July 26th, 2008


..plush cleaning tips?

Fat Pikachu :> He's wonderful. I stole him acquired him from my niece, and he's nice and squishy and huggable, but he's got what seems to be.. makeup on his face. Not quite sure how to go about cleaning him, since I can't exactly toss him in the washing machine XD Just spot-clean with water, I guess? How can I prevent his fur from getting all.. not soft when it dries? I thought this would be a good place to ask since I've seen a lot of you fix up old/dirty plushes to make them like new.

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Thank you for reading~

pokedoll figures! +commissions

I've been working on my sculpting lately, and I also need money :D So I figured, why not make some little pokemon figures and sell them at the comm? xD These figures are based off of the extremely cute Pokedolls and I had a lot of fun making them!

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Commission Slots:
1. rini124 (skitty and pika)
2. shootthetanks (drifloon)

Thanks for taking a look, and the money I make from this will be going towards my Nintendo DS Lite fund! :D .:wants a DS now so she can play Pokemon Diamond:.
Lucky Star: Oversoul

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Unfortunately I have a bit of bad news, I'm suspending this group auction.
Due to a rule with Crescent-Shop that I didn't know of, I can't bid. Another CS user from the community has put a bid in, and since that person was the first to bid, I have been locked out of the auction. I've put a deposit back into my SMJ account (I'm considering going back, jeez) but I don't think that it will clear in time.

Kudos to whoever it is, I have my suspicions, I just expected less... nevermind

I can't say I'm not disappointed, but, look out for those zukan on a sales post in the next few months.

For now it's suspended, I'll notify again if I get my deposit in on time. Sorry guys, I tried -_-

Any private messages I'll deal with later, I have some things to do so I just wanted to quickly post this.

I'd also ask that community members not add me to MSN specifically for the purpose of community business. For a chat, and to make friends, fine, but not otherwise, unless I say it's ok. Thankyou!

:EDIT: Disregard, we have a plan!! Keep bidding folks ;3

Transparent Figures- anyone up for a group auction?

Hi Guys
Saw these on eBay being offered from a Japanese seller:

Now I'm only interested in Sky Forme Shaymin- would anyone be interested in the other figures? 
I can get these on Buy It Now and each figure would cost $6.38 ea.
Shipping outside the UK would be around $4 so if I said $10.20 shipped for one figure if anyone's interested? For more than one figure I'm guessing the shipping would be $0.50 max.
I accept Paypal and am willing to ship worldwide.
UPDATE- I have now bought them and will let you all know once received.

On Hold:
Shaymin Skye: killerjaw01 (me!)
Girantia: regen
Shaymin Land: grrrowly
Regiagias: olesvenson

Fofinho Flowers


Hey guys. I'm back (not that anyone missed me xD)... Ok I've been back for a week already. xD I've received some packages but I'm waiting for the last one to make a collection update. It's gonna be a big one compared to my other ones! Still, that's not what this post is about.
I've been seeing people here and on other sites making those cute sculpey figures and I wanted to give it a try (as I need to find something I don't fail completely at xD). Thing is... I have no idea how it all works. So could someone help me out here? Just answer a few things, like what kind of sculpey clay thing to use (since there seem to be lots of them), or if there's something I have to pay attention to.. What kind of paint to use, stuff like that. Plus I've always been curious about that baking thing. How does that work?
Any help is appreciated. Ignoring me isn't but it tends to happen a lot (not necessarily here) so I'm used to it. xD Thank you! ^^

Plush Pre-Orders

I saw where it was posted that the new Leafeon and Glaceon plushies will be coming out in October and just found out today that you can preorder both versions of each at YesAsia.com! ^^ If you pre-order before the end of this month you will be guaranteed to get them. Another plus? Free shipping, including international! I've order from this site many times before so I know they're good and creditable.

Leafeon small
Glaceon small

Leafeon large
Glaceon large

I don't think this has been posted yet.. And if it has/isn't allowed, let me know and I'll delete this. <3 (Yes, I've already pre-ordered mine XD;)