June 23rd, 2008


Collection post, and notes

Hello Pkmncollectors.

Before posting the photos that I´ve got these days, I need to say something (is not bad xD).

First, you may ask why I receive things later in comparison with the other members (Example: lots of you have the Shaymin sky form Pokedoll while I don´t have it, I don´t have the normal Shaymin Pokedoll neither XD), and isn´t not due to losing the packages or something, is because I live in Spain, the country with the worst postal service, so the packages from outside Europe take 2 or more week to receive.
In addition to this, we are in summer, so they don´t work at the afternoons and they only work in the morning, so they work less, and there are less delivery...
So if anyone from outside Europe sent me something, don´t worry because all this is normal here (anyway this week maybe´ll come one or two sendings).

I forgot, to rinkatink and sonicelectronic: I couldn´t send your shipments on Thrusday because I had a problem and on Friday I was sick, but don´t worry because I´ve just come from sending your packages, so they´re on the road. Sorry by the delay! ^-^U.
By other side... rinkatink, I´ve a surprise for you, but I don´t know if I´ll get it sure, so when I´ve it, I´ll tell you =P. EDIT: I get it!!!! =D

And now, the photos!.

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group auction + amada stickers

Just giving everyone a heads up about people who participated in this post, I tried to contact them because for some reason it's not letting me pay with Paypal. If they don't reply, or if it turns out they don't accept Paypal, I might have to wait and buy them for my birthday (Saturday) and then distribute them then to the claimed list. I'll be updating with each response I get, just to keep you all posted! ^^

I also picked up some more Amada Stickers the other day.
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And I'm waiting on a few cute things in the mail, so expect a collection post as well as more sales within the next week~ that's it, have a nice day!
Surfing Pika


Hi everyone!

I'm going to Anime Expo in a week, and I don't have enough money for everything. So I'm slashing prices on things I have for sale, plus I added some new things! (Including zukan and large figures!)

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I also have other anime stuff for sale, and of course the shipping will be combined if anyone wants any of it! :D Here's the other anime stuff: http://surfinpikasales.livejournal.com/1370.html#cutid1

Please help me afford Anime Expo! T__T Make offers if you don't like my prices!

Right now I will trade only for Umbreon stuff I don't have (pencil topper, pokédex figure (battle museum?), keychain, clear kids...I think that's all?) or nice plush I don't have of the following Pokémon: Eevee, Buizel, Chikorita, Mew, the Dragonite giant pillow, the Vaporeon/Flareon/Jolteon Pokédolls, a few other Pokédolls (Lapras, Shinx, Ho-oh...etc), and possibly friends plush.
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Feia - Platen - Trot

(no subject)

I feel a little shy asking as it's a bit of a long shot, but I thought I'd ask anyway (since it never ever hurts to ask :). I'm wondering if a really kind person might be able to try and nab me something on Y!J that finishes in a few hours?

Naturally I would of course do it myself, but my SMJ account isn't authorised yet and I can't ;_; I do have the monies though, so I can certainly pay for it (just in case anyone was under the impression that I didn't XD).

It's at 1000 yen right now and finishes in about 9 hours, and I live in Aussie-land. So if anyone could maybe help me out that would be amazing and I'll love you forever and ever and ever :)

Oop, completely forgot the auction link thinger D: Is here! :)
It has 4 hours left now.


I was in a local store on the weekend and they had these funky Pokemon 'mystery balls' for $5. So for kicks and giggles I bought one, and what came out of it but a zukan Raikou! Totally not what I was expecting, but I was very thrilled. So I'm going to go back and get more. I've not seen a Zukan still in it's box/package/container before so I don't know whether it's odd but hey, I like. They had a D/P series there too which I might check out.

And because I couldn't help myself, I also bought a Jakks Battle-Link Riolu.

Looking for Garchomp TCG Cards

I am looking for the following cards for my Pokemon TCG Deck:

(2) Garchomp
(1) Garchomp LVX

I have MANY cards to trade and would always be willing to shell out money as well.
If you have what I need, let me know if there is any card that you are looking for. I have a large collection from Base Set to Majestic Dawn, just not a lot of Garchomp cards. XD

WoW - Khadgar

A hard Decision has been made...

My Finances say, "Yes"...My cramped apartment says, "Yes"...but my heart says, "NO!!"

I am about to do something that I really hate to do, but it is something I must do, I need to cut down on my collecting!! My main collecting focus from now on will be on Suicune, Team Rocket, Purugly, Luxray, and possibly Skymin...The following Absol items from my private collection are up for auction:

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I have pretty much been the only owner of these 3 rarer Absol items, as for the rest of my Absol collection, it too is up for sale...I will take offers, but I will be firm on what I want...I have spent a lot of money on this collection and many items that I have are on the rarer side:

My Absol Collection

**This Page Is Image Heavy, Dial-Up Users Have Been Warned!**

I will be advertising my Treecko/Grovyle items in the next few days!!!

Treecko/Grovyle Collection

I will start taking offers on my Treecko and Grovyle items...The only Treecko and Grovyle things not for sale are my Shiny Kids Figures!!

Sales Post- updated 28.06.08

UPDATE: 30/06/08: I have moved all of my Sales Post items to my Journal! Please see link:

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Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

[ SALES POST ] ♥v♥

Heyo heyo~ Just a quick sales post! I am trying to make room in my small sewing area/room. -_-; There is too much clutter~ so I am going through my collections and slimming them down quite a bit~ :O I also want to look into buying a button maker (finally!)~! x3 (( If you haven't figured it out by now I am obssessed with buttons~ ♥v♥ Haha~ )) Does anyone know anything about the Pokemon one that they used to sell at the Pokecenter? I wish I picked it up before the closed, but I also was curious as to how crappy/awesome it could be and what size button it makes. I like the tinier ones so if they are too big I guess I can get a grownup buttom maker. D: Thanks for any help in answering my question! XD;;

KAY~! So without any more deley~~~~

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I accept Paypal, Money orders, personal checks and cash (at your own risk)!

Buyer pays for all shipping costs. I will ship worldwide! :D When claiming something please include which payment method you would be usuing and either you zip code or your country you live in~ ^^

Hold Policy
I no longer hold items. :( You can say you are interested but if someone else wants it and can pay immediatly, it will go to them. Sorryz~~~~ I have had too many people back out and loose interest~

Thankyou for looking! ♥v♥
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(no subject)

A couple of you asked for photos of pages from the puzzle book I had for sale in my sales post, so I figured I'd just take pictures of all the pages. :)

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Hope you enjoyed that! You can use the images for wishlists and the like, I don't mind!

Also, I found this letter I wrote in middle school while cleaning my room. omgwtflol. What a nitpicky bitch I was/am. xD

And finally, a really neat auction link I found for a playset with lots of mini figures of Pokémon popular with you guys: http://page2.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b86253184
Also, the first batch of shipped items will go out tomorrow. So pay tonight if you want yours out now! :)

Stand Up Pokemon

So with two really big conventions coming up for me, Metrocon and AWA, I have been uber busy with costumes and displays, see every year when my PikaBug is on display at these cons inside I like to get bigger and better at the display surrounding it each and every year with something more amazing then the year before..So this year with me getting into Guiness and everything I will have two photo frames with the certificate and photos of my collection surrounding it as well as a project my boyfriend and I have been working on non-stop for the last three days....See we have been busy drawing and painting Pokemon standees on foamboards that will surround my PikaBug...We chose Pokemon we either love or have some crazy meaning behind them.As it stands we have over 20 character standups we made..and we tried to make them actual size as if they were real in our world..So here is what we have created so far..

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