July 2nd, 2008


Cranidos + Giratina = ?!?

Feel free to delete this post if need be. I was just browsing ebay and came across something so WTF?!? that I had to share. Apparently someone ignored the Legendaries Don't Breed rule and stuck Giratina and Cranidos in the daycare together.. And they hit it off.. O_o

I added the text, but otherwise I didn't touch it, I swear!

The Actual Auction

Is it wrong that I kinda want to take him home and love this poor deformed creature? :-\
PKMN: Skitty glompage

a boring old intro post. :p


I joined this community a few weeks ago. I've been reading and commenting and such, and just realized I haven't done an intro post yet! I didn't want to clutter the community, but since I have a few purchases in the works, I figure I should say something. ^__^

My name is Kat (IRL), or Katsu online/for gaming. I recently cracked and decided to give in to my desire to surround myself with Skitty love. ^__^ I adore Skitty and would like very much to collect her cuteness. I'm also interested in Mew, Celebi, Jiraichi, the Pixies (Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie), Manaphy, Delcatty, and Espeon, as well as Rayquaza (for my boyfriend, heh). Regardless, Skitty is mostly my one and only. :p

The main thing I've noticed about this community is how amazingly nice everyone is, and I’m thrilled to have found it! ^__^
Lucky Star: Oversoul

[It's a Sunyshore Box!//]

This is like, half a week late (D:) but oh well

This can only mean one thing~!

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Everything's been posted! All orders. And I will be going back through my receipts and leaving feedback, if anyone really wants to help me out though, you can leave me a link and I'll give you feedback immediately C:

I also received a ton of stuff, I'll be doing a collection update in the next spare half hour I get n_n

Odds n Ends Sale part 2

Yet again another Odds n ends sales! Im really trying to pick out what I do and don't collect and really narrow things down.

Things include: zukan, eeveelutions, pokemon mini lots, shiny rayquaza kid, plush and much more!
So as the result...

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Pixel Pair

Toz's Collections Update!

If you're in the community chat, you might have noticed I like to do (somewhat crazy) collecting projects. I have a nearly complete Cards Pokedex (one card for each Pokemon), an in-progress Kids Pokedex, and others, in addition to my main collections. I've recently started another project, though..

Dragon collecting!
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First postt O:  ~  /party

Ive been a member for awhile and sold a couple things but ive 
never posted my collections soo here it iss >:]
/btw its not very big xD but I loves everything I own <3

 Does she scare you? >:3


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 I also havee a million old pokemon vhs and dvds xD and alottt of strange pokemon books I found at a local japanese bookstore O:

 thanks for looking ! ~  : D  ♥  



kids and plush auction! update~! and group auction WON!

Hi guys! Just wanted to put in a notice for my auctions ending in about a day (tomorrow, 10 PM CST)~

Angrychu is at $11, if you want to bid, bid here!

Here are the kids, ending at the same time.

Original Espeon kid: Current bid $7
Raikou kid: Auction begins at $7 - No bids yet!
Houndoom kid: Current bid $7
Meowth 'n guitar kid: Auction begins at $5 - No bids yet!
Glaceon kid: Current bid $8 Bid here!

Annnd finally, that group auction for the loved plushies was won and each plush will be 6 dollars!
Payment for shipping comes later on once I have the items in hand, obviously.

Here's what people owe:
shrines: $12 for Hoppip and Squirtle
pacificpikachu: $6 for Dratini
tortoises: $12 for Mareep and Wooper
whoever I reserved Bulbasaur for: $6! You were in chat, but who were you??

And these items from that lot are still available:
- Horsea friends plush - $6
- Cleffa reversible pokeball mascot - $6
- Pichu reversible pokeball mascot - $6
- Grovyle McDonald's shooter - $2

(And for those waiting for glasses and charms: I will have them soon! Probably by next Friday.)

Cool things on eBay- Dark Raichu japanese & Skymin plush

"Dark Raichu- Neo white star": I love this card, and as far as I know this one is rarer than the English Rocket version- but I already have it- I'm sure someone else on this community was interested (dunno if that's a reasonable price but I know I don't see many)- EDIT found out it's probably not worth more than a dollar from some of the failed listings on eBay...:
Shaymin Sky Forme(Skymin) 11" plush:
Suddenly these pop up on ebay- from Hong Kong ('~') *hmmmm* but I've taken my chance and snapped up one on BIN- the others are on auction only:
Guh by Ghostmeast
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Items on eBay!

I've listed some cards and a TON of toys to eBay just now. :) The starting bids on both are insanely cheap- a real steal, so come bid bid bid! :)
Also, I totally don't mind if you resell anything in these lots!

Toys (dice games, etc): http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=320270098572&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=011

Cards: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=320270093878&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=011

wondering something

apparently yaoi_queen hasn't received her package from me despite the fact I sent it ages ago. So since I tend to forget usernames has anyone here I've done business with received their package as of yet?

All are sent and most have been sent for a while.

Though other than yaoi_queen I also haven't received any other packages in the mail so I don't know if its being slow or what O_o

Just a bit worried because I don't want negative feedback after putting great effort to get everything out asap.
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I have fallen in love with Cyndaquil ;3;

The chubby little fellow that looks so adorable and huggable and eee~ so cute! ♥ ♥

I am searching to buy/trade for a pokedoll, the ones on ebay I'm afraid are far too expensive for me. ;_;
Might anyone have one for trade/sale? Or any other Cyndaquil items?

I can also do traditional art for Cyndaquil items!