July 7th, 2008

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hey guys! this is eeveelution! I switched because I wanted a username more ME and who would have the name eeveelution when they barely collect Flareon as it is?

This morning i went outside and took pictures of my Torterra kid. :D

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(PS: does anyone have a Mamoswine chou getto they will sell me :D?)
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Plush Auctions/Sales! (30 of them!)

Hey guys!
I received a lot of 30 Pokemon plush. They arrived smelling of old house and with some(water-caused?) brown stains. I made it my mission to clean them up, and did so perfectly by putting them in a pillowcase in the wash and dryer, on delicates. They cleaned up perfectly. A slight few needed some stitching and re-gluing, and I'll describe each in detail.
With that disclaimer out of the way,
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Maaaaaay(Collection and note post)


Uh, I didn´t think that something can come before go this Wednesday, but I´ve received one shipment from SMJ. They´re the keychains from 11th Movie and... May & Manaphy figure for rinkatink! xD

For trainer_irene and rinkatink : I´m afraid to say that I can´t send your packages until 19th, because as I said, I´ll be on holidays from this Wednesday, I´m sorry!.
For jedi_amara : I´ve sent today your keychains, I hope that arrive well! ^^.

And now, the photos!

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Received Items and Charms Shipped

I received a bunch of packages while my boyfriend was away so when I got to his house it was like my birthday, haha! I'm not sure exactly when they arrived but I received kids/figures from ambertdd , happyjolteon , regen , shuriken_chan , pheonixxfoxx , castform (thanks for the extra kid! I hope that wasn't a mistake ^^;). I hope I didn't forget anyone...

Anyhow~ I'm still awaiting packages from badgerr_ftw , kefanii , and pkmn_masta. (I think that's everyone)

Also, kefanii and wereblood , your charms were shipped saturday (sorry, that was the first opportunity to go to the post office). castform , your charms will ship tomorrow.

On a side note, charm shop commissions are still closed while I finish up art for customers on another site.

Sorry for all the usernames in this post! :-P
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Turtwig Update.

So I was at Walgreens today and I went over to they toy section. Now usually the walgreens around me don’t stock anything good. Well I looked anyway to see if there were any hidden gems among all of the other toys. Well I was glad I looked because I found a Jakks Turtwig single pack! It was also the only Turtwig there. Now I know its not really rare or special but, the Toys R Us, Targets and KB Toys I go to no longer have them in single packs and I didn’t feel like getting a three pack with figures I wasn’t interested in such as Cherrim and Pikachu. I already had the Turtwig marble but there’s something different about it so I may keep it.

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Collection Update, A Cautionary Tale, and a SALES POST

I recently bid on a huge lot of figures. The picture was small, but I could make out a Growlithe, some Stars, and a bunch of other popular Pokémon people collect, like Eevee and the Legendary Birds. I took a chance and bid high on the lot, because I figured I could easily make back what I spent, assuming these were from the same line of super small, super rare, high-quality figures I bought a few months back.
The user got their account suspended on eBay before I could pay. I browsed their feedback and saw one negative where they sold somebody a counterfeit designer purse. That should have tipped me off right away something was amiss. :/
So instead of forgetting about it like any sane person, I emailed them and asked if I could still have the lot. A Paypal address was given, and I got confirmation the items were shipped.
Got them today... the first thing I noticed was that they shipped it in a granola bar box that had been turned inside out. :/ Classy. And all the figures were stuffed together inside a ziplock bag. I paid collectable price for these, and they were treated like garage sale toys. And then I realized there were an AWFUL lot of what seemed to be bootlegs in there. >_< I was kicking myself, especially when I saw the Growlithe was the same in-case collection Growlithe I already own. About half the toys look legit, and half look really wonky. It's really hard to tell on a few of them though.
Moral of the story: Don't go nuts over something you only have a small picture of. And if someone is b& from eBay, there's probably a good reason for it.

Anyways, it's not all bad... here are the ones I decided to keep. I'm assuming some kind of water attack is supposed to be coming from Starmie's gem where there's a hole, but it wasn't included in the package. I love the Koffing, he looks high.

So anyways, I'm selling off all the figures I don't want. I'll take trades too (I'll even trade for another bootleg if it's a Pokémon I like!) Here is my trades wishlist: http://grrrowly.livejournal.com/385170.html

While many of these look very legit (for instance, this disgustingly cute Nidoking I am tempted to keep...), there ARE bootlegs included in this lot, so the safest thing would be to assume they are all fakes.

SALES POLICIES: I take paypal only. No holding of items- if you claim something and I don't hear back within 3 days, it goes back up for grabs. Shipping will be a flat $3 worldwide for up to 6 figures. Minimum order: $1
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Important: When ordering, please include what you are buying in the Paypal memo! Even if I know you, this will help better my organization of orders. PLEASE don't forget!
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Did You Get It?

Terribly sorry I've been missing in action - had a million things to do. Can anyone who's NOT received something from me but paid for it please let me know asap so I can look into it. To those of you who have received things, can you just let me know for piece of mind if nothing else. I hope everyone's doing well and I'm sorry I haven't really been so active this last month. My workload's been overtime. I don't want you guys thinking I've run off or anything though.

Hope you all had a great weekend
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Packages, Target Sales and Burger King, Oh My!

Ah-ha! My prediction came true! I got my package from usakochan and one of my Ebay packages today!

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Meanwhile, after Aipom had left with her "prizes" in tow, Buizel and Shellos discovered another package lying around...

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Okay, but that's not all! Target had a bunch of their Pokemon stuff on sale so I got a couple of things that I've had my eye on for a while. Here they are:

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Okay, that's it for now...I'm  waiting on a couple more things (like my awesome Buizel Kid!) to arrive, so I'll have more pictures later.

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have you ever found yourself suddenly liking and collecting a pokemon you'd basically hated a week or even a day ago?

it was with the announcement than this summer would not be all shaymins but also include some new giant plushies of rarely-merched pokemon, that i stared and stared at the ambipom plushie. i want it. it's cute and ambipom is a sunyshore pokemon trained by volkner. it belongs with me. but its huge and i already will have shinx and luxray. so wtf....? i always disliked ambipom >=( wtf, really? i'm having an internal battle over this plush. get a huge plush i have no room for? or don't get it and regret it later when its not in machines and expensive on auction?

when at toys r us in ikebukuro the other day, aftertheheaven threw this little guy into my basket. i stared at her. she said "its in there, you can't take it out now." she was right. not only couldnt i, but i didnt want to.

now i feel like i need octillery kids.... welcome to my mini sunyshore gym playset, complete with rotating platforms. and ambipom kid. AUGH! (BTW, i've had that particular raichu kids for about 7 years now, a gift from the same aftertheheaven long ago :D)

so yeah. ever had a similar expierience?

anyway, BIG updates on collections this weekend, as i have so many coming soon raichus and lions @_@ that the coming soon images are all huge and crazy XD

aaaaand all paid-for sunyshore orders will be out by tuesday/wednesday, just to repeat :)


because my first tiny post here ( the one with the flashy icon) was so... dramatic i decided there had to be a better way to introduce myself and try to erase the first impression.

my name is mia, and just today i turned 17.
SOME of my favorite pokemon are growlithe, skitty, torchic, chimchar, houndour, the eevees, aipom, lotad, poochyena, and cyndaquil.

i don't have much of a collection yet but i really want to start one. i'm not even really familiar with the terms of all the different types of figures. if anyone has any tips or things they think i should know feel free to enlighten me. i am really looking forward to forging a bond with the people in this community.

i hope you welcome fresh blood!


AND PS i really love the mystery dungeon franchise