the Articuno one. I know those are rare but I was just saying.

I also found this tiny super cute Wooper plushie.
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Speaking of zukans, I was supposed to buy a Riolu/Lucario zukan from someone here. But that person never got back to me, and I forgot his/her name ^_^; Are you still around?

And one more thing!
I would like to request permission to make a first sale post! I've been here for a while, even though I don't talk much. See my ebay feedback here.



Snatched these from a shop clearance recently, they're kid size bags, but they're clear with pikachu, jigglypuff and wigglytuff on the front, look quite cute to me ^_^ no reason why you can't use them =P though I wouldnt recommend taking them to high school or college...


2 colour schemes here for you, red/blue and purple/green, $5 each, only 2 available and shipping will depend on location.

Anyone itnerested? =D

EDIT: only the red/blue one left!


New Friends! (and advice?...)

Some new friends arrived this week!

Thank you so much Gin! *huggles* I think I'm going to start collect Shaymin, I love both forms so much!

On the subject of Shaymin - my fiance and I just booked a holiday to Japan in August (I'm so excited!) On one of the days, we want to have a Pokemon theme, with a visit to one of the Pokemon Centers, and to see the new film - does anyone know where nice cinemas are in Tokyo?

Oh - also - UK collectors! We saw some new Kids sets in Woolworths today! They have all sorts of new Pokemon in like Vespiquen, Togekiss, Toxicroak and Purrugly :) I'll get some photos next time we go in!~

collection update! <3

*squee* I love Sundays now, they seem to be my pokemon day! Every time I go shopping on a sunday for the past few weeks, I have found pokemons, and today was the best so far I think =3

I didn't have luck again with zukan though *sigh* and now the shop i get from has none left and I don't think they're getting anymore *cries*
if anyone has that darn starters zukan from the palkia diamond and pearl set and would like to part with it, please let me know, i would love to buy or trade one =(
all i seem to get are sudowoodo ;_; i have 3 now!! i had 4! argh! so yeah, i have two sudowoodo and bonsly zukan spare if anyone wants to buy one, take them awaaay XD all i wanted was that darn piplup ;_;

anyway! i got PLUSHIES today! YAY! I also had a parcel arrive yesterday =o from yaoi_queen  woop woop!! =D Thankyou!

oh and to fairymon7  i received your payment for the sneasel/weavile zukan, thankyou! it will be on it's way to you as soon as the echeque clears ^^ and to serasaturn  your pikachu will be on it's way to you too this week when i go to the post office ^^ thankyou too!

and of course I've taken pictures of all my latest additions to my collection =3 it's a little image heavy though, i'm sorry!
oh! and i also obtained a grail this week! (or hopefully) it might not seem as impressive as some to you guys, but to me it's AMAZING! <3 <3 <3 so there's details of that under the cut too =D =D =D

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Member Feedback Post


Here it is! The Member Feedback post. This is where you post feedback on users you have bought from, sold items to, or traded with. This way people know you are a trustworthy user and will be more willing to do business with you.

Credits!: Before we start, I would like to thank prguitarman for the idea. Also, credit to pokewifi since I basically ripped-off their feedback post, haha.

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So...out of boredom, I figured I would take some collection pictures. I first was going to take updated Gallade photos, but then realized I have a Gallade figure on the way from kari_xiii and I also need to find the new Jakks Gallade! (I meant to go to Target today...yet, never got the chance to =\)...

Then I thought, ok...I'll take an updated picture of my Mewtwo collection, seeing as I have gotten some new items recently...but them remembered a holy grail for that collection should be arriving any day now and it'd be stupid of me to take pictures of him now...

Instead...I decided on a part of my collection that I love very, very much...and even though it is not complete at the moment...(I have 9 things for this collection on the way)...I figured I would take some better, updated photos of it ^_^!

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