July 9th, 2008

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This is a long shot, but is there any merchandise that has Eusine in it? I know he's in Special and Golden Boys, any other manga? Is there an ani-manga adaptation of his episode or (the horribly OOC) Legend of Thunder?

Anything non-printed would be especially awesome.
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freebies + requests


1. I have a free Jakks Pachirisu plush and a free Jakks Sneasel plush for anyone that wants them. I decide who gets it. It is not first-come first-served. Trades are nice but not necessary. They're both new models with the soft plush, not the cheap cotton/felt issues. I'm more likely to send them overseas or to someone that otherwise can't get them on their own.

2. Is anyone selling a regular Giratina pokedoll? I already have the Origin Forme model, but now I want the regular one too. I figured I'd ask here before dropping the full $35-40 on ebay.

3. I'm looking for any Pokemon Kids and any Feraligatr items, as always. I'm getting close to having just about every Feraligatr out there...! Show me what you have! I'm also interested in Lugia and Giratina, especially Origin Forme, to a lesser extent than my gator love.

4. I dunno, if it's common knowledge yet or not, but the second series of USA crane game plush is out, and it contains all of the pokemon listed in my previous post, along with the additions of Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Aipom. They should be available in the locations listed in my other post. :) They're made by Fun Factory, by the way, and are officially liscenced by Nintendo/Game Freak/The Pokemon Company.

signing out...!
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sales post!

Ok guys, I need to sell this stuff as I just don't have the room to store them and will soon have even less >.<  So, everything still available from my sales post is now open to offers (+ shipping of course, I can't do much about that). 

There's a few kids, a plush, zukan, manga, action flipz and some random things XD  If you're interested in anything, feel free to make me an offer, you can use the prices from my sales journal as a guide if you like. ^^  Oh and if you would like to purchase something, let me know what country you're in and I'll give you a shipping estimate.

I would accept trades but they would have to be Piplup, Shaymin, Manaphy or to an extent Pikachu related since I have areas assigned to those Pokemon collections. =3

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Oh and I received my starter zukan and Jirachi charm!! <3 I'll be doing a collection update post as soon as the other post I'm expecting arrives as well =D
All packages have been sent out as well, I hope you receive them soon =D

European Pokékids

I have been thinking for awhile should I post about European Pokékids history. So I tough I should do it now. I think this will be very informing for those who need help or are confused about European Pokékids releases. So, herre it is!
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Whoa! That is a big bag of Pikachu!!!!

Those are the infamous words I heard a good 20 or so times from various people while I lugged around a HUGE bag of Pikachu merch. Damn you, Anime Expo!!!! DAMN YOU~!!!! I swear, they had so much Pokemon merchandise this year. It was astounding! Luckily, my total was just under $100 for everything, which is DAMN good considering the prices I've seen for the very same items on ebay and other sites.

Under the two cuts will have pics of the HUGE~~~~~~~ Pokemon gathering at Anime Expo and my updated collection! Seriously, I have NEVER seen so many Pokemon cosplayers before! It was amazing! And to my glorious surprise, the Pokemon cosplayers seemed to outnumber the Naruto cosplayers. ^______^ Oh happy day! That never happens... literally.

kaygee84 and I got to meet amirrorstwin! It was fun! :3 Unfortunately, he was the only one who met up with us. ;_; Those of you who were planning with us: what happened? I'm sure you were at the gathering. Who were you, if you cosplayed? If you see yourself in one of the pics, please point it out. We were a bit disheartened that we couldn't meet with any of you. ;_; Not to mention, the Little Tokyo meet-up was a total bust, too. -_-

Anyway, on to the pics! ^_^ Warning: EXTREMELY image heavy!!!

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Hey there!

So everyone already knows about the BK toys, right? And you can buy them for about $1/a piece without having to purchase like seventeen kid's meals, so that's really nice. I picked up the three my local BK had this week and also apparently got an extra Pachirisu.

My question is does anyone know if each toy comes with a specific card, or are they all randomized? I got a Grotle with my Piplup toy, chimchar with Pachirisu, and manaphy with the Dialga card holder.

The reason I ask is because I don't want to open the second Pachirisu unless there's a chance for there to be a different card in there, because I figure someone here will want it and will trade me for it and I'd like to send it unopened if there's no reason to open it, you know?

Edit: The cards are random, which is a little lame but I guess I can understand that.

Anyone looking for a Pachirisu toy? I'd keep the card, but otherwise it's still in the package and stuff. I'll trade for something else small. ^_^ (I like Lugia, Lucario, Milotic & Gallade)

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Suicune Stained Glass

Sales and an Auction <3

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Dancing Pokemon Secret Base Playset Lotad! Part of a set that forms a whole playset when put together. Pre-assembled and sticker-ed, so all you have to do is put the pieces together when received. Great condition, but box is a little worn. $6 On Hold

Celebi, Jirachi, and Pikachu Mini-Gacha Machines! Very cute and detailed, include several Pokeball "capsules", and a clear capsule featuring the featured Pokemon. Really work!
$5 each.

Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Muk Wazakore (Attack Collection?) penciltoppers. Each come with matching seal, as pictured. $1.50 each.

Big Tomy figures with American-version tags. Pikachu's tag is creased, and the others' tags are a little creased (not bent), and the figures themselves might have minor paint rubs from being in a box together. If wanted, I can describe their condition in more detail. :3 $6 each. (Shipping will be more, around $2-3 extra.)

Note that I only have enough boxes for four, once four are sold, I'll have to hold the last one until I get another box.

Jakks Grotle and Buizel. Both have paint rubs (they came out of the package that way!), and come with their own matching seals (not pictured). $2 each.

Pokemon Action Figure Blastoise, Pichu, and Mewtwo. All have moving parts; Blastoise has movable cannons, Pichu a moveable head, and Mewtwo moveable arms, torso, and tail.
$3.50 for Mewtwo, $2.50 each for Pichu and Blastoise.

American Eevee Pokeball keychain! Box is a little dusty and worn, but the figure inside is perfect. $4.50

Europe-only Cellphone straps from Bandai France. (I wonder why they'd use bright orange straps, so you'd never lose your phone or something?) Kyogre, Ivysaur, Deoxys, Sceptile, and Minun available. $3.50 each.

Salamence 6th movie keychain with blue Pokeball nametag. Very detailed, never removed from bag, and surprisingly big! $4.50

6th Movie Soft Mascot figures! They're hollow like Kids figures, but are slightly smaller. The box in the background is for reference, and is not for sale. Jirachi and Salamence available, $4.50 each.

YuraYura Clip figures! Very tiny and are quite unique and rare. (Trust me, I'm searching for the possible Entei and Raikou from this set!) Pichu and Celebi available, $3.50 each.

Johto-era McDonald's toys! Marrill and Bayleef launch from their Pokeballs, and Pichu's ears wiggle when you squeeze the pump. Will come in their original McDonald's bags. $3.50 each.

Amada seals! Holo Rampardos is $1.50, the rest are $1 each.

Oops, forgot to list these. XD Pokemon Candy Seals part 1. I'd rather not break up these sticker lots unless more than one person is interested in different individual stickers. Flying and Poison available, $1.25 per sheet. Ninjask on hold for kefanii 


Introductory Post + Picture Stories


My name is [Shadow Coon] and I've been somewhat of a fan of Pokemon since it's debut (though there was a span of three years that, while I peeked at stuff here and there, I just didn't really have much time to keep up with it). I'm male and 19 years of age (will be turning 20 in November). A long time ago, I had a VERY impressive TCG collection (as well as a lovely Charmander plush that I managed to win out of a claw machine on my first try. XD), but during that three years of inactivity, I moved away from home and left the blunt of my collection with my younger siblings. :3

I'm an avid fan of Mewtwo, Lugia, Entei, and Lucario, though I lack the fundage to actively gather a collection. I did recently acquire a few particularly fun pieces, which I'm more than happy to share with you guys via picture stories! However, rather than posting... *counts* 20 separate pictures, I'm going to just link to album slideshows (under the cuts, of course). If they don't end up working, just comment and I'll put the images under the cuts. :3

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BK Toys Offer

I hope this is allowed, but let me know if I'm not allowed do this, please! :)

Hey guys, as you all know the Pokemon toys have hit Burger King! From what I understand of what the cashier told me, they'll be getting 3 of the toys each week of the promotion. I haven't seen anyone else offer this on a larger scale, but since I have fairly easy access to a BK, I'm willing to go and get the toys of your choice for those of you who won't be able to obtain them otherwise. Details under the cut!

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Happy Bat

Pokemon Cards

A bit of a sales post here, I have some shining that I'm looking to sell, and also some EX cards. I need this money for my trip to Cali so I'm trying to sell all these before my trip on Sunday morning :) 

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Thanks guys!

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this weekend will have SO many lovely photostories and updates, omg, yes yes yessssss mmmm

look at this BEAUTIFUL JAKKS SHINX <33333 finally it is mine... don't you know how many times i typed "jakks shinx plush" into google and got NOTHING? except this comm and my own site?! geaheh

i've also re-stocked some pokeball keychains of shaymin, sky forme and ADDED new giratinas! also re-stocked pokemon friends AGAIN! so check that out if you like.

Zukan auctions!

I offer these three Zukan sets for auction. They're new (in perfect condition) and from the European release which is identical to the Japanese one. I ship worldwide and the shipping will be 5 dollars for one figure. Unfortunately I only accept PayPal. The pictures are from zukanranger.com. Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

Raikou - Highest Bid $12.00 by rinkatink

Celebi - Starting Bid $8.00

Snorlax + Munchlax - Starting Bid $8.00

Auctions will end on July 16th 7:00 PM (GMT).
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Hey! This is a question for Southern California residents (namely around San Diego).

I'm going on a trip in around 2 weeks to SoCal, and I was wondering if there are any shops in the area that sell Japanese Pokemon goods? :D Thanks.