July 20th, 2008


Shayminz and notes

Hello collectors!!!

I´m back from my holidays! I got a purchase from Sunyshore while I´m out but my parents received it (I´ll post photos later).

trainer_irene, I´ll send your Giratina keychain tomorrow or in a few days, but as I told you in the MP I need your address again because I erased it by accident x_xU sorry.
rinkatink, I need your address when you´re ready and I´ll send your May figure! ^^.

Well, here the photos.

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Guh by Ghostmeast
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Notices, questions

Sorry guys, but I haven't shipped anything from my sales post yet. I will do so on Tuesday, most likely. My apologies, it's been a weird week.

Also, I'm still waiting for payment from two of you... the person who requested the two Tauroses and Rattata/cate figures, and the person who requested a whole bunch, including two Mews, Vulpix, and Caterpie.

And I'll end this with a couple questions to make this slightly more relevant.

1. How long approximately does it take for Crescent Shop to send out invoices for won auctions?

2. And in Battle Revolution for the Wii, is there a way to do two-player mode WITHOUT having two DS systems with Diamond or Pearl? My brother wants to fight me with just the stock Pokémon in the game, but we couldn't figure out how to do it.

Collection Update + Custom Keychain

I certainly haven't posted here in a while. I think I only have an intro and sales post so far.

A lot of stuff arrived throughout the weeks. I think I left feedback for all of the transactions, but have a bad memory. If you want me to leave feedback if I haven't done so already, please notify me. :>

I scanned my card collection, so feel free to look through them here if interested.

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Pokemon Wall Sticker Reservations

I won Pokemon wall cling on stickers on ebay and, as usual, I don't plan on keeping all of them. So, I'm hoping you guys would like 'em. :) I will list the ones kaygee84 and I will be keeping.

This is the best pic I have considering it's the stock photo from the auction. I hope you can see all of them.
The ones that will be unavailable are: Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Growlithe, Charizard, and Nidoran. I think that was it. I only wanted Pikachu for the most part while kaygee84 wanted the rest. ^_^

They are quite big at 3" x 4". They will be $3 each. I am only taking reservations now. I will ask for payment once they arrive at my doorstep.

shiny_vulpix: Vulpix
ridi: Voltorb/Electrode
olesvenson: Dragonite

badgerr_ftw: Arbok
_nofuturenohope: Eevee
99reddrifloons: Koffing and Rapidash

EDIT: The stickers came in the mail today! I was shocked at how fast they were shipped. So, whatever stickers you want can be paid for right away if desired. :) Just let me know where you live so I can calculate shipping.
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