July 6th, 2008


Jakks Shinx FINALLY :DDD

GAH finally my work got in the new Jakks plushies!! I grabbed a shinx up for myself, and a glameow up for 216handsbound. The new line of plush are extreemly detailed, and about the size of a pokedoll.

I also have a Shinx for you too kiraraslemon,if you arn't interested in it anymore just let me know, I'll just offer it for sale <3 if you still have the umbreon blok on its way I would even be willing to work out some sorta trade if you want!

Proper Collection photos to come when I get in more packages from the community ^^;

Here's my Shinx meeting my boyfriend's Flareon...


And here's the extra Shinx with Gwen's Glameow. They were hanging out in the back with the Wiis and new releases till I could purchase them when I got off :3



Also..I know I asked this awhile back but...has anyone heard from FLYGON aka Zukanranger? We had a card trade for zukan going on...well..I wanna say aroundin March...I havnt heard from him :C :C :C


everyone should go congratulate pheonixxfoxx she won A "Hobo's" Giant NYC Suicune :P lol

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EARLIER THAN PLANNED.... it's a super-shaymin and movie 11 sunyshore update! with a few extra awesomes!


come check out under the cut for all details!

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Help plz?

Can anyone tell me a little more about this Y! Japan auction?


It seems to be a reasonable price but I'm a huge noob about this stuff. XD Also I'm unfamiliar with how to bid, etc. Online translators only help so much with the grammar barrier.

Assuming the price is okay, and it doesn't look too sketchy (I wouldn't even know where to -start- looking for indications)... Could someone help me buy it if there's some equivalent of the Buy it Now option? I would love you forever <3

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Eevee Walky

new member, trading post!

Hello everyone. :) I am a new member, well sort of. I have been lurking for some time but now the time has come to make my very first post! I've been admiring your collections from afar for quite some time, and now I would like to introduce you to my own. Its very small, but maybe when I get some more money, it will grow. :D

Anyways, my name is Jessie, and I'm 20 years old- I live in Maryland, USA. I have loved pokemon for many years, although I have to secretly now so my father and mother don't give me a hard time. Anyways. I've always adored fire types, and random pokemon I just find cute. Charizard was my favorite, but I also love Cyndaquil line, Torchic, the legendary birds and dogs, and Mew. Recently I started playing Diamond, and have been trying to get back into things. After doing that, I've refallen in love with my old favorites, the Eevee evolutions, like everyone and their mom here. :) My favorites would probably be Vaporeon and Glaceon. I also like Glameow, as I love cats. :D OK enough of that for now.

Here are some not so great shots of my collection.
If you have any questions at all, please let me know, although this many years down the road i may not know what brand/where i got anything. Unfortunately my collection is small as I got rid of a lot of my pokemon stock at a yard sale some years back, just keeping my most favorites.

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OH EDIT NEWSFLASH: IM GOING TO OTAKON. IS ANYONE ELSE GOING? this will be my first time ever going, has anyone else gone before? i hope there will be lots of poke goodies to drool over!