June 25th, 2008

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Group auctions anyone?

There are a couple of auctions at the moment I was wondering if anyone'd want to group. I'm only interested in the Pokédolls from each lot. Someone in the US'd probably want to do the bidding though, as shipping to Australia and back to the US is, well, non-optimal. If you're interested, please post which plush you want and your max bid. =/

Squirtle Pokedoll - tortoises
Wartortle - bergunty

Bulbasaur Pokedoll - tortoises
Optimisticsaur (on far left) - emurii
Ivysaur Friends - pkmn_masta

"full" collection updates!!!

So...just as I thought, things have arrived for both my Mewtwo and Gallade Collections :D! I spent sometime yesterday afternoon taking updated pictures of both collections ^_^ And it all started the day before when I got something very special in the mail...Here's a small preview:

I still have one more thing on it's way for this collection...but after receiving the above in the mail, I couldn't resist not making a collection up date ^_^ Especially since I also received the newest edition to my Gallade family from kari_xiii yesterday!

My awesome bottle cap figure also arrived from nefhithiel yesterday! Which I also have a few pictures of ^_^

Warning: This post is image heavy.

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Ok...I think that was everything xD;

Well...there you have it ^_^ Finally some "real" collection updates and photos xD I hope you all enjoyed them :D!!! But...for now...I need to run off to class >_<; (yay! trigonometry!)

Hope you all have a good day!!!
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[In need of quick sells//]

Right, hate to do this, but you know, when bills call XD

A WILD SALES POST, whaddya know.

Terms Of Sale;
- I will ship internationally, prices DO NOT include shipping, and this will be given upon interest.
- I will accept PayPal only, e-checks and CC welcome, all fees will be added in with shipping.
- International buyers wishing to pay by Money Order must find a middleman/deputy to receive the money. I cannot accept them.
- I accept personal cheques from the UK only. Concealed cash is also accepted in pounds sterling, but at the buyers own risk.
- I will hold items on a case by case basis, if you do not respond within the hold time your items will go back on sale or they will be given to the next person interested. My word is final.
- I reserve the right to ban people from my sales, or refuse to sell an item.
- If you don't see a price for it, it's probably been sold!

Everything is mint condition unless otherwise stated!!


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WoW - Khadgar

Last Call For Absols...

As Most Of You Know, I Had To Break Down And Sell Off My Absol Collection Due To Financial And Lack Of Space Issues!!
Many Thanks To Those Who Have Bought My Absols, Thanks To The Help Of Community Members Half Of My Dept Will Be Gone By The End Of July!! There Are Still Some Items In Need Of A New Home, All Items Are In Excellent Condition!!

Just Make Me An Offer And We Will Take It From There...

Also, I Have The Absol Zukan Up For Auction Here:


Current Highest Bid is : $10.00 - SAPPHIRELUNA

Images Behind The Cut Have Been Compressed To Make It Easier On Dial-Up Users!!

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Whatever Is Not Sold Here, Will Be Put Up On eBay In The Next Few Days...

Any Questions Just Ask, I Don't Bite...To Hard!!
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Hello all!
Today, my friend told me they had new pokemon in the gashapon machine at wal-mart. So, naturally, I ran over there xD!
And they're so cute! ;___;!
I only bought two, but here they are~~~

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Also, Ariados is my favorite pokemon ever, and I want to know if there's merch for him? I have the figure *as shown in my group picture* But I have yet to find anything else ;___; Care to help?? <3
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Question about DP Tomy Figures

I'm sorry for the lacking post, but there is something I wanted to know. I received a Gliscor Tomy figure recently and noticed that it wasn't sticky like one of the first DP Tomy figures. I'm not sure if this is a defect or a quirk of the first release. To anyone who owns any DP Tomy figures: are they sticky? And how long has it been since you bought them? Any info would be of great help. Thank you!


Pikachu Collection Update!

Click the cut for more. :3

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I promised my sticker collection later!. :3 It also includes non-tcg card things.

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Now for pictures of the Pikachu Fanbook. :3 AMAZING I PROMISE YOU

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Aww Munchlax is feeling left out. ;_;

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I found this image while searching Y!J last night. It shows all the soft keychain Pokemon including ones I have never seen before like Sandshew, Eevee, Vulpix and Mew. :3 Feel free to use for wishlists or whatever! :D

ALSO! Toothy has a new adventure.

Toothy Plays Poker

Poliwag Collection/Obsession

So, I just finished one of my Poliwag Bags for Colossalcon, and realized how many bags I actually have made-- And my collection that has been growing. (Only in the last year or so have I actually made/gotten merchandise related to poliwag, since I've had help from Robyn, who hunts them down for me! <333 xDD

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Plushie mutilators. Are you one?

I won this on eBay recently, and just got it in the mail today!:

Picture snagged from the auction

Despite being a Totodile-line collector, I do not care much for the plushes. They are 99% Totodile and 90%... unattractive. :( Toto's big mouth does not make for cute plushes. Soooo, I only collect the plush I really love, and I really loved this one.

Of course.
There's Pichu.
I do not like baby Pokemon (edit: except Munchlax <3 ;;), and I especially do not like Pichu as I view him as an unwanted invader of one of my favorite evolution lines.
Upon closer inspection I have found that Pichu is easily detachable with some careful scissor work. Yay! But I can't help but feel a little sorry for getting rid of the guy, even though I plan on pawning him off to a good home.

So, have you ever mutilated a plush? :0

spinarak plush?

Does anyone here happen to know what the biggest Spinarak plush they've released? Assuming they've released any, that is! I really seem to remember seeing a two foot Spinarak pillow out around the year 2001, but I can't be sure.

Anyone know? ^^ Also, I'd love to see any cool Spinarak merchandise you guys have to show me! Though I don't have money to buy right now..
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Jigglypuff Plush Complete

 Here is my recently finished Jigglypuff!

He was a little more complicated than Drifloon or Oddish, but I'm super pleased with how he came out (except I wanted him to be a bit bigger - he's about 7.5")

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So, yeah, the next one is the ever annoying Zubat. I can't believe I'm actually trying to make all these guys. But even if I don't, I would at least want to do all the 1st gen, since they're dearest to my heart!

Eeveelution and Hedgehog(Collection post)

Hi <3

heerosferret I´ve received Shaymin with the Pokepan, although it isn´t this way... my boyfriend have it, and until Saturday or Monday I won´t have it but... it´s safe! xD that´s that matters, it´s all right :3 thanks for all ^^.

In addition to this, I´ve received this on Monday afternoon:

It's so beautiful!!! It's for my new DS lite(Red color) :3 and the kid Jolteon..I have all Eeveelutions in kids!, yay!. This package is from SMJ, I love this site.