July 22nd, 2008


[Eventually we arrive at the Star of Love]

Ok guys, this will be one hell of a post xD I haven't posted for a while so I'm overhauling this one to hell and back xD This post will be seriously image heavy O_O

Firstly I'll apologise for not being much recently =< I moved out of my Uni dorm room around the end of June and I am now back home (in a tiny room ;-; ) and it took  me a while to get the internet sorted out. I've been such a space case as well recently. So if I've forgotten something/if I've not gotten back to you about something, let me know with a comment or something, you'd be doing me a favor @_@

Now then, collection update! It's been a while since I posted my collection in its entireity so here we go ^^

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As well at that collection update which I did a while ago @_@  I've received some things in the mail since then, I'm now living back at home with my parents and my brother. Has anyone else here ever had to move back home, especially into a smaller room? DX Torture. I'm seriously lacking shelf space, I mean this is what my shelf used to look like, it went from that, to this, and now it's like this DX

I was surprised I fit all my Pokemon merch in one shoebox, but on the other hand I don't even want to think about how much I've spent =X

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Almost done, omg XD

 I still have some things for sale over here, and in my main sales post here also. Although I've not added anything new recently, this is just incase people missed things. There were two people who commented saying they wanted the Cradily Kid and Pikachu in a Basket keychain items, I lost the post so if you read this could you people please let me know who you are? xD;; Thanks!

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Last thing! I've been meaning to do this for a while but I got side tracked, especially with moving back home and everything. I recently drew Door signs for shootthetanks and her boyfriend Onsentamago, two of my dearest friends ^o^ It was mostly to celebrate Onsen's birthday, but I thought Tanky deserved some love too ^^ I've had these on Commission for my friends for a few months, but given how the ones I drew for Tank and Onsen turned out, i thought I'd offer the commissions here too ^_^ So please -click here- if you're interested in my 'Door Sign' commissions =D I'll probably continue to tag the post on the end of all my posts until I get some work, since I'm uber poor right now xD Forgive me xD;;

And if you read all that... Sableye gives you a cookie x3 Ja ne!

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Burger King Week 3

Does anyone know which toys are at Burger King this week? There is usually someone who updates at the beginning of the week but I haven't seen her post yet - I like the little Pikachu figure and I have my eye on it - thanks

More beach blasts and a teaser of updates to come...

Hello once again! As I mentioned in my last community post, I recently returned from a vacation on the beach (oh, and thanks to everyone for the vacation well-wishing--I'm sorry I couldn't respond to all comments!). I shared with you my Sun God tradition with a new Pokémon component, and honestly that was the only Pokémon element I expected to experience during my holiday. But to my great surprise and delight, there was more!

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Oh yeah, when I came home, I had a little bit of mail waiting for me...

This should be fun.
Surfing Pika

Pokédoll mania!

Hi pkmncollectors! It's about that time again...


Just a small-ish one this time, but it's got some nice stuff! I hope you all find something you're looking for and enjoy!

If you don't like my prices, please let me know what you're willing to pay. I'm happy to try and barter within reason, especially because I'm trying to afford some things I really really want right now. :)

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Everything will be shipped on Thursday, so act fast! I will not take concealed cash or eChecks this time because I'll be on vacation starting Sunday and I don't want you to have to wait for me to return to ship your stuff out.

Let me know if you have any questions or offers!
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Hey there!

I've come bearing a picture of a retarded looking Pikachu I made out of sculpey awhile ago. I screwed him up bad while painting him and it just overall didn't turn out the way I wanted too ): However I thought I would share anyway. I wanna try super sculpey since it's more firm.

My Pokemon collection is small and depressing but I'm working on it :) My favorites are Turtwig and Espeon ^u^

I might have screwed up the cut since I haven't been on LJ in awhile. :(
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