July 4th, 2008

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Sorry I don't have anything more interesting to post. Just business!

I sent a bunch of stuff out today~

shrines, stargirlshine, and tehpixelpixie - Sent your charms out today!

rinni - Sent Butterfree and Drifloon sculptures! We need to talk about the shipping though, apparently it's more than twice the amount to send inside of Canada as it is outside of it for some reason ;_; WTF CANADA POST.
bergunty - Sent Skymin sculpture!

Can you guys comment to let me know you saw this? Thanks! <3

Oh oh! Does anyone have (or know where I can find) a Magikarp Pokédoll they might be willing to part with? I have fallen in love with it, but on ebay they're mad expensive rofl. But in the interests of not being too cheap, I am willing to sculpt to haggle the price down. Because I'm poor. 8D
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Feia - Platen - Trot

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Hi hi :)

New toys!

I got these today/yesterday :)

Munchlax is clear :D

Also, so that this post has a little more substance -- I'm building a wantlist and I remembered someone had posted a link to a site with pictures of all the Kids figures, but now I can't seem to find it (though I'm blind as a bat and I've probably passed over it a million times now XD). Could someone who has the link please post it for me? I can't even remember what the site was called D:

Thanks much! :D

Pokemon Jewelry!

This post is for all the girls out there who enjoy showing off their geeky side, and perhaps even for guys to buy for their girlfriends. The following link contains a some Pokemon jewelry among other video game jewelry: www.whitey594.etsy.com
For PokeFans, current items for sale include Pokeball earrings, Gym badge charms for necklaces, and a few character charms! Enjoy!


more stuff for sale

Lugia will be going for 600 dollars... Ive decided to sell him because hes taking up too much room and Im getting more into digimon and I want to get money for that obsession...atleast Im honest XD

Dialga $30

pikachu $20

croagunk light up cheeks $25

croagunk $5

munchlax $5

monferno talker $7

bulbasaur $5

slowpoke $5

venasaur $10

SKYMIN(Collection uptade)


AT LAST I´ve received my Skymin Pokedoll! it took 3 weeks... I hate Spain and its damned postal service!!! xD The Skymin keychain arrived too O.o I´m surprised because it was very quick... Who understand that? xDD So... thank you for all, Gin!.
I have received too the Ninetales/Vulpix zukan from fernchu ,thank you very much! ^___________^.

Before post the photos I need to say something:
This Wednesday 9th I´ll go to the house of my best friend for 10 days (I´ll come back on 19th, with the 11th movie, curious xD). She´s got internet and maybe I could take a look here, but I won´t be here as long as I should, and if any sending came to my house, my parents´ll take it but I won´t know nothing until be back.
Ah! jedi_amara, I´ll send your keychains on Monday, don´t worry, I´ll send them before go! Sorry by the delay ^^.

And now, the photos!.

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Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

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A couple kids have been put back up for sale. :3

ravestars85: I know that you were at the Nationals and probably have a lot of e-mails to sift through, so it's likely that my comments might have gotten lost or looked over. I'm just wondering if you are still interested in the Arcanine kid or not. :3

orgrimmar: I'm wondering if you ever found out of you had the card that you wanted to trade or if you just wanted to go ahead and pay in full since you haven't gotten back to me.

And finally
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Tomy lickitung?

Hey ya'll what you think of my new avatar? Super cute eh ^^.

But besides my boasting about my shitty MSpaint skills I have a question. Today I received a package in the mail of a lickitung tomy figure. It was given for free so its not a huge matter however I think it may be a bootleg.

If images are needed I can take some and edit this.

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From other tomy figures(old school ones) I've notice they have a copyright stamped into them, usually one their back ( ya know"(c)*japanese character*.C.G.T.G.J TOMY CHINA). However, this lickitung doesn't have it ANYWHERE. So I wanted to ask if this is an indication of it being a fake? Are some Tomy figures manufactured without that marking? Is it a special version without it?

Hope someone can answer this question (probably someone with the old school Lickitung tomy figure).

apparently after looking at it on every possible angle of view I notice the symbol is very well hidden on the back of its tongue. Sorry for bothering anyone ^^;
Pokémon - Melody


Well, I won the auction of the Chikorita plush from ectransfer that I posted about a week or so ago =D I bid on it in secret (i.e. did not tell my parents) and it will be delivered to my boyfriend's workplace as I'm on holiday. We'll pretend he bought it for me - well, he did offer to buy me a phpBB bear once, and he has been known to buy me Nintendo plushes - and I won't get in trouble >__>

Yay =D I'm so pleased. The auction ended with me as the only bidder, so I only paid the original price of £0.01 (no joke, that's like $0.02) and shipping is £4.99. I decided to add insurance for £1 extra because it was so cheap but I'd rather not lose it in the post >_> So uh, that came to exactly £6 (about $12).

Not bad for my first eBay adventure! xD I'll post photos when I am united with her in about two weeks.

Also, since I'll be visiting Japantown in San Francisco next week (as pacificpikachu suggested - turns out my friend in San Francisco plans to take me there anyway!), I will take photos of any merchandise I pick up there =D along with one of the new Mystery Dungeon 2 games, for t'is cheaper in the USA ;D I'll stay active on here, I'm taking my laptop. Woop. Free wifi.

pokemon day! <3

Woop! As most people in Europe will now know, Pokemon Ranch was released today along with Mystery Dungeon 2, yay double Pokemons! <3 And like the little nerd I am, I actually bought my copy whilst wearing my Pokemon t-shirt and got the most 0.0 looks from the staff in the game shop XD I AM PROUD OF MY GEEKDOM! ^^;

Sorry if this isn't allowed here btw, I'll delete this post if it isn't >.< But I regard it as a part of my collection, especially since I chose this one mostly because of Piplup on the cover, haha XD

I also got the cutest little book with it! It has lovely artwork inside it and a comic too, I haven't read it all properly yet but it looks so cute =3 And yes, I bought two of the new Mystery Dungeon gacha figures that they have released over here on the same day and oh yes, I got two exactly the same, two Turtwigs. -_- Eh, just my luck.  I'll be giving one to my boyfriend but I was wondering if anyone would like to trade for the other Turtwig? It's a really nice figure, but I don't really collect Turtwig and would rather trade it for the Piplup, Pikachu or Munchlax (Piplup preferably though).  I guess if no one would like to trade for it then I'll eventually add it to my sales post or something, but I couldn't believe my luck, argh! XD It would seem my zukan bad luck has carried over onto these =P

Oh and I apologise about the bad picture, I can take a better one of the Turtwig if anyone is actually interested in it =D

edit: turtwig's now been traded! =D


I am going on another one of my trips again, although this time there shouldn't be any bizarre and unexpected chaos to follow so I should be back this time instead of disappearing for 3 months. :B Before I leave, I just need to clear things up first.

I believe I have a few items on hold with people, but they are on hold simply because they have not arrived yet (group buys, etc.). Would you like me to pay for these items now? I prefer to pay for things after they have arrived so I know they are free of major flaws buuuut in this case, I would hate for anyone to hang around waiting for me to pay. ;; I believe one of these items was a Horsea plush?

Also, have I paid everybody who I had items on hold with? My paycheck came laaaate so I was holding things for longer than I had anticipated, but I believe I have paid everyone I needed to. Still, I could have forgotten to write someone down. Let me know if I did and I will pay right away!

Lastly, has everyone received their packages from me? The post has been acting funny lately. On that note, versiris, I am sorry for the huuuuuuge delay in shipping your stuff off. Someone came in and cleaned our house and moved all of our stuff around, so I (embarrassingly) had a hard time relocating your items, but they are safe and will be sent off tomorrow!

Thank you. :D

~ Sam

Shipping Delay and Magnet Journal

Hey guys, I'm just posting over here to let you guys know that apparently my post office took this last week off for fourth of July ._.; I apologize for letting you all know so late, and people who ordered from me, I will be mailing them out on Monday first thing!

In happier news, I put together a journal for my PokeMagnets, so to anyone whose interested, you can go find them over here ^^
(Fake Cut! Yay!)

And thats it for today everyone, sorry this post is so painfully boring, but I really wanted to let people know whats going on!

The New Pokemon Burger King Toys ^_^

So, on the way home from my grandparents today (it was their 57th anniversary) I stopped at Burger King to see if they actually got the new Pokemon Toys in (seeing as the start date was yesterday)

Well...They did...So I got a big kids meal xD And well....

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(in other news, I am expecting a package sometime this week [i hope]...so when it comes...I should have a collection update ^_^)
ash party hardy

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i restocked these skymin and shaymin etc items, for everyone who missed them and was sad!

another movie merchandise sunyshore update on SUNDAY!!! be excited? lots of great stuff. will post photos and a photostory starring TOMY SKYMIN later! :D