June 27th, 2008


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these were GONNA go on sunyshore friday night with the other new 5285249857892895 sky forme shaymin things i've got, but as you can see, someone else decided he needed more friends...

=( sorry guys.

IF YOU HAVE A SUNYSHORE ORDER AND HAVE -NOT- GOTTEN AN UPDATE EMAIL THAT IT WAS SENT, let me know if you want me to hold and combine it with this weekends stuff. i know i said i wasnt gonna do this, but a sudden sickness left me mailing things a LOT slower than originally planned, so i have a few orders still processing. let me know by tonight (my tomorrow morning), or ill pack and ship off your current order.

leaving your order number in comments if you want your stuff combined is also important! <3

also! AAPF's Kats is offered to middleman for those 151 shirts! go check it out! also they are DEFINITELY coming out with more pokemon, the website has "coming soon" slots ... ;D i wonder whos next/how much time between releases? i'm gonna save my 45$ for raichu!
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The last round of the sale!

Hi everyone;

I still have a ton of left over Pokemon stuff from my last sale, so if you want in on any of that, feel free to let me know. Also, I added some *new* Pokemon stuff that we found too. Remember that all Pokemon stuff is *make an offer*. No set prices! However, if you made an offer on something last time and never followed through, I put it back up for sale. Anything that was sold or a payment is pending on is NOT in this sale.

I think this is the last time I'll post this Pokemon stuff, then I'll probably just put it in a lot on Ebay, so if you still want something you can always get it then too :)

I take paypal, money orders, and concealed cash!

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Thanks for looking!

A Very Interesting Snorlax Plushie... previously unknown!

I received this Snorlax today... and it is VERY exciting to me. :D

Rambles and more pictures under the cut. n_n; I also have pictures of other plushies in the set too!

EDIT- It would seem the plushies are bootlegs. ;~; VERY good bootlegs but still. xD I love shiny Snorlax Beanie but.... China you so silly.  xD

And a new sticker! :D

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I feel bad though... I didn't want to tell anyone about the plushies because I was not sure from the pictures that they were legitimate merchandise. I wanted to wait until I had mine to confirm authenticity before I steered anyone else towards this seller and now I think the seller is out of them. ;o; Sorry guys. :(

Also I don't feel good recommending the seller because I was charged for priority shipping and they mailed Snorlax First Class in an inside out empty Ziploc Bag box. >_> I have asked for a refund of the difference. D:

On a happier note, I recieved an amazing sticker from Sarah (kiritosparkles)  yesterday! :D

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OH YEAH. xD The second reason my new Snorlax is awesome. :3

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ONE LAST THING: I will be out of town for a week. I will be leaving tonight at 8ish. (Noooo Sunyshore ;o;). I should have some internet access in the evenings, but the best way to contact me would be via email (amandabuns@gmail.com).


Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!! I am completely obsessed with Medicham and am working on getting a lot of the merchandise!!! I actually have most of it, but if anyone has any Medi merch can they reply to me and I'll let you know whether or not I have it???


Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!

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Eee! I'm all excited cause I just won a Butterfree Pokedoll n_n

At least, I think it's legit. It seemed to have the right tags: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320265808346&ssPageName=ADME:B:EOIBSA:US:1123

Does that seem right? Even if it isn't I'm not too dissappointed, it's so cuuute.

But I do have an actual question to post - can anyone find me a picture of Shy Forme Shaymin that has a better view of his little tail? I want to make one out of Fimo but I want good references. Even a shot of someone's plush would be awesome! Thanks!

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A wild package appeared!

Hey guys! I came home from my drawing class today and what do I find? An envelope from the US~ Seriously, I'm glad I was alone at home because I think my parents would get scared to see me smiling SO much. xDDD
The envelope was from warandromance and I must say, very well packaged! <3 Photo under the cut!

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First Ever Sales Post! :) Also, ATTN Seattle Area Members!

I have some stuff that I got a month or so ago that I don't need/already have one of so I'll sell them to you guys if you want them! :D Not a lot to offer, but here we go. Details and pics under the cut!

Also, expect a pretty big collection update sometime in the next week! XD

EDIT: STOP THE PRESSES! ^^;; I totally forgot that I also have some badges to sell! Pics and info up now!

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ATTN Seattle Area Members!
I posted in my bell plush entry an inquiry as to whether you guys were interested in meeting at the Seattle Uwajimaya sometime? Here's a copy pasta of my other message:

I've made comments on various entries about how we should have an IRL meeting at Seattle Uwajimaya sometime! I had no clue that there were so many of us from around the area on the comm. I think there's at least 4 of us that I've toyed with the idea with about it.

Anyway, so is there any real interest among you to meeting sometime? In the next month or so maybe? Please comment to say if you'd like to, and when would be a good time/date for you! :3

friskavk was the only one who responded to that particular entry, so I wanted to post this again in case the others of you missed it. We were thinking maybe mid-July? Let me know if you're interested, please! :D

ANOTHER group auction! plushies this time, baby

Wheeee, I'm doing another group auction. You see, this is important! It has one of my grail items in it. :> I could not stand to let it go.

In the status of the other group auctions, they're mostly paid for and I'm waiting for CS to catch up with me. Still probably 2 weeks until I'll have the glasses and charms.

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Oh boy, want to buy :D

Hi hi hi~ wow it's been a long time since I've posted here >w<

I'm really looking to buy stuff of Girafarig, Growlithe, and Arcanine.
As well as if you have anything relating to Koga besides cards. I don't want cards. D:

Thank you!

Movie 11 plush update + Buizel, manaphy, mantine zukan auction

I received a package today from a seller on Ebay and it's the last two plush to complete my Movie 11 plush set!

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Also,  I have an extra set of the Buizel, Manaphy, Mantine zukan.  Once assembled, they connect to form one beautiful diorama!!

Pics from zukan ranger..

I really don't want to seperate them because they seriously belong together and I'd rather ship them in one package to save on shipping. 

Anyways, auction info..

Starting bid = $20

Highest bidder = $25 -Rukarioh

Buy it now = $45

Auction ends Wednesday midnight Pacific Time.

Paypal Only. I will ship Worldwide.  Shipping starts at $7 and may vary depending on where you live.  Shipping is from Canada so that's why it's a bit high. I will REFUND every cent back to you if shipping is less than the amount I stated.
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Bell Plush, Want to Buy, and... hiatus?

First off, after acquiring many items I've longed after, I've deleted and added a few items to my wants list. Please check it out!

Also, here's my final two bell plush contest entries; no, they're not the LAST ones I'll make, but I've made these a few weeks ago with the intention of making another before posting, but I got really burned out on sewing for the moment. x,x So here they are!

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Finally, I've thought long and hard about this, but I'm taking a hiatus from the community for an undetermined amount of time, effective upon July 02. I'm not leaving permanently and I'll still be checking my e-mail and LJ and I'll even be on AIM if anyone needs to contact me (just not in the chat), but I just need to take a breather from the comm for personal reasons. ^_^;; I hope to be back and posting soon after~