June 28th, 2008

Hooray Chars!

I just won this lot on eBay. I was textbidding and eBay only allows you 10 texts before they cut you off from knowing about the auction, and I was positive I had lost it. D: But nope!

I am only interested in the Charizard UFO plush and I am curious if anyone is interested in anything else. Annnnd it turns out that all of the rest of these Chars (except Charmeleon who will be auctioned) are going to scarsofsunlight! Those figures are definitely bootlegs though. D: I can tell by the coloring.

Yay I am excited. <3 That Charizard was a grail of mine and that meeeeans I have ontianed three grails in two months. Yay!

Edit: Anyone who has purchased from my shop, your orders have been sent out. Sorry for the delay!

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WOW! Sky Forme Goods Galore! The rest of Sunyshore is 15% off?! And Shipping has been reduced!!!

What a good day to visit us in Sunyshore City. Hope you like Sky Forme Shaymin - recent reports suspect over 30 are hovering in the area. Make sure to stop by the beach, the water's great today!

Remember! I'm combining orders so if you DID NOT get an update email from your last order, leaving a note makes me happy!

go right to pokemon friends?!

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note: reduced shipping it because of a random lowering of shipping costs in japan this week. thanks japan!
WoW - Khadgar

Absol Zukan Auction Ending!!

This is the last call for bids on my Absol Zukan!!
I will be ending the auction in the next couple hours!!

Absol Zukan :

Highest Bid - $12.00 - KASAIFACE - WINNER!!!


I still have a small handful of Absol items in need of a new home:

The Last Of My Absols


collection update & a tiny picture story =D

YAY! I have parcels! =3

YAY! I think you know what that means =P

I've had two parcels, one from heerosferret     and another from kiraras_lemon     =D Yay! All details are under the cut =3

oh and a small note to serasaturn , don't worry your Pikachu is still here with me as I'm currently waiting for the money from my paypal to deposit into my bank account for the postage ^^ I usually just use my own money but as I don't have enough spare monies (since it's more expensive postage than usual ;-;) and I'm SO sorry for the wait =( I think the transfer takes about a week though so hopefully your Pikachu will be on his way to you on Monday =) I'm so sorry about the wait, but I wanted to let you know in case you thought he was lost in the post =o Thanks for your patience and sorry again =(

Anyway, the collection update is under the post =D

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Cards for Trade or Sale!

I have a bunch of cards I don't want... I'll trade or sell them to you!
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Also, a quick heads-up to the people who bought from my last sales post: I was only able to ship about 3/4ths of the orders last week due to limited money, but I plan on going back and finishing shipping on Monday. Thanks for your patience!
Glacia, Absol, Kolink

New additions

I received packages from kiraras_lemon, castform, kanackering & bureiru! I also received a package from eBay too....

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So a HUGE thank you to all of you! I will gladly leave feedback for all of you, just let me know where you'd like it! :D

Anyway, I also got my final SMJ order today. Final seeing as how I lost out on an auction by 10 Yen - Because they were just that slow at updating my status from 'Seller paid' to 'Costumer Paid' -_-; I'll be jumping on the bandwagon and switching to Crescent. There will be pics later of it.

Lucario's day(Collection uptade and mini sales)

Hiiii :3

I received my package from warandromance , thank you! =D And too other package from SMJ.

jedi_amara  I´ve got the keychains from that group auction, if you still interested in Driftblim, tell me. The rest of keychains are that´s in the photo, I´d get the Palkia because I like it but I´m not interested in the others, if anyone want them I´ll send for 3$ each.

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Group Auction Update, Collection Update & Sales Post Update

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[info]jedi_amara reserved Squirtle & Bulbasaur Pokedolls, Ivysaur friend & Squirtle/Bulbasaur clippy plush.

shuriken_chan reserved Optimisticsaur (play by play), & Hasbro Bulbasaur & Bulba Treatkeeper. 
pkmn_mastareserved Ivysaur friend.
killerjaw01 reserved Wartortle

Also cool items I received this week- including a Raichu holy grail:
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Sales Post!

This is my first sales post in awhile. I've decided to drastically collect less of certain pokemon I'd considered collecting (Celebi, really), to make way for more Skymin in my life collection.


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Updated Shop, plus posters for sale

First off, I have another poster for sale. It's a copy of the one I originally kept last time. My boss had an extra. :) So, the spoils go to you. It's $2. I also have a really cute Kirby poster for $2, as well.

I also updated my shop. There are quite a few non-Pokemon, but anime related merchandise added to it. PLEASE check them out!!! ;__; My family is doing a huge clean-up in our house and I'm trying to clear out stuff that I don't really want anymore and/or is taking up space. Quite a number of the items are rare. Also, check out the Pokemon sections to see if there is anything you'd like. ^_^ I can combine shipping on anything you purchase, including the posters. :) Thank you so much for looking! :3
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So I'm a newbie and have bought from some of you recently to start off my small collection. Right now I'm collecting cards and just odds and ends that attract my eye. So far I have a large amount of unsorted cards, a psyduck and shinx Jakks plush and a special edition diamond and pearl marble set.

Sorry if the photos are large.
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