July 14th, 2008

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Strangest collection or sales inquiry?

Hi again, pkmncollectors!

I'm packaging things, and I somehow got to thinking about a post of Gin's where someone e-mailed Gin asking how much the total would be to buy Dr. Raikou (obviously unaware of how rare he is/how much he's worth) as if it was nothing.

So I was thinking... What is the strangest thing someone has said in response to a collection or sales post of yours? Whether it be an inappropriate request to buy something, a strange observation, or just any odd response to your collection/sales at all.

I want to hear your funny/weird/creepy stories!
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bugs, yay!

I just wanted to show off my small Bug collection now that I have at least a few things. (some from members here ^^)

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BTW, I mailed everyone's stuff out a while back, if you've gotten something from me, can you let me know so I know it got there okay? I also still have stuff up on my sales post, including a cute Umbreon painting. ^^
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[Sales/shop updated!//]

Wheee~ Ok I didn't think I was going to do this so quickly, but my last SMJ box came in! Yaaaay.

So I've updated mah shop with goodies

Lavaridge Pokemart!

Everything that is currently on hold is a tenative hold, so if you are interested, comment to get next in line n_n

The megablock lot was the most expensive for me to get over, and thus the prices reflect that, but if you are interested in a block, I'll be open to reasonable offers/deals on multiple blocks.

Well I'm open to reasonable offers on everything right now xD
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Group Auction: Shaymin Lottery Items WON!

I haven't gotten my invoice from SMJ yet, but I figured I should post about it anyway --

We won the group auction for the Shaymin lottery items. ^_^ I will make another post when I receive the invoice, and ask that you paypal me ASAP so that I may pay SMJ for our items.

The totals are below - (these are with shipping from me to you).

Shaymin Bowl, Skymin Keychain, Skymin Neck Pouch - kiraras_lemon - $45
Shaymin Keychain - castform - $15
Shaymin Neck Pouch - eristell_neko - $14
Skymin Zippered Pouch - taycs - $14

Again, do not pay me now, as this is just a reminder - I will let you know when I need payment. (You've probably got a few days. :D) ^_^
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Hey dudes 8,,,,DDDDDDD

Still-internetless Sarubunz, writing from school. (For those who don't know (**because I know everyone cares about what I'm doing, omfg**), I moved about 3 weeks ago. I have no internet and it sucks.)

In my abscence I have been missing you all and obsessively buying Shaymin things. XD;

I want to post my collection but I can't because I can't upload pictures WOE maybe I'll do it at Gin's house or something.

Anyway, I basically just wanted to post that I miss you all XD haha.

But so this post has a point, I must share with you all a tragedy that occured during my move. I opened up my box of Pokeymans to find that the little Spoink from my Spoink/Grumpig zukan went missing. I searched all over. I must have dropped him at the old house or something. He is gone and never returning ;-------------; He is one of my favorite Pokemon and that is one of my favorite zukans, which brings me to make a request of you all.

This might be a long shot, but does anyone happen to have a spare Spoink that they would be willing to sell me? I'd love to replace my little baby. Or even if you have the whole zukan and don't want to split it up, I might be able to take it from you. Let me know :D
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A few things to mention...

Hi guys! Long time no post! :D

I'm mostly posting because I'm wondering what to do about the waiting list on commissions from me. I am far beyond flattered that anyone at all would be interested in a plush from little ol' me, and I thank each and every one of you wanting one. ♥ I've been a bit busy, but I'm still working on those who paid already or we did a trade, little by little. This post does not really concern you. :)

However, I was wondering something. I'm thinking of removing the waiting list and instead just announcing that I am open for a commission or two and whoever gets there first, gets it. I feel a bit overwhelmed knowing that I have so many people waiting on me, and it kind of scares me as well as makes me feel guilty for taking so long. ._.
I also have no time to work on anything for myself (and I have many ideas and projects just laying around) or on gifts for friends, which I absolutely love making. So, any feedback from those of you on the list would be very much appreciated.

Secccooond! If you bought a coin purse or custom case from me, I have them all finished, I just haven't been able to get to the post office. D: The Leafeons need zippers, which finally came in the other day, and I will be sewing those in tomorrow!
tonko, I have your Teddiursa MP3 case done and finally, it's lined on the inside, if you're still interested. If not, no worries. :)

Thanks so much to all of you for your patience, MUCH LOVE IS SPREAD. ♥♥♥

For this post to not just be about me babbling on, here are some photos of new additions!
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