July 13th, 2008

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Hello all! This is mostly an entry to let you all know that I am infact popsixx, but I've used a rename token and am now operating under the username muddle! Just thought I'd let you all know incase you wondered if I had a deranged pink crap loving clone or something~
I've received quite a few items recently, but haven't had time to do a proper photo update, so for now I'll leave you with a single mini photo update of my full collection :3 I'll probably do a more indepth update soon. Anyway..
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Guh by Ghostmeast
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I don't really understand how to use the Crescent Shop messageboard, or else I'd just ask there...
Do they not email you when you've been outbid? I lost two auctions I really wanted because I didn't get any sort of notification from them whatsoever when I was outbid. :/

BTW: still looking for Growlithe plush, will sell soul for one, lol


wanted item post! i am looking for this calendar! i thought i had access to one, but after weeks of searching it has been futile. i know a few members here own this, but i dont know how many of you actually intend on keeping it, so please consider selling to me or trading to me if you can give it up :D

ALSO in case i hurt any feelings XD i am sorry i called weedle and kakuna dumb ;-; i really should have added to </sarcasm> at the end of that. sorry if you love the bugs :D <3
Fofinho Flowers

I will come back!

Hey guys! I don't even know if that kind of post is allowed so if it isn't, sorry and feel free to delete it. xD
Just wanted to let you know that I'll be out on a short vacation next week on Brazil's biggest anime-related convention thing. Yay! 8D If anyone's packages arrive meanwhile I won't know so... xD I'll be back on the 20th so I'll let you know if I get anything. And who knows, maybe I'll come back with some nice stuff to show you all. 8D
Also, Paypal was mean to me the other day and messed up with my address on a payment. If I bought from you and my package gets returned, sorry. ^^" I believe I warned everyone already but my memory sucks so... If any of you get one of my packages back, please let me know and I'll pay for the shipping again for you to send it to the right address.
I suppose that's all. I'll try to get myself permission to make a sales post when I come back, but that's uh.. not now. xD
See ya! =D
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Looking to the Sky

Gin gave me permission to repost this. :)

Hi everyone!

I was slashing prices on my sales post, but I decided to sell fifteen of the plush in a lot for $37.50 including shipping within the US (that's $2.50 a plush...including shipping, Paypal fees, and packaging!). International shipping will be a little more. Here's a photo of the plush in the lot:

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TOP RIGHT BULBASAUR IS NOT AVAILABLE. All others are in the lot. Several of these plush, particularly the Johto Hasbro beanies, are pretty darn rare, so this a bargain.

Just ask if you want any better pictures. If you pay today/early tomorrow, all the plush will be shipped tomorrow. You have permission to resell them, as well. :) You may make an offer if you don't like $40 shipped for the lot. I'm a very motivated seller at this point, so all reasonable offers will be considered on anything I'm selling.

I also did some SERIOUS price-cutting on my sales post: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/1456084.html
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another collection update + updated and better shrew pics

I'm still working on organizing all my items... I've finally got my Eevee/lutions all set up! And I took better pictures of my Sandshrew/slash collection because I have gotten a few new items and I am preparing to open up my collection LJ, pangolins_box, which will try to catalog all my Sandy items, if not the rest of my collections (woo, time consuming!)

All that's left now is Lickilicky and then reorganizing everything once I get non-shitty shelves.

Also, I'd like to thank regen for the beautiful package full of freebies she sent me. ♥

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