July 23rd, 2008

kef has a tale of... DRAMA!

All right guys! I have some good news... and some bad news. Yeah.

Good news first!

Everybody's orders from my sales post and certain other small group auctions will have their items shipped by tomorrow! Yay!

Bad news is only semi-bad, but important because it involves a group auction:

The HUGE lottery lot (including plush bags, neck backs, Giratina figure, etc) shipping-to-America invoice came, I will just let you know that I saw it and nearly burst into tears because it was too much freakin' money!! Over $150 dollars, guys, and that's only with a few other items (such as one plushie and some kids) added on. Apparently the package weighs TWENTY-SIX pounds! Anyway, after frantically mailing the CS shop they offered more than half lower for slower shipping...

So that's where my post comes in. Everybody who paid for their lotto items. They are COMING! Coming. But it will be longer than expected, unless somebody wants to wire me $160 dollars for the cost of EMS shipping. *UM NO*

Also: I would like to add that CS was amazingly helpful and responsive about this and sent me lots of messages in clear English. This was all sorted out within a few hours, and it was wonderful to have such clear customer service. Big resounding hell yeah for those guys.

UPDATE: ...Looks like it is TOO BIG! to ship Surface Mail. We will have to break it up. This may actually be good news for the lotto winners... we'll see. XD
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{PRETTY} - Ariel~hime

looking for a few items :D

Hi, everyone! A friend of mine is searching for a few items to buy and I was hoping someone here could help. One I saw in a post awhile back but I don't remember how long ago or who, someone was possible going to sell it but never did.

The items I'm looking for are:

Articuno PVC


Lugia PVC

Articuno American action figure
(This one it doesn't matter if it comes with the ice arrows or not)

Please respond if you can help my friend and I in our search- thank-you!
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Collection update!

More Chu's yes?

I got myself more Raichu's! Two kids, friend plush, a mis-painted chu and a few other things I have yet to put up, but they are all flat items.

To check out all of the details for these items and a few more just click on the picture of the Raichu's!

I've also got another non-Raichu related update. I've caught the plush craving! Oh nooooooo!

I'm bad. Spending Raichu money on other things... But they are all so cute! Must limit myself! D:
pokemon: mamo!

cake :D

I went out yesterday and bought a Brock figure for a photo story I'll be taking pictures for when I'm on vacation (Brock goes to Disneyland :D).

But the real reason I went out is because my sister wants to get into cake decorating. So...

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Collection Updates + Mail Sent out!

Alrighty folks everything has been sent out with the exception of _nofuturenohope. I need you to PM me your address, and your eeveelutions will be sent out promptly tommorow!! Sorry for the bit of delay, I've been extreemly busy with work, and company. Thank you for understanding.

With that lets get to my collection updates!

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Glacia, Absol, Kolink


Hey everyone! As you've probably guessed, I have some RL stuff going on now and haven't been online very much. I'm hoping to return to being active soon, but I need to sort these things out first >>;

But enough of that. I come bearing some new additions!

Starting off - Something I've been trying to get since I found out about it.

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Also! I received a very special package from Gin <3

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So a HUGE thank you Gin - You've completely cheered me up, I can't thank you enough right now. I've been feeling very down lately with everything going on, so thanks for making me feel much better <3

I also received items from regen (The final Absol! Thank you SO much once more!) and happyjolteon (I've been looking for Delibird's Zukan & that Mew keychain for a while, thank you too)!

Finally, sapphire_luna - It's been about a month since I paid for the poster, but I still haven't received anything ._.; Any idea where it is? ^^
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I don't usually make silly posts like this, but.. SOB.

I know we've had posts about collecting-related dreams before, but I had my first experience with one last night. And it was painful.

I was somewhere where there were a whole bunch of crane games. My friend was elsewhere in the building, and sent me a cellphone picture of one crane game that had Pokemon plush in it. I got really excited because I saw several terrycloth Vulpixes (I don't think these exist either x_x) and then-- LO, WHAT IS THAT ONE? A GROWLITHE PLUSH?! YES! I ask her to take a picture of the tag, which had this picture of Growlithe and a bunch of Russian text. So that's where they've been hiding the Growlithe plushes! RUSSIA!!

I was so excited, but.. the rest of the dream was spent fruitlessly searching for this one particular crane game in a building of hundreds of crane games. And before I could find it.. I woke up.

Sob. I'm pretty sure dreaming about a holy grail that probably doesn't exist is pretty much the most painful experience a collector can go through. Anyone else have similarly awful dreams?

...(and while I'm here.. do I owe anyone money? >_>;; I feel like there were a couple of things I expressed interest in and didn't pay for because my life's been crazy hectic lately. sorry guys T__T;;)

bidding advice

hey poke-collectors! today i made a bid on a cute looking pika plush, the seller had positive feedback and i was excited so i placed a bid. but later i noticed the seller was from hong kong...i remember seeing posts on the community reguarding poke-goods from hongkong could be fakes/ bad quality or something...this is what i have bid:

if anyone could be kind enough to let me know what they think of this item (if it would be ok to purchase) i would appreciate it along, hence im pretty new at collecting and i'm young and new at ebay...im terribly sorry if this post isnt allowed i just thought i needed to turn to the community for a little advice. thank you!

Megablok Group Auction and Lotto Items Group Auction - Please pay now!

I was invoiced for the Movie 11 Megablok set (http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/1483552.html)

Please pay me ASAP - the amounts include shipping from me to you!

My paypal address is: the.linea.alba(at)gmail.com; please put your LJ name/what you are buying in the memo. ^_^

Giratina Blok set - callyfin - $40
Regigiggas Blok - ridi - $8

Also, eristell_neko, please pay me $14 for the Shaymin neck strap!