July 12th, 2008

WoW - Khadgar

Auction Reminder...

I still have the following auctions running for some rare Zukan!! So far the bids are as follows:

Weavile Duo Zukan - Highest Bid - $10.00 - juumou 
Registeel Zukan - Higest Bid - $5.00 - andyboyh 
Super Nice Lucario (He is not a Zukan) - Highest Bid - $10.00 - duo_maxwell1614 

For more info on this auction or to place a bid, click on the link to the original post:


Thanks and have a great weekend!!!

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Collection update! Plus small grail and Sales <3

Here's some new things! The CD and Munchie plush and the cards and the Munchlax figure came from eBay. The Surfing Chu is amazing and is from Kefanii. :D

:D Under the cut you will find some more pictures of the CD and reorganized collection areas! Also what I got in the mail today. :3

I have updated my sales page, CHECK IT OUT! :D
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I can't wait to do a Dratini collection update post... I have FOUR Dratinis that I should have soon... :D :D
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collection update, sales, and an auction

Lots of things in one post, but then again I haven't posted since May. :D Heh?

First, I have a collection update here! It's all pictures, but if anyone wants details on an item, just ask. D:

Secondly, I have things for sale! Plush, figures, and so on.

Thirdly, I am auctioning off this Clefairy bell plush!

HIGH BIDDER: muddle @ $23
Increments of at least $1, please.
End date: July 20 @ 2am EST

Bigger/other pictures are available upon request. :D
Pokémon - Melody

Japantown SFO goodies

So my online friend was lovely enough to come down from Berkeley to take me to Japantown while I'm here in SFO on holiday =) I went in a couple of stores and bought various things, but I've got two Pokémon-related things to show you:

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No news about my Chikorita plush from my boyfriend yet, but you just know I'm going to picspam myself with her once I get her xD

So, just out of interest, has anyone else bought stuff from Japantown in San Francisco before?

And, uh, Gin, I bought the first volume of the English D/P manga and thought of you when I saw Roark in it (he's a bit sexy). Do you want scans when I get home next week? xD I'm sure you've probably already seen it...

Collection problem of my D:

I'm sure people here have had a similar problem so I want to ask what you did.

So here's my issue, on Friday I received a rare lickitung dice game ( thanks grrrowly, I left you and everyone else I've done business with lately some feedback). Now awesomely enough the dice game is unopened, but that's my issue. I'd love to see the cute little lickitung(s) within but opening it would greatly reduce the value :(

So which is better: seeing your prize and losing some cash or having something sealed and never seeing beyond the package?

Thanks for the help everyone, I decided to open it since I'm not really planning to sell my collection the future) and now the cute little lickitung inside is reunited with my other lickis.

Also on my main journal (since I'm still waiting to see if I can get a feedback page/do sales on this community) I'm open my garage sale where I desperatly need to get rid of my old Pokemon stuff. feels free to check out the good deals


What do any of you know about the fabric used in the Pokeplushes?

At the fabric store near my area, I've bought fleece and felt. Felt is easier to work with, but doesn't yield good results. Fleece is a little too fluffy for me.

Does anyone know what kinds of fabric some of the different Pokeplushes use? For example, the fabric used in the Jakks plushes.

Here are a few examples.
In this Chatot doll. This fabric is some of the coolest stuff.

This Sneasel doll. It's a little bit more furred, and has a distinct nap to it.

Does anyone know about any other fabrics used in other plushes? Like some of the huger, more expensive plushes? I'm trying to make some.


I'm so happy. I have gotten all of the packages that I have ordered from June 9th to a few days ago. And in the time between my birthday, and a few days ago, I have bought from 2 people on ebay, play asia twice, and some other store twice. each one, TWICE.
I'm kind of upset because I was LIED to about my order, but they are here finally. My birthday present XD over a month late.

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{PRETTY} - Ariel~hime

few sheimi things + privatelyricist around?

Skitty's playing around in some fabric I brought home from the fabric store! But that's not what this post is about~ It's about a couple of new items of Sheimi that came- Collapse )

And is privatericist around? I'm still waiting to pay him since he asked us to wait because of his paypal problem. I hope that's cleared up by now~ If you're around, please let me know what's up!

Collection Update & Sales Post Update

Hi guys!
Well asides from the stuff received earlier in the week I received this lovely custom sculpture from rachelled
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UK collectors may be interested in the next small update (possibly new sets?):
I got some new Kids from Toys R Us- for some reason they do not have the new ones that Woolworths have but I'm sure I haven't seen these 2 sets before- they are £6.99 each:

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So asides from some of the new Kids I managed to pick up a few old Burger King plush, power cards & figures which are all in my Sales Post: http://killerjaw01.livejournal.com/985.html#cutid1
I have also lowered a few prices and will be sticking the remainder on eBay on Monday!

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.....why weedle and kakuna? WHY? who decides this? do they pick crap from a hat? WHY? NOBODY, not even children, like those pokemon. WHY????? discuss please.

anyway, i got a good haul out today, finding some rare items i havent seen in weeks (like those big pose figures)! also added one more squirmin shaymin and shaymin TCG sleeves. i will combine if you ordered yesterday.


Zukan auction T_T

I really hate to do this, but I also really need the money right now, so... I'm auctioning some of my favourite zukan. ;_; These are from my personal collection - they are opened but in perfect condition. Paypal only, credit card payments specify for fee and different address, comment with your location for a shipping quote. Auction increment is at least $1, please. Reply to the previous person's bid to place a bid.

Auctions end at 11:59pm Friday 18 July, Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10).

CHIKORITA/BAYLEEF/MEGANIUM current bid rinkatink $10, BIN $20
CYNDAQUIL/QUILAVA/TYPHLOSION current bid sora_no_kokoro $21
TOTODILE/CROCONAW/FERALIGATR current bid _nofuturenohope $11, BIN $20

I also still have the following zukan for sale:
Manaphy - opened, perfect condition, $9
Hoothoot/Noctowl - sealed, $7
Palkia - sealed, $9
Mime Jr./Mr. Mime x2 - sealed, $5 each
Cubone/Marowak - sealed, $7
Venonat/Venomoth - new and never assembled but unsealed to separate Paras, $5

and stuff in my shop, shoppip. Shipping will be combined as always!
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Commissions update (+ stickers?)

blodia, ladylegsdarkrai, and kefanii, I sent your sculptures out yesterday! I would have said so sooner but I haven't really been at a computer till now XD

Still to come:
shesatiger - Articuno
yaoi_queen - Pikachu
fleurdetragedie - Drifloon*chain (and Eevee?)

That's it! Sorry for the boring post.

OH WAIT I was actually looking for something, ebay yielded no results but I think I have seen a few of these around the comm.

I remember back in '99 or whatever, out of some sticker vendors you could get these. They have the anime pic of the pokemon, with a holo background on one colour, and say "Gotta Catch em all!" They were cut to the form of the poke instead of just being rectangular.

Apparently these are still around, so' yay! I'm tentatively looking for them in the hopes that they aren't dreadfully expensive. In particular I used to have a Gengar I was quite fond of~

Anyone have any of these to sell/trade?
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