June 29th, 2008

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This icon is misleading.

Well this post DOES have something to do with a Grass Starter, but not Bulba.

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He's not the only thing I've received since my last post, I got some bug stuff from yaoi_queen and denkimouse, but I'm waiting for another package before I can show you. (Well two actually but I won't keep you hanging that long, lol)

Oh wait, I have a question- Where do you get card sleeves? Like, the kind you can put in a three-ring binder. I thought they'd be easy enough to find but neither Wal-Mart nor Target had them.
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Questions and Soon-to-Arrive Figures!

Ok, first off, I have a couple of questions concerning Aipom-Ambipom items, as those are the main Pokemon I collect items of. These questions are:

1. Is there an Aipom Kid figure? I know that there's one of Ambipom, but I haven't seen one for Aipom. Does one exist?
2. Does an Aipom-Ambipom Zukan exist?

These next questions doesn't have to do with Aipom or Ambipom, but they've  been bugging me for a few days.

1. Does anyone remember a book that came out back when the Pokemon anime was in its first season, titled somewhere along the lines of "Create Your Own Pokemon Adventure"? Iy was one of those books where it had a space to draw and write on each page, and you wrote and illustrated your own Pokemon story. I think it came with stickers, too. Does anyone remember seeing this book, or am I just remembering it wrong, and it didn't exist?
2. Were there any "The Art Of" books of the movies after the second one? I have the books for the first and second movies, but I have never seen any for movie three and beyond. I couldn't find any online. Do more books in the series exist?

Okay, now for some previes of freshly-won ebay items that should arrive sometime the following week:

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...ends in just a couple days! have you finished all your entries? have you SEEN all the entries?
please click the "contest" tag - make sure your bell plush photos are not deleted by photobucket... and have a look over all the entries again! we've had SO MANY!

if you have any final questions or want to discuss the entries, please join PKMNCOLLECTORS AIM chat now! it's time for "bell plush contest" discussion! give opinions, feedback and comments on the entries!

i will be finalizing my choice on judges in the next day or so as well, and we can discuss in chat how the final final winner will be picked (purely by judges or a community vote on a few finalists).

join now! :D
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Zubat is done

This one was the most time consuming by far. I had to remake the ears three times, and the wings were just complicated to do, but I'm pleased with them!

His wings are also poseable, since I put wire in the top and middle of them (posability is shown in the middle pic).

His teeth are a little crooked, but I think it gives him character. :D

Also, I will never forget the sound this guy makes in the game. It's annoying sound still haunts me and has ever since I played the first generation of games. The other Pokemon's sounds though? Forget it, I can't identify them. But I will always remember Zubat's. Makes sense since every time you are in a cave and go 3 steps - there's a Zubat waiting for you!

Next up - ...I don't know, since I can't find my sketch book with all the patterns drawn out for the next Pokemon I'm going to do. I *think* it's Bellsprout though.

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I also think this is my most well made plush to date. Learning is fun~!
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I Can Has Zukan?

Hello, beautiful people! ♥

A rabid Zukan rage has taken me by storm. I normally try to stick to my main collections when purchasing, but these figures are simply too enticing to resist. Needless to say, I'm out to buy your Zukan.

While I do have specifics I am looking for, my main collections consisting of the Lucario-Line, Torchic-Line, and Skitty (I already possess the Cyndaquil-Line Zukan, and I do not believe any more exist of that particular evolution line), I'm looking to buy Zukan in general. I can't promise that I'll buy everything you present me with, but I'd love to at least see what's available! Payments are sent via PayPal and I am located within the US.

I prefer any Zukan that you'd like to offer to sell me to be new and sealed in package, but as long as the Zukan in question is complete with all its contents in mint condition, I'm definitely willing to take a look!

Also, I'm up for trades as well! I am still open for icon commissions or if there's specific Pokemon you'd be willing to trade for, holler away and I'll respond as to whether I have any items of interest. And if any of you have items in general for purchase related to my main collections, please do tell! ;3
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Sales Post! Reduced prices on rare items!

I've reduced prices on all my sales items and put them together into elemental-type themed lots. :) They are heavily discounted, so it's a good chance to snag something you perhaps were looking at before, but didn't have quite enough money to buy. I also opened the remaining mini dice sets, and am selling them individually.

No holding of items, shipping will be approximate, factoring in packing materials/Paypal fees.
Paypal ONLY! When paying you MUST MUST MUST write in the Memo what you are buying! I am sick of wasting time doing 'detective work' figuring out who bought what!
No trades or haggling this time because of the highly discounted prices.

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This is the final call for sales on these items, that which doesn't sell is going on eBay!
My next shipping day is tomorrow, Monday the 30th. I'll try to go again at the end of this upcoming week if I don't get everyone on Monday. All previous orders will be mailed tomorrow, as well.


HAY guys! I'm copying borrowing Growly's idea X) Is anyone here going to Metrocon or AWA? I know that pikabellechu is going to both but I don't know of anyone else!

If you're going, I want to perhaps meet up one of the days or somethin'! Let me know :)

So this post isn't completely useless, I received stuff from growly and pacificpikachu!

ALSO someone was going to sell me a Bidoof figure...I lost my original post and I've been unbelievably busy with work and completely forgot D: If it was you, let me know where to send the money to D: Thanks!

Edit: When it gets closer to AWA tiem I'll organize a get-together for all of us Pkmncollectors folk! It'll be so much fun!

Articuno Plush

I might be getting a UFO-Catcher sized (5" or so tall?) Articuno Plush, in good condition with no tag (but it has a tush tag). I would be getting it in a lot with Digimon plushes, so... I wanted to offer it up here first pending I do get it.

My only problem is, how much should I ask for it?

Or, how many are interested? (I could probably just auction it off here.)

*Orange League

First post!

Hi guys...as the title states, this is my first post. Heh.

Well, I've been a Pokéfan for about 10 years now, and I have a...few pieces of merchandise (mainly some slightly loved Tomy figures, which you can see here - I think there's about 56, so don't click if you have a slow connection!). Sadly I made marks on some of them when I was younger as my best friend had some duplcates of mine and we didn't want to get them mixed up. They all have names!

I don't really collect anything else except the games and movies. BUT! I'm after this little girl at the moment:

She looks like she's official. So fluffy and cute! Chikorita is my absolute favourite Pokémon ever ^^ fair enough considering Johto is my favourite generation and anime.

I start working full-time as of August, so I hope to start collecting Chikorita and perhaps Pichu and Rotom when I've got the money. I've also become quite attached to Buizel, and I'm a ghost-type fan (Misdreavus and Mismagius being my favourites from that type).

Lastly, I'm visiting Las Vegas and San Francisco in a week (I live in England), and I wondered if anyone could recommend to me anywhere around there that might sell Pokémon merchandise? I guess Toys R Us, at least.
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Custom Volkner plushie

Heya guys! I am back! ♥ I juuuuust finished a custom plushie for denkimouse~~ ♥ And since it's Pokemon related I figured I would share a pic! x3


It's Volkner! ♥

Here's a close up of his badge since you can't see it that well because of the shadow in the other pic~ D:

One thing is missing thooough~~ xD His mighty Luxray~~~ I am gonna finish him up after dinner though. xD Which reminds me I need to check on the fewd. ♥

Thanks for checking out my work! ♥
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