June 30th, 2008


Contest Entry Bell Plushes!!!

Hey everyone!!! I was over my friend CrystalSuicune's house this weekend and we felt really inspired to go crazy and do crafts! She made me a bunch of clay figures of some of my favorite characters and we both made some bell plushes. Honestly, I'm really proud of them considering I've never done this sort of thing ever and I thought it would come out a lot worse. My 2 fave Pokes are Medicham and Banette so it was only fitting that I made them two. I also had a random whim to make Drifloon and Shiny Drifloon balloons XDDDDDDDDDDDD!!! And lastly, I am officially obsessed with Nidoran (M or F) and my friend started off my collection with the Nidoran TFG and Nidorino Burger King toy!!! ^_______________^ Hope y'all like! Thanks for reading!!!

P.S.: These bell plushes are for the contest!! ^___________^

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Urk, o_o', Dexter, EEP.

Mini Sales post!

happyjolteon, I'll be paying you right now, thank you for being patient!

Anyway, I have a very small sales post. It also includes items from before.

I WILL POST MY (small) SMJ BOX TOMORROW. I'm so behind again.

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On a different note - Monferno Plush - Does anyone have one to sell, or could anyone get hold of one for me?
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Who wouldn't?

auction reminder

Hi everyone!
This post is just to remind folks that my TOMY figures auction is ending soon, tomorrow, Tuesday July 1st at 9 AM EST to be more precise. If you've always wanted a early-run TOMY, this is a rare chance to obtain one, as they are quite hard to find outside of Japan.
If you are worried about not having enough funds to pay immediately, please send a message my way and we'll try to work out a payment plan. You will find that I am a very understanding person. :D

Current Bids:
Jolteon (sealed w/ masterball): $8
Vaporeon (sealed w/ great ball): $8
Cubone (sealed w/ bone accessory): $6
Snorlax (sealed w/ Pokedex leaflet): no bids yet, starts at $7
Clefairy (sealed, Clefairy is inside a masterball): no bids yet, starts at $5

(Click here to visit auctions.)

Also, if you're interested in what's left in the shop, please make a offer (or if you're shy, send a message to my inbox).

Happy Ruby (Ranma/me)
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Intro post

OK, so as not to fall afoul of the rules here, I figured I should make my intro post sooner than later.

I'm more of a lapsed Pokemon collector thanks to various situations, both financial and space-related. I ended up here because I heard elsewhere that this comm exists when I was spotted whimpering over the cuteness known as Shaymin. OK, I was not whimpering. I was all but screaming a fervent desire for a Shaymin plushie. Do you blame me? ;)

And yes, I do have things I will likely try to part with via this community. I have several bits from the early days of Pokemon in the US that I got via eBay, ranging from Pikachu cloisonne pins to some plushies of various natures. Mostly plush, though. They're currently being kept snug and dry in a trustworthy storage locker, so it'll probably take me more than 30 days to get my butt motivated to re-acquaint myself with my inventory and take pics.

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing the wide variety of Pokemon merchandise and getting to know some of the people here. Thanks kindly for letting me join!


Hey everyone!!! I recently saw someone's Maylene Lego toy and that had me thinking about Sabrina. She's my all-time fave trainer and I know they're supposed to be making her as a TFG sometime in the future, but they make any other merchandise of her you guys know about???


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Hello all. I just got back from Anthrocon and I had a HELL of an awesome time.

The only setback was the cost. For hotels, food, parking, including other expenses, the trip totaled, well..a whole lot.

Before I left I told a couple of people here to hold onto some things until after the con, and I'd pay for them then. Turns out, I can't. I'm very sorry for this, and I hope this doesn't make me a bad buyer or anything. I honestly didn't think this trip would be so costly.

Hopefully the items will find better loving homes than mine. <3

Pokedoll Search Help + Hi Everyone 8D

Hi, I joined LiveJournal just to be part of this community 8D
I have loved Pokemon since I was 3, and I have hundreds of Pokemon stuff from my years on collecting XD;  I am currently collecting the Pokedolls.  I have about 90 and I am very close to finishing it.  Snowshoe showed me this site and it looks like a really nice and helpful community so I'm glad I joined 8D  I'm also a huge anime addict.  I LOVE the Jhoto Pokemon, and I have a love for underrated Pokemons ;w;  I hope to be a good part of the community!

Now... I also have a question, 

I am at the final stage of my Pokedoll collection, and I can't find these guys ANYWHERE.  If you have one of these, I'll buy it from you (Don't worry, I'm not a troll, I actually am a seller/buyer on eBay and I have 200+ items bought with 100% feedback)

I'm currently looking for... (I don't want to buy any from China) if you guys can find any these for me, i'd love you forever XDD

Glaceon and Leafeon = These guys are VERY popular, and that's making it very hard to find them T_T

Phanpy, Spheal, Butterfree, Swampert, Blaziken = I cannot find these guys ANYWHERE.  And when I do it's just bootlegs from Hong Kong x_x

Meowth = I have seen a lot of him on eBay, but... I'm sure they're bootlegs, if you can message/show me one that you know is official, that'd mean a LOT to me

Corphish and Salamence = I HEARD there are pokedolls of them, yet i'm not sure if they're confusing them for UFOs.  Can anyone help me out on this?

Shadow Lugia and Lugia = I found these guys on eBay, but they are EXTREMELY overpriced.  I'd be willing to pay $75 each at the highest.

Thank you!! TT_TT

updated sales

Well, I know I posted this sales post not too long ago but I've already reduced some of the prices and added more items.
I've added all my manga, a case, and I've decided to move my none pokemon items to their own post on my sales journal to make it more tidy ^^ Feel free to look at them too if you like.

 I'm moving out soon so I need to clear out as much of these items as possible as I simply wont have the room. =\ Meh, it pains me ;-;

So my updated Pokemon sales post is here!  Feel free to make offers on anything if interested too.

edit ^^; to the VERY kind person who offered to pick up a Pokemon t-shirt for me, I think it was candycafe? =o not sure, aim names confuse me XD and don't worry if you can't/don't want to, it's so so so so so sweet of you to even just offer to do so ^^ but if you do, just let me know when you want me to send payment for it and shipping and stuffs =3 and thankyou again so much either way! <3 like i said, it's SO nice of you to offer to help me with it =3 *sends hugs of gratitude* =D oh and really don't feel pressured to either if you don't want to, it's completely fine ^^
CAGED ➽ anya

(no subject)

Okay first thing is first. I have made a makeshift Wanted List. There are no pictures at the moment but I listed all that I can remember that I REALLY want. At the end there are two new Pokemon to be added to my collection! First Latias, yeah so I finally got off my lazy ass and watched the movies I didn't see bcuz I fell out of the fandom during RSE. I fell in love with Latias. Now I realize she is an expensive and rare bitch to collect so I only really need a few things to add to my Legendary Shelf. And then there is number two, Shieldon. I just realized how cute his face is! I know there isn't much and yaoi_queen is hooking me up with the Plush but anything else I'd love!

Next, I have an update!

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I just got curious of what other shirts Hot Topic has, and they have Team Rocket!

(no subject)


everyone say it with me now!!!!


Display case?

Not sure if posts of this nature are allowed but I think they are since this is more than simply Pokemon, its collecting too!

Ok, since starting my licki collection I've been trying to figure out how to keep new licki stuff clean but also allow it to be visible. So I came to the conclusion I would have to find a display case somewhere.

Problem is finding a display case in stores on on Ebay is... very... difficult x.x. So does anyone know of somewhere's I could obtain one that isn't an arm in a leg in price? And if not does anyone have any good ideas of something I could buy that would be similar to a display case (like for example a cheap plastic square fish tank).

As a minimal dimensions I looking for it would need to be at least (in inches)4Hx4Wx7L and no more than 12 inches long/wide.

Also to keep on subject, I'm a bit low on craft ideas, name a Pokemon you'd like to see!
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Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Volkner commission part two~! xD

Haaayo~! Me again! =D Thankyou everyone for all of the posivite feedback I have received on the Volkner plushie! ♥v♥ It is very inspirational~!

Anyway tonight I bring you part two~~ The second half of denkimouse's commission!

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Anyways Gin!~ I am actually going to redo the Raichu I made for you a couple of months ago either tonight/tommorrow as well so he matches your Surge like how Luxray and Volkner match~! =3 I am OCD and like "THE HAVE TO MATCH" haha. xDDD Consider it a thankyou for waiting so long on your plushies. xD

Kay! Usachan peacin' ouuuuut!
Thankyou for checking out my art work! ♥
Glacia, Absol, Kolink

SMJ Box!

All packages that have been paid for will go out tomorrow - Thanks everyone!

Anyway, finally got pics of my latest SMJ box. As always, just showing the major highlights rather than every single figure in the lot.

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Also! Thanks to Gin for the permission. I'd like to advertise digicollectors, the Digimon Collectors community at long last! I've had it open since February, but I'm only just getting around to actually advertising it ^^; Please join if you collect/wanna sell/etc Digimon stuff too!
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"EEEEEEEEeeer" : Staraptor Plush

Finally finished Gin's raptor @_@ Took probably about 15 hours and more fabric than I thought. HUGE 42" wingspan, 2' tall sitting (3' long). Has wired feet/toes, as well as a wire running along the top outside of the wing, and 10 individual wires in the feathers.
(Sorry for the shoddy pictures, taken at 10pm)


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I apologize for commission delays. I did not expect to get called into work 40+ hours/week for the summer. For those of you interested in my waiting list, it's available on my front page journal here:

US Nationals fun, and an auction!

I just got back last night from the US Nationals TCG tournament in Columbus (oh the joys of only living two hours away). I was a judge this year, so I didn't play, but my boyfriend did, and I was impressed with his representation of Ohio by making top32! I know people were also looking for the Luxray shirts as well. I managed to get ahold of one extra staff shirt, and wanted to offer it up for those who are interested! Starting bid is going to be 15.00, and the auction will end on Friday night sometime. Probably midnight or something. The shirt is an adult XL, so it can be shrunk for the small people. Under the cut are pics!

Photobucket this is the logo on the front of the shirt.

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