July 18th, 2008


Auction reminder + question!

Hi guys!

Sorry if I'm posting too much, but I have an auction reminder and a question.

Firstly, my zukan auction ends in about 20 hours. I'm auctioning the three Johto starter zukans (Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium, Cyndaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion and Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligatr) here, purely because I need the money - I hate to part with them :x There's a few other zukan still for sale there too.

The other question: I have several 0.5mm Pokémon mechanical pencils, but does anyone know of any 0.7mm ones? I'm quite picky :x 0.7 just feels so much nicer to me than 0.5. I don't mind if they're Japanese or US, but I'm definitely on the lookout.

Collection Update, Mini sales, and shipping completed

First, I'd like to mention that all packages that have been paid for have been shipped out as of this afternoon. Thank you all for your time and patience. I had initially planned to mail items out on Wednesday, but a very tragic event happened that day. Our family had to put our dearest and most beloved dog down. ;__; kaygee84 helped us with everything. It was  a very sad day, but we were all happy our best friend and family member was not in pain anymore. He had suffered for too long with many ailments that wouldn't get better no matter what we did. -_- I miss him terribly, but I'm glad he's in a better place now.

Now on to more happier topics. :) I have a nice little collection update. I plan on doing my first story-post when my big angrychu arrives. :3 Hope you all enjoy it when it's posted. I already have ideas in mind. Anyway, my new collection is under the cut. Enjoy! ^_^

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Pokemon - Buds


-Paypal Only
-I will NOT hold items
-Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise noted
-Haggling is okay within reason
-I have the right to refuse to sell to you if I know of/have had bad experiences with you in the past

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Most everything will be shipped within a couple of days.
When you send payment PLEASE at LEAST put your LJ name in the Subject field. Item list is very nice, too.

Better pics available as long as my batteries hold out.

(Collection update at some point, I made more clay pokeymans, but my batteries are revolting against me D:)


Hi guys, wanted to give a few updates.

216handsbound has been visiting this week so I havn't done anything except spend time with her.

She sadly left today, but now I will be mailing stuff out this week.

_nofuturenohope, I got your money order Wednesday. Thank you for that!!

Im hopefully doing a collection update tomorrow I've got a lot of very nice items in recently. thanks guys :3

lawzy, I am interested in your trade, let me think of a charm to go with the doll (probably a shiny umbreon as well ^^; )

psychicmoonshadow (I think thats your user name) I havn't recieved shroomish TFG, was wondering if you shipped it yet (no pressure, just concerned ^^ )

PheonixxFoxx Im sending payment along shortly for the goodies~ Im so excited that houndour was clear!!

Well thats about it, I just wanted to give an update. Sorry there is no photos.
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BK cards.

So... with the BK toys out and getting cards anyone else getting lots of doubles of a particular card? I have 2 extra monferno... My boyfriend has an extra Pachirisu...

Maybe after the last week and we all have our toys/cards we could do some sort of a trade? I don't know about anyone else but I'd like to have a full set of the cards.

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MAJOR Movie 11 AND MORE Sunyshore Update in about 24 hours! THERE'S ENOUGH SHAYMIN POKEMON KIDS FOR ALL! :D Yaaaaay! Also I'll have my review of the movie (with ending spoilers and non ending spoilers versions).

Now we sleep and we're getting up early for the first showing of the Shaymin movie! :DDDD Yaaay!

Until the major update, I've restocked a few hugely popular items, with ONE more Squimin plush found, and GREAT DISCOVERY! Some more large pose figures!! I will of course combine orders this weekend for anyone who orders these items.

Thanks dudes! :D