July 3rd, 2008

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Group Auction~

GA, anyone? Pokemon Master Club member-only figures.

With the current price, they'll be $1.60 a piece. The highest I'll probably bid, they'd still only be $2 a piece, so, it's a pretty good deal -- they're pretty uncommon. (2 days left on the auction.)

Bulbasaur bobblehead - emurii
Minun bobblehead - heenz
Plusle figure - heenz
Treecko figure -
Blaziken figure - yaoi_queen

Also, my Sales Post is now "make an offer" -- please make reasonable offers, guys, I'm not selling you 15 items for $5. That said, I'm willing to take pretty measly offers, cause... I really want to get rid of this stuff.

stunted collecting

Sorry to bother everyone with no photos.. but I was wondering if ANYONE got their items from Icer01? I have emailed and commented with no reply. I'm pissed I spent a good hunk of cash getting her some items here in the states.. I haven't sent MY box yet out of fear I'd get stood up. Which I feel like

Has anyone made contact? :/

I do apologize for making an obnoxious post, but she kinda HAS the last segment of collection I was going to post with..
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Bobble Head Sales

Hey there everyone!

I've had this set of Bobble Head figures for a while now, but I actually bought them only wanting the Lucario from the set. So now, I've got four bobbly pkmn that just aren't getting the love they need. I'm not really a collector of Dexoys, Jirachi, Mewtwo or Celebi, but I know that there's collectors here that would gladly take these guys.

They're about 4cm tall and function like normal bobble head figures. They're all in mint condition and can be shipped out -today- even if bought soon enough.

The Totodile and Arcanine kids are not for sale, but for size reference.

They're going for $5 each plus $1.50 shipping to anywhere.

I take paypal only, please <3

Jirachi - Still Available
Mewtwo - Still Available
Cerebi - Still Available

Dexoys - Still Available
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Hiya! :3

I've been stalking the community for a few weeks, so I decided now would be a good time as any to post.
I've been collecting Pokemon stuff since the year it exploded over here, and all I've got left now is what hasn't been lost through moving, and generally giving it away when I bored of Pokemon.
But with the new games, my love for the creatures came back, and I've decided to start collecting again. I really love Plusle, Minun, the Pikachu line, and Mew, so I suppose that's what I'll be collecting. :3
I'll post pictures of my collection when I get around to finding it all, since most of it's buried under my bed. ._.;
Anyway, hope to make some friends, and collect some stuff that I don't really need, but makes my room prettier. ;D
Thanks for reading~

Collections and a few collection updates

I don't post often. Partly becasue I get things slowly and Partly because I'm shy. I get things slowly because I don't have paypal yet so I can't get anything from here. I can get stuff from the stores around me but not often and a few thing online without paypal. So far I collect Dialga, Groudon, Ampharos, Turtwig, Articuno and Tomy figures. So on to my collections....Warning: Image Heavy!

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I can has bugs?

Hey everyone! ^^

I wanted to let daynipp know that I received the Ledian kid yesterday. She's so cute! My first kid <3 Thanks so much! I'll make a collection post soon after I get a couple more things I'm waiting for. ^^

The Ledian was so cute, now I've decided I need kids of all the Bugs. xD I'm in the market for them, so if anyone has any for sale, please let me know!

I also updated my sales post with some handmade pins/badges! Also, some prices have been put down. Take a look Here!

Small Collection Update

A little collection update to my Raichu's!

When I got home around midnight from Six Flags, I was greeted by a package in my room! I quickly opened it up and look what was inside! I put it in my little dip'n'dots tray just for the lulz.

To see my full Raichu collection so far you can Click Here.

There were two other non-Raichu plushies I got. Luxray and Charizard! Check em out!

Also I still have some sales up. Check those out Here.
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what's arrived in the mail this week?+ question

Yay I haven't done an update in a looong time! So I'm putting one up today because I received 3 grails in one package along with some other nice pokemon ^-^!

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Oh and a little question. I PM'd 2 admin/moderators about a feedback thread but I got no reply off any of them. Would it be possible to have one? I'd love to offer trades up but I know some people used to have problems trading with other people and choose not to trust people unless they have good feedback and such? Thanks!

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Hiya peoples!

I just got accepted into the community, so I figured... y'know, why not make an intro post or something. :P
I've kinda been stalking this community for a couple of days, looking at all of your stuff and drooling over each and every collection that I wish I had (which is about all of them). xD

I'm just starting my collection, and I used to have a whole bunch of Pokémon stuff as a kid that I probably still have packed away somewhere. I'm not gonna post pics yet, since my current collection is so small it's not even funny. Maybe once it grows a bit, I will. :P

So um... yeah. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you guys and hopefully expanding my collection a bit! ^^;;

Ding ding ding! Auction winners! Plus plushies. Paaaay meeeee.

Okay, here is a laundry list of people who owe me moneys now that my auctions are over.

My paypal is kefanii[at]hotmail[dot]com, please send payment promptly!

goku_the_saru, you got Angrychu! That's 11 + 3 shipping = $14.50.
atateatarin, Snap-together Raichu and Raikou kid, 11 + 3.50 = $14.50
rocketdraggin, Houndoom kid for 7 + 1.75 shipping = $8.75.
yaoi_queen, Tailesschu and Chu-on-a-string, 4 + 1.75 = $5.75
mjneko, Meowth kid for 5 + 1.75, = $6.75
_nofuturenohope, you won Espeon and Glaceon kid, that's 15 + 1.75 = $16.75. Email me and I'll tell you which address to send your money order to!
shrines: $12 for Hoppip and Squirtle from the group auction, shipping charge later
pacificpikachu: $6 for Dratini, shipping charge later
Hey Baby!

Joygasmic Conglomerations!

I've accumulated a fair share of lovely critters to my collections of late (with plenty more always still on the way), so I figured it a fair time to call all our families in for a series of photoshoots. It'll also be a while before I can post any photos of my collections as my move in mid-July demands that they all be gently suffocated and stored away until I finish my transfer to wherever my new temporary residence may be.

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And a brief salute to one of my highly wanted grails, now finally in my possession! I'm afraid I don't collect the Eeveevolutions, but ever since I first saw a picture of this lovely DS case, I just had to have it. I'm so incredibly stoked to actually own this!

Thanks for looking everyone! ♥

NOTICE: I will currently be on a brief hiatus as of this Saturday and will likely not be available online again till the coming Tuesday. I'm taking a brief flight to visit relatives down in Arizona, so just an explainer for being unusually quiet in the days to come!

If I have recently purchased from you... I believe I contacted everyone personally and we have already resolved the circumstances of my current "move" situation. However, if I missed you, here's a small repeat. I am gently requesting that my purchases be sent this week, or at the latest, by next Wednesday, July 9th. This deadline applies to domestic (within US) packages only. In the case that you are unable to mail the items by that day or before then or are mailing packages via international mail to me (and we did not talk previously), please do not mail the packages. Instead, first contact me as to which address to send the items to before shipment. I apologize for being overtly pushy and causing such a hassle. Thank you all in advance! ♥