July 8th, 2008


Shipping notice

To everyone who's bought something from me in the past week or so, your things will be shipped tomorrow! I apologize for the super delay in shipping, I haven't been able to get to the post office until now ^^; I've still got some things for sale though, so if you pay by tonight it'll be shipped out tomorrow!

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And a question - how much demand for the Lucario PokeDoll is there? My niece has one she's thinking about selling, as well as a big Charmander plush. No pictures yet, but I'll be seeing the items in person in a few days, so if there's any interest in either of these I'll get some pictures then x3 Thanks for reading!

Sales Post

Hello again~ Once again Im trying to thin out my collection and start focusing on what pokemon I really want to collect. Its hard to let some of this stuff go, but I know they'll be getting better homes :3

Lots Odds and ends stuff including Rayquaza Shiny kid, zukan stuff, eeveelutions, Kids and more! Come shop! ;3

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Also I can't wait for next week! 216handsbound and her boyfriend are comming to visit me ^__^ I know it will be lots of fun! I havn't seen her in about a year! Yay :3
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Finished a bunch of commissions!

X-posted to pokemon, sorry if you see this twice. n_n;

blodia, you've already paid me so I will ship out Miltank to you ASAP!
kefanii and ladylegsdarkrai, if you could paypal me now that'd be awesome. Remember the extra 5$ for shipping!

EDIT: firebrand164, I need to talk to you! Comment if you see this, thanks~

Come have a look. :)

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Zukan Auction


I have the following Zukan up for auction, each one is mint straight from the capsule, except Team Rocket, they are still sealed in their capsule for I used mine for a pic example, so dust is not included!

Weavile Duo, Bonsly, and Mime Jr. Zukan - Starting/Highest Bid - $10.00  $11.00 $13.00 $14.00 - sora_no_kokoro
Buy It Now - $25.00
Registeel Zukan - Starting/Highest Bid - $5.00  -andyboyh
Buy It Now - $10.00

Team Rocket Zukan - Starting Bid - $10.00
Buy It Now - $20.00 SOLD

Super Nice Lucario (He is not a Zukan) - Starting Bid/Highest Bid - $10.00 $11.00 - ravestars85
Buy It Now - $20.00

Auction Will end in about a week or if I stop receiving bids!
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[Megablock anyone?//]

I have been hard at work on my crafty stuff for quite a while again! I will hopefully have the biggest (and most headache-filled) project out of the way soon now *fingers crossed*.

But for now, I have a question!! ~

I am looking for information on these first three megablocks;

I am aware that Houndoom is from the groudon set, and well, I haven't got fifty dollars to invest in that :S
Anyone got one they're willing to sell to me? |D

:EDIT: I found a set for relatively cheap, the set contains graveller, donphan, magcargo and camerupt as well as the big buildy groudon, anyone up for a group-ish type auction/claims?
Post what you're willing to pay! :0

The common versions of eevee and the plusminus will be arriving at my home any day now, but these three are special poses, and try as I might, I can't find any information on the set they would be in/when they were released/how the heck I search for them! XD

Original context is here.

Any help is muchly appreciated, and rewarded with Gin's special bloody biscuits ^.~

Thanks as always guys ♥

Bulbasaur & Squirtle Group Auction Update- the package has arrived!

Hey guys

The large package from the States has arrived in good time- with Bulbasaur & Squirtle goodies inside:

Reservations goes as:
jedi_amara  reserved Squirtle & Bulbasaur Pokedolls, Ivysaur friend & Squirtle/Bulbasaur clippy plush. 
shuriken_chan reserved Optimisticsaur (play by play), & Hasbro Bulbasaur & Bulba Treatkeeper. 
pkmn_mastareserved Ivysaur friend???
killerjaw01 reserved Wartortle. EDIT I hope no-one minds but I've decided to keep the last Ivysaur Friends plush. There were 3 in total- 2 in boxes which will go to pkmn_master & jedi_amara and I'll keep the one outta box (the boxes are sealed so they would be like new!)

Here are some better pics of the plushies- all plushes are in great condition- they smell of incense sticks but other than that they are cool:

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Angry at post, but stuff mailed.

Well, I would've liked to update with the contents of my SMJ box, but my post office royally sucks and has most likely returned my SMJ box back to SMJ, after only attempting to deliver it to me ONCE. (Hopefully I just can't read their hand writing and they'll try to redeliver it tomorrow. The USPS site is saying (with the number I tried to read, since they wrote it very sloppily), that it was returned to the sender. XP)

Either way, more importantly, all packages have been mailed as of today! This includes international. The only one that was not mailed was rukarioh's - just waiting for the e-check to clear.

EDIT: Added a link to my auctions for a few brand new pokedolls: Vaporeon, Umbreon and Bonsly!