July 21st, 2008


The Sun King

I've just come back from a lovely beach vacation, having stayed one day more than scheduled. I'm a little browner, a little leaner, and, despite being a little sicker as well, a lot more relaxed.

I anticipated an everything-free week, including Pokémon, but there are actually a few Pokémon-related aspects of my holiday to share with you all. But tonight, I'd like to share something more focused and more personal. A community first(?)--a Pokémon "Human Interest Story."


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Very special thanks to pheonixxfoxx for selling and shipping Groudon in such a narrow time frame, making this possible.
Mew Escaping

Making this Quick

It's nearly 3am, but I haven't posted in ages and I wanted to say a couple of things before I go up north for the week.

First, is anybody here going to Otakuthon? Animé convention coming up this weekend - I'd love to arrange a meetup with some fellow collectors! I'll be cosplaying an Umbreon, and I can be found co-running the Fan Fiction and more importantly, Pokémon panels for the con. I'd love to see some of you guys irl! ^^

pkmn_master and robocoon, both of your packages, art included, were shipped off last week. Sorry it took me so long, especially for you, pm - I was just really obsessive about your comission because I really, really loved the way it came out and didn't want to add something for fear of ruining it. Also I had attachment issues. *loser* But don't worry, robo - your commission also turned out awesome. I've kind of been showing it off...^^; I like it that much.

yaoi_queen and fernchu, I have not forgotten either of you. I've just been rather busy. I am very sorry for the lateness, but your commissions should be ready soon.

warandromance, have you received the figures from the group buy/shipped them off? It's possible I missed your post where you said if anything happened (my bad), but some info would be much appreciated. ^^

And now for a random Pokémon sighting! :O

I was watching this tv show called A Baby Story, basically about a mother about to have a baby, and filming her during the pregnancy, at the hospital and bringing the baby home - very cute show on TCL.
Anyway, it was during the delivery, and the father was outside the delivery room with his two sons, who were running all over the place excited about the baby sister they were going to meet. And I'm watching the older boy, who was still just a kid, and gasped out loud when I saw him holding a Plusle plushie in one hand, and a matching Minun in the other! I ran to get my camera to take pictures, but by then I was too late, and the plushies didn't appear in the rest of the episode. :(

Still, it was kinda neat to see Pokémon on tv, and I was literally squealing in delight. XD

Also random - Saturday night when I was seeing The Dark Knight with my friends, my parents took my little brother to rent a movie. He chose, of all movies the Rise of Darkrai, and watched it without me! Grr, I'm gonna try to re-rent it, because I've heard so many good things about it, and all this talk about the newest movie has gotten me interested in this apparent trilogy.

EDIT: Re-rented Rise of Darkrai, and I can't say I was impressed. Everything seemed pretty random and a bit forced, and the logic was rather screwy. I really want to know what Darkrai was doing all his lifed until the day he met Alicia and between then and the time of the movie. Silly plot device. It was great to see that TR didn't spend the movie tormenting the twerps/trying to catch rarePokémon. Also, what was Alberto the baron of, exactly? o_O

And mini collection post: my Scyther collection is growing! It's my third favourite Pokémon, yet even so I have near nothing of it...but my collection's not huge or anything, but considering how little Scyther stuff there is and how I'm not interested in cards, I'm quite proud of it. The other Scyther zukan's supposed to come in soon, too. =o

The cards were originally mine, the Tomy and zukan are both from the comm, and the...Stadium figure, is it called? - was a birthday present from my friend Kelly in Australia. She's so awesome! Squee Scyther. ^^

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Custom Umbreon

I love plushies but I also wanted to make something a bit practical that I could use (mainly as my bag to tote around anime cons with) so I decided to try my hand at making one of the "old school" plushie backpacks. As a note, this is the first plushie I have EVER made. @_@; The hardest thing for me was drawing up and making my own pattern for this.. I have made a few patterns before for cosplay so I thought it'd be simple to make up one for a plush. Hosnap was I wrong.. That took a good few hours in itself to get it to work right.

Comments and constructive criticism are quite welcome!

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A couple cool things and a Question!

Yesterday I drove my mom and myself to the Japanese grocery/book store that is somewhat nearby (some people know I am learning to drive :D) Last night I made myself a cool bag! Pictures of all the goodies will be under the cut.

Now for a question! I am trying to identify some small figures I have that may be Keshipoke. To the people who have Keshipoke, what sort of markings are on them?

Here are my candidates: Dratini (small, rubbery, has a few letters on it), Pikachu 1 (small, not rubbery, unmarked) and Pikachu 2 (small, rubbery, several letters on it)

I have a couple keshimon that are definitely keshimon, and they are inconsistent with each other (Snorlax has markings similar to Dratini above while my Pikachu is unmarked). So confusing! @_@ Thanks to anyone who can help! :D

On to the pictures!

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Side note- Anyone here like Duel Masters?

Pictures of the figures I have questions about under here!

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Dewott - Happy
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lost package?

Has anyone shipping from Canada to the US had any problems lately? I shipped my Lugia sculpture out almost a month ago, and while the others I sent out got to their owners in a few weeks tops, she still hasn`t made it to Pennsylvania.

Any thoughts? Maybe PA has had issues lately? I`m really kind of upset about this and I don`t know what to do.
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Tiny Shinx Sculpture

I was bored and had a ball of clay and was looking on here and saw the shinx ufo catcher plush this was the result 

Tiny shinx is very tiny he is sitting on a quarter. I made him out of Sculpey III and cooked him at the tempature the package said to He was only in the oven for 5 min and he started to smoke and and turned brown on some parts luckly I saved him just in time XD
Ive fallen in love with the lions I hated luxray when I first got pokemon diamond but now I love them all

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Pokémon - Melody



Well, I returned from the USA, went to the pub, and came back with a Chikorita. Amazing!

Yeah, that's a bit of a condensed story...

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But hey! Here begins what I hope to be an epic collection. Perhaps of all three Johto starters. Perhaps.

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ive added the other movie goods to the shop :> i will combine orders.

also, i am sorry for the delay in the bell plush winner announcement. its basically all been decided, but ive been all crazy this week from movie promo, but tomorrow is my last day of school so i will get to it soon. i'm really sorry, guys ;-;

check out these restocked and newly added goods :>