July 16th, 2008


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FIRST OF ALL, A NOTICE! bell plush contest winners will be announced on THURSDAY!
i'll also post sneak peek photos of this weekends SUNYSHORE UPDATE! itll feature all the new kids, including ENOUGH SKYMINS AND SHAYMINS FOR ALL!!! also the update will be AFTER the movie, so ill have banpresto lottery prizes and movie exclusive goodies! :D

now! a photopost!

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~ Summer of Grail ~

Joining the Summer of Grail with a picture story from this morning, when my own grail arrived in the mail. >w<

Bulbasaur: Oh hey, a package. We didn't order anything from Japan...
Big Bulba: ....geishasaur? :]

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I was going to package this with a collection update, but I have sooo much stuff coming to me in the mail, I think I'm going to hold off another week or so to do that here. I have, however, updated my collection page, so if you actually care you can look at that, lol.

Btdubs, my sales post is still full of stuff. I think that anything I don't sell off by a week after my next collection update is going in a big lot on eBay, so if anyone wants anything, PLEASE check it out. It's make an offer, so. :\ You are picking your own price, it's not like it would be overpriced.



Moar stuff/pics unda tha cut!

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Who likes my new Avatar? :D I made it myself. :3

I am considering trading my Mew Pokedoll for a Snorlax Pokedoll. CONSIDERING because I think I would miss Mew too much. ;o;

*PIMPING SALES POST ONE LAST TIME* I added a couple things. n_n;
My sales post will close August 1st. n_n

Stiil waiting on a few Dratini things before I make a Dratini collection update! :D (Waiting on things from warandromance, jaxtoys and rukarioh for it! :D)

big ol' post of sellin' and auctions

My previous (3!)group auctions (too lazy to link them, check the group auctions tag :p) are all here, annnnd I have things to sell, so selling/auction post here we go. This is not for my latest group auction, which won't be in for another week or two, sorry. :p

Here is who I need shipping info from to calculate prices, or if I already know where you're at, here's what you owe:

regen: $2.50 for the 4 charms
enshogirl: Location please so I can calculate shipping for the Combee, Chimchar, Chingling glass~
encas: Location so I can get you your Phione glass, plz. :3
mamoswine: Making sure you're US, then I'll go weigh you package. :p You're in chat so you know all this.
emurii: $1.50 for Bulba friend
shrines: Location so I can figure out shipping Hoppip and Squirtle! Do you mind an envelope for shipping?
pacificpikachu: Locationplzkthx. Also, Dratini is lookin' great, so no worries about condition! Will ship in a box, since he is very solid.
tortoises: Is an envelope good for shipping these? They're quite compact in Pokeball form, plus you can pay less. :p

Please include your LJ name and what you're paying for in your Paypal message!!

In other news, I got about 20 amazingly adorable postcards, so those are what most of the selling is about. (Plus some other stuff that is priced to sell sell sell).

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I got Grovyle! :3

After so long, I've been waiting for luck to turn my way, and it finally has! 
Today Grovyle came in the mail. :D

I had got him a week or so ago, but he arrived today.

The scary part? With half a day to go until the auction, I asked my mother if I could get it, but she told me she doesn't use Paypal anymore, and that they only accept Paypal. I was sunk; I had to act. Luckily my best friend Goombella has an ebay/paypal account, and he got it to me. I sent him the money order afterwards. So that was a big save.

It's not what I would call a "grail" item, but it's fairly close. This is definately something that I've been long hunting for weeks. And I love it very much so now that I have him.  <3

My love of this guy definately blossomed because of Pokemon Dungeon 2. I had been scouring ebay for a long time but he just never turned up. But now he has!

Time will tell if the $28.93 I spent was more than enough... but right now I'm just happy for this. ^^

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An idea with a question

Hello all,  today i had a really great idea, make some speakers out of pokeballs. but i dont have any good sized pokeballs, i would need probably the size of the BK ones that had the gold cards in them. if anyone has like two, that they dont' need/want, i'd be interested. Thanks for you help!
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Wild **SHINX** has appeared!


My YY Shiny Shinx came today. She is the most professional looking YY plush I've ever seen, or owned. Seriously. It's like you could have bought it from the Pokemon Centre or snagged it from a UFO machine! It is amazing; the fact that I don't even collect Shinx should be proof that I'm not biased since it's not my favourite pokemon. XD I have plenty of other plush by her, but the Shinx totally out does anything else.

Placed on my keyboard for size comparrison. A few more under the cut!

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As a note, she may have a normal Shinx in the sleeping pose (like this one just not shiny colours), for sale, but I am not sure yet. This just a possibility feeler to see if anyone would want it. ^^;
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pichu :P

collection update # 2895933

Ok im looking for the pokemon Stadium 2 game, i have asked before and was really close!! But something happened. If anyone can get me one or be on the lookout for one for me that would be awesome!! 
Does the gameboy connector pack thing (that you put on the controller) from PokeS 1 work for PokeS 2?  

Also i bought a jakks Drifloon toy, that sits on a stand (see pic) and i lost the peg for it, so if anyone has one to give/sell me that would be awesome!!

I decided to update now, because when i get my other packages (about 8 i think!) it would be a large post!
So heres part 1:

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