July 19th, 2008


Coming soon to Lineaalba's Ranch!

I started on Espeon tonight.

Thankfully, I was able to finish the body within about 3 hours. The head'll probably take mem a bit longer since it's more complicated, but I should be able to finish it tomorrow. :3

Here's a progress picture:

I also removed Umbreon's eyes. I plan to use iron-on transfers for them, but I haven't gotten them yet; I'm going to experiment a lot with them first however before I put them on, thus Umbreon and Espeon may be eye-less for a little while. ^^;

NEXT UP - NINETAILS! (I just bought the perfect coloured material tonight. ^_^) Shiny Espeon will probably follow, since my material store has the perfect colour. :3

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What are your dream plushes?

In other words, what plushes that don't exist, but you wish did exist, and you'd absolutely love to have no matter what.

For me, I have a lot. There's Meganium, Cresselia, Milotic, Latias, Typhlosion, Breloom, Swampert... just to name a few.

And not just like tiny ones. I'm talking the huge two/three-foot-long ones. The ones I could really get my arms around and love to death. I mean god, at times I've seen some of these plushes being sold in stores in some of my dreams. That's why I'm hoping I'll be able to craft my own one day. I just need to get off my lazy self and practice.

Howsabout you?
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Hey guys! Long time no see, and I have an awesome acquisition to show off from Toys R Us!

It doesn't have my favorite pokemon on it, but second favorite is just as good!

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And now that I've had a little time to get some money back and spend a bit, I'll be more than happy to pay for the items that I have on hold with members of this community (A poster and some other item, I think?) >.>;

Jakks Lickilicky, mewtwo backpack and message to Devi-white

3 part journal

Jakks Lickilicky:
I've been waiting for a while for it to come to Wal Mart but it doesn't seem like their getting the new Jakks figures at any rate. Does anyone know of the good, very safe website that has them for sale? The only place I saw one for sale was ebay and the guy is majorly ripping you off (12$ for a single jakks figure? wtf is that?! They sell for 5$ or so in store and this doesn't even including the shipping.)

Mewtwo backpack:
I have one and apparently its extremely rare. at first I didn't have the heart to sell/trade it but I'm thinking I may do it now since I realize its taking up unneeded space in my apartment. Also, I no longer collect Mewtwo stuff so I don't need it for anything anymore. Is anyone interested in it and how much would you think I should charge for it?

Dear Devi_White:
I'm still waiting for you to pay for the anniversary pack of figures you wanted. I'm sorry, but if I don't receive payment in 2 days (one week after giving you my paypal address) I am putting it back for sale as 2 other users have ask for it and I cannot hold onto it forever while waiting for payment.

Also I'm sorry to put this out on a public community, I wanted to contact you personally however your PMs are disabled and you have no other contact information I can use, also its impossible to know if your still watching my personal journal so I didn't want to wait any longer to get this message out.

So please respond here so I know you're still interested.

Thanks Devi.

Ebay auctions, DS PIMPIN

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I put the contents of most of what was left from my sales on ebay, though I've got two things for direct sale underneath the cut - a used copy of Pokemon Ranger and a Celebi headscarf you can actually wear. ^_^



Two more pictures and pricing for the game and scarf are under the cut.

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Also, pimping my DS with Skymin skin, since somehow my SMJ box showed up at my house (without warning, even though the USPS website told me it had been returned and I hadn't heard anything for over a week!).


I've got a Skymin DS stylus and strap coming to attach to it - I'll probably keep Latias on there as well, since I love her too. XD

On the DS are the Shaymin TOMY figure and Keshi poke, along with the Umbreon battrio. X3 Must not buy any more. I've already got Raikou coming, but I still want Espeon and Shaymin. (I don't even know why - I can't play the game. ;_;)

Garchomp LV X for trade or sale

Okay, this is, quite literally, the dozenth time I have forgotten to bring this up. ^^; I have a Garchomp LV X card that I don't really want. I'm quite aware of it's value, so I will keep things fair. I originally wanted to use it only as a trade item for a Leafeon LV X. If anyone has that and would be willing to trade--I know it's doubtful considering all the Eevee fanatics here--that would be great. :) Otherwise, I will put it up for sale/auction. It's in mint condition as I pulled it only about two weeks ago and it's still in it's original pack.

Auction Starts at: $10
BIN: $40

Please bid in increments of $1. Also, if anyone comes along with a Leafeon LV X to trade during the auction, I WILL TAKE IT AND STOP THE AUCTION!!! Of course, if someone buys it, then I won't trade.

EDIT: As a bonus for trading a Leafeon LV X, you may choose up to two extra holo cards from my shop for free. :)

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i realized the immense LACK of giratina, and it made me sad. giratina lovers, fear not! i added more pose figures, also, i'll try to get more giratina movie goods when i return to the movie on monday. :D

(it was awesome BTW)

summary under the cut as always!
EDIT: the summary being goods summary, my movie summary is here.

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