July 25th, 2008

Mew Giddy

Package Received and Question

omg, robocoon, I got your package and OMG IT LEFT ME SQUEALING IN AWESOMENESS! Thank you so much for all the wonderful freebies. My absolute favourite part was the Sneasel picture - hawt damn it's so cool. I makes the picture I sent you seem like nothing! Thank you so much for your generosity - I absolutely love what you sent!

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I must ask one more time now - is anyone else here going to Otakuthon? So far I know sapphireluna is coming, so let's see if we can make a nice pkmncollectors meetup! I won't be hard to spot, as I'll be cosplaying an Umbreon. I'll be running the Pokémon panel on Sunday (as well as the Fan Fic panel Saturday), so you can find me there, or just wandering around the con. I'd love to see you guys there! ^^

On another note, this week I bought two packs of Pokémon cards for the first time in maybe four years. It was pretty exciting. XD Pulled a Torchic from each pack, got Regice the first time, then a Zangoose yesterday! =D *happydance*

But in yesterday's pack, some of the cards were weird in that for the Pokémon's attacks...the requires energy cards was blotted out. o.o Is...is that just how the new cards are? Cuz the other cards in the pack weren't like that...
Also, the Unown robocoon sent me...the image isn't really centered on the card - it's really low down, making the border look funny. Is this normal and just a normal printing error?

Picture: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v238/GoldMoon/weirdcards.jpg

Also my card collection has finally grown too big to fit into my old-school binder. :( Well, Energies/Trainers were already moved into a little box, but those don't count! ^^;

Cool stuff, cool stuff. :P

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So I jumped on the clay figure bandwagon and made some... clay figures.

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They're not that good yet, but I'll get better. ^^;;
Yaaaay making Dragonair today EEEEEEEE DRAGONAIR <3
Wow, all squealing with a name like murderish... xD

Pokemon Pez Group Auction

I bought a set of pokemon mini pez but Im only intrested in the shaymin and mabey the pikachu

Skymin- Me snowshoe11
Pikachu-  I also might keep this one unless someone wants it very badly
Giratina- regen
they will be $4.00 a piece plus shipping (it should be pretty low since there so small) 
Payment will be accepted after I recive the items(I will make a new post when they come)
yes I have sold here before in case you were wondering 
Im a new member so ive only sold once I also have ebay feedback


Rare TOMY Pika plush with unknown production date

I won this little guy on ebay recently and, thankfully, the seller lived a mere city away from me. :) He agreed to meet me at the booth I work at, thereby waving the shipping fees. I only paid $4 for him. <3 Yay! I was amazed at how well he had been taken care of. This guy obviously wanted to keep this little guy in the best of shape. I can tell he's quite rare. The tag says Pocket Monsters, so I can assume he was made between '95 and '98, maybe? I know the Advanced Generation stared in Japan during the late 90s. The hanging and tush tag have no date of production. I'm wondering if anyone here knows. I appreciate any help. :)
ur are special

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....and the community goes insane.

expect them in october!!!! (on sunyshore as well, YES the tomy plushies as well as the laying ones!) i am going to start saving boxes, i will get these plushies if its the last thing i do!
thanks AAPF! you just made lotsa people happy XD

too good to be true?

found this lot on ebay and I'm a suspicious. With the rising price of shipping how could one afford to ship a figure for free? Also the paintjob doesn't look so great so I'm pretty sure its a bootleg. Not to mention the user makes it very clear they don't accept refunds on items, just replacements.

Not sure this is the right community to ask but what ya'll think? Is this too good to be true?

EDIT: Lulz just notice the person claims the figure retails for $9.99, I can get a much larger and better painted jakks figure for half that much. This person must really think were stupid (though I did bid on it for the lulz).
Lucky Star: Oversoul

[//Group Auction Tiem]

Ok guys, hosting another big group auction!

This time, zukan centric (uh, wait, wasn't the last one zu- nevermind...)..

I won't be hosting this one in the most organized fashion I don't think, as there is one day to go and just... look under the cut, there's hundreds of the little buggers (uh, slight exaggeration but you get my point!).

:EDIT: Auction will end on the 27th July at 1pm GMT
:EDIT: At 1pm GMT 27th July - Auction Ended, Any bids made after this time will not be counted and will be ignored; this is according to our time and not yours, so please understand!  This is to save future hassle.

If you are unsure as to when GMT is, google it!

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The auction will run on a slight crescent of reserves that were organized before I even started writing this post, and then whatever you see, and want, start a bid and start a thread! I do ask that no one back out, these auctions look like they will rocket, so I can't risk any backing out. Don't bid unless you can pay me the total when I am invoiced!!

As with any group auction, as stated in the rules it is at your own risk! A lot of these zukan are rare and valuable, but some seem to be damaged/missing pegs. I will not be held responsible for this!!

Poochyena line, houndoom line, flygon line (if complete), both plusle and minun zuka, sableye/nosepass set, one lucario - Me
Vulpix line, Celebi, Mew on cliff, Mudkip line, Skitty line, Electrike line, Meowth/Persian - Sui
Donphan and Breloom - Garefowl
Munchlax on base - Nefithiel
Cacnea - shuriken_chan
Rayquaza - Ambertdd

Current bids!

Kingdra - $10
Pidgey - $10
Scyther (single) - $6
Scyther/scizor - $11
Mew on castle day - $10
Swablu - $14
Blaziken - $10
Marill - $14
Crouching Lucario - $5
Lati* - $10
Abra - $6
Psyduck - $5
Torkoal - $8
Wingull -$12
Treecko - $5
Anorith - $5
Spindas - $5
Aerodactyl - $9
Bellsprout - $5
Jigglypuff - $6
Milotic - $10
Sandshrew - $10
Gyarados - $6
Meowth/wobbuffet/seviper - $5 (under discussion?)
Hoppip - $5 (tenative)
Chansey - $5
Mew night time - $5
Zubat Line - $8
Oddish line - $11
Caterpie - $7
Ekans - $7
Natu - $12
Wheezing - $5
Regice - $5
Jirachi (??) - $5
Suicune - $5
Staryu - $5
Kabuto - $5
Slugma - $5
Tentacool - $5
Surskit - $5
Mantine etc - $5
ProfOak - $5
Zigzagoon - $5
Beldum - $5
Zangoose/seviper - $5
Deoxys - $5

Bidding will start at $5 per complete zukan, and increments must be atleast $1!!


If you don't do this I WILL ignore your bid, you have been warned


Updating more or less realtime, PLEASE keep a track on what you're bidding, use notepad or a post-it or something XD
Ambipom Contest

Minor Collection Update and Wishlist Selections

I've been gone this past week, so I was unable to post any collection updates. But I'm home now, so here's a small update!

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A very small update. Ok, I've recently been browsing through my wishlist and chose a few Aipom-Ambipom items that I haven't seen up for sale anywhere, or they are no longer available on the sites I originally found them on. If anyone has seen them, let me know, please!

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Ok...for the next toweeks, I'll be in Canada. I'll be searching for pokemon merchandise there that I haven't seen in the US, but I don't know if I'll find any.

Until Next Time.

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