July 1st, 2008


sales update!

I just wanted to let people know, I found a few more random things to sell, so I updated my sales post!

You can find it here.

A mod can delete this if it's not allowed, I wasn't sure. ^^;; So this post isn't completely pointless, trainer_irene, and sapphireluna, I'll send your packages out tomorrow! Hope it doesn't take too long to get to you. ^_^

Oh, and also! If I were to paint/draw chibi Pokemon on 5x5 canvases, would anyone be interested in buying? I could maybe do.. requests or something? Let me know if you guys like the idea~!

jingle jingle


this little dude has been JINGLE JINGLE-ing all around my computer desk for the last few days, but I was planning to get him some real red felt.

BUT I went out lots the last few days and had no time. DDDDDD:

So he has white felt coloured in with a permanent marker. :D I had stains all over my hands for days afterwards. The things I do for Pokémon...

Oh yeah, I don't have a working colour printer installed at the moment either >_> (we bought a new one, it is sitting in the corner of the family room gathering dust). So jinglydude gets a greyscale box, poor jinglydude.

6 pieces of panne velvet, 11 of felt, the cord is... like, some rayon thing or something. I didn't know how to do the eyes so I used liquid paper then a permanent marker. XD uhh, yeah. No pattern, I figured I'd just wing it... it turned out okay at least >_>
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Sales and Riolu/Lucario zukan auction

Before I leave, I've decided to sell off some things from my personal collection that aren't part of my main collections.

Click for sales!

Also, I'm auctioning off a Riolu/Lucario zukan, unsealed but otherwise in perfect condition.

Starting bid is at $7, BIN is $20.
Shipping will be $2.50 anywhere in the US and $3.00 everywhere else. The auction ends on Thursday at 11:59 PM CST. Please place bids under the comment in this post.

EDIT: SOLD to shadow_coon
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Sculpture Commissions~

Okay, I totally have summer homework and shouldn't be doing this. But they're pretty much addicting to make. :B Plus I have to restock my colours anyway, so I may as well just make it one big haul.

Commissions Closed! Thanks everyone!

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-Butterfree, Sky Shaymin, Ditto
-Growlithe, East Shellos
-Drifloon, Bidoof
Chikorita, Dratini, Dragonite
-Jigglypuff, Arbok
-Mew, Lapras, Caterpie


Thanks again for all of your kind words! Feedback means a lot to me, so I love hearing from you all. It makes me love what I do. ^_^

Oh yes, and may I request a sculptures tag? <3 Even crafts or something would do! I'm not quite sure how else to keep track of my posts, ehe.

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HEllO TO ALL!  I just joined up yesterday, and I'm rly super excited about being a part of this community.
I have a friend on here that kinda semi-referred me.
Her name is Devi_White, and she collects Raichus, so if anyone has some for sale I'm sure she'd want to know. =3

So anyways...
I'm Yuki.
I collect Ralts, and all evolutions thereof.
They're so freaking cute!!!! AAAAAAAH!~~

If anyone has any for sale, please let me know because I'm very excited about buying on here... my collection is somewhat LACKING so far. =]

Thanks all!

And honestly I'm more of a gardevoir person, just fyi... I collect them moreso than Kirlia, Ralts, and Gallade.

Commissions Out

I just wanted to let it be known that your commissions were mostly shipped out this morning and should, hopefully be arriving within the next week. I'm posting this mostly because there were a few of you who said you were interested in the custom hairclips, but I never received any further information from you. Post that here please, if you were still trying to hunt me down.

girlunoriginal, are you still interested in your Espeons? They're sitting here waiting to be shipped. I sent you a message, but you didn't reply, or I didn't receive a reply, or there's just one big mix-up... D:

[Last minute Bell Plush Entries]

Ok, so I know I have a lot to post about and things to address, but for now I'm going to Do my bell plush entry before Gin closes up xD

In the end I only managed to get two plushes done, when I wanted to do about 6 xD and I'm still working on a third, but I may not get him finished before the 1st ends in Japan, so I'm posting the two I have done =3

Let's have a look! (Warning, mini photo-spam;11 images)

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And that's all folks. I know these are late but ^^;; Hope you like them none the less. I don't expect Sableye to be finished any time soon, but when he is I'll post him anyway. Ja ne!
pichu: LOL DRAMA

uh, more zukan

So skinst_bomb came to visit me today and we went and saw the Lucario movie at the cinema 8D also we bought zukan. and I got a STARLY yayyyyyy. And then I got home and Mum was like "I saw those balls that are all over your room at the supermarket, and plush too." So I got my dad to take me to the supermarket after dinner >_> um, yeah. SPARE ZUKAN FOR SALE.

Same deal with policy as always - Paypal only, if you're credit-carding you pay the fee (and let me know so I can use a different account), feel free to use a Paypal middleman, shipping from Australia, comment with location for a quote, blah blah blah. D:

All sealed in packet:
Starters (Piplup/Turtwig/Chimchar) x2 - $8 each
Palkia - $9
Sneasel/Weavile - $8
Mime Jr/Mr. Mime x2 - $5

and left over from my last sales post:
Hoothoot/Noctowl x2 - $7 each
Venonat/Venomoth - $5 (packet has been opened to remove Paras/Parasect only)
Manaphy - $9 (opened and assembled, but perfect condition)

shop at shoppip to combine shipping if desired :3
Pokemon - Mew - ^-^

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Edit to note a thought -- I might maybe consider selling or trading him away, and I have enough total fabric to make just one more. It depends; it'll never hurt to ask if you're interested.

I am either cutting this rediculously fine, or I'm late, but I got tired of waiting all weekend for mum to give me the camera and so I scanned my bellplush instead D:

I'll take actual photos when I can appropriate the proper technology from its stalwart guardian XD

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warandromance! I got your package today!! :D Thank you so so so much ^-^
Friend Code DP, Hedgie Love

Wild Package Appeared!

No, really, I thought these weren't being released until later this month, so I wasn't expecting them so early. I was certainly happy to find out they'd been released much earlier :D

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I'll get around to doing collection updates soon.

And before I forget, does anyone have the Buizel Throw Pokeball plush? I'd really like to get one. Thanks!

small update

Well I'm sick of waiting for my stupid paypal to transfer the monies I need to post serasaturn's package into my bank account (btw, does anyone know if it would let me know if there was a problem transfering it or would the money just.. disappear? 0.0) and I feel absolutely awful that it's made me so late in posting it, I'm so sorry, I usually post things straight away too so I feel so so guilty at being unable to do so for so long ;-; It should have transfered yesterday, it didn't, and it again didn't today argh so I'm just going to post it tomorrow with my money.  I'm so sorry it took so long =( Stupid paypal.

& to rinkatink, I'll be posting your zukan to you then at the same time =)

Again, so sorry about the wait, if I had known paypal would take so long to transfer the money I would have posted it after I first received the payment ;-; I guess I know for next time, do not trust paypal to transfer money XD

Oh and my latest addition to my own collection:

Woop! I'm not a big fan of Palkia & Dialga as people know, but I've wanted a Pokemon t-shirt for a while and my mum actually found this one for me =3 I think it's quite cool XD

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OVER! we will judge and hopefully have winner/s chosen by the weekend!!! YOU GUYS ALL DID AMAZING :D make sure you check the contest tag to see all the entries!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR AMAZING PLUSHIES <3

NOW! i want to post about the pokemon daisuki clubs and how the goods prizes work... :D including the announcement, i have got my hands on one of my secret holy grails!

today my club card came!! check in the cut for photos of that and this months prizes and my HOLY GRAIL <3

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