July 27th, 2008

Lucky Star: Oversoul

[//Let's get it started]

Ok guys, just to remind everyone the auction will end at 1pm GMT sharp!

That's in approximately 5 hours!! :edit because I obviously can't count ;-;

And to also clarify, if we win these baibiez the remainder will be sorted through by me and listed back on the community for sale! :3

Also as an aside, me and pheonixxfoxx are collaborating on this, and she has already put up a notice on her 'coming soon' page.
If you're bidding on the comm auction please don't reserve the same zukan from her. If we start to have people backing out it will cause big problems for the both of us. By the time we are done there will be plenty of zukan to go around.

Thankyou guys~ <3

Also; I'm going to be a bit awol today, I'm running around after appointments. Fingers crossed everything will still go smoothly X3;; Ah life XD
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Intro post!

Hey all! Figured it was about time I actually joined rather than simply lurked around ^_^;;

My name's Jay, aka OnsenTamago, and I've just recently rediscovered my Pokelove! I was a fan all those years ago when the original anime and games got me hooked and I had no qualms about abandoning college homework in favour of taking my Bulbasaur through gym battle after gym battle, whilst Ash strived to become the greatest Pokemon master EVAR on TV!

Fast forward a few years spent out of the loop, and as Ash is still striving to becoming the greatest Pokemon master (having mastered eternal youth at the same time over the past decade), the Diamond and Pearl games got me back into Pokemon again and through shootthetanks (my better half) and kiraras_lemon (both of whom pointed me in the direction of this community with nothing but positive comments about it XD ), I found out that there was an even larger world of merchandise out there! Two visits to Japan this year necessitated many jaunts to the Pokemon Centres in Tokyo and Yokohama, which just put an exclamation mark on how much is out there!

And to my delight, there was a lot, specifically soft toys, dedicated to my two favourite Pokemon!

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So there we are! Thanks for reading and I look forward to collecting alongside you all!

Best wishes,
- Jay.
Guh by Ghostmeast
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Group Buy? Kecleon, Larvitar, Celebi, Pikachu, and Azurill plush

Group buy! :D Super rare lot of 5 plush, including the much-sought after Kecleon.

Since this auction's gettin' expensive, expect to pay a bit more per plush. Just comment with what you offer for the remaining plush and I'll add you to the list. I may refuse your offer if it isn't high enough, sorry! Like I said, expensive auction, etc.

I'll expect Paypal payment after the auction ends (yes, before I get the items, I don't have enough money right now to be able to purchase them) and I will keep you notified of the items every step of the way.

pacificpikachu: Larvitar ($30) Pikachu ($10)
friskavk: Kecleon ($35)
Lucky Star: Oversoul

[We made it//]

We won!!! *dances* :D

Sorry for not posting earlier, but I wanted to get confirmation from pheonixxfoxx before celebrating prematurely and finding a fly in the ointment~!

Everyone that received an 'Auction Closed' or similar in their inbox was the highest bidder and won that auction, if there is some confusion, the post will tell you what's what!

I will be shortly individually referencing and totalling up what everybody owes, this might take a liiiittle while, since I'll be guesstimating postage costs from me to you (trust me, it will be easier in the long run!), and I will post up totals as and when I have them.

In an ideal world, I'd love payments within a week or so, but I have a reserve of $$ for anyone who needs time (for example, e-checks) or can't pay yet for whatever reason!!
What I do ask is that you tell me now of any problems; this will save me getting peeved with you for no reason :O

And I think that covers my main points. Any questions, direct them to yours truly!

I would also like to thank everyone that helped out, everyone in chat that supported me when I messed up! And thanks to my better half for closing the auction while I melted in the sun, Foxx for graciously allowing use of her account, An last but not least, to everybody that bid. You all rock c|
It makes me very happy to see the community pulling together as we did :3

.. We wooon we wooon ... *ahem* yep, that's all from me |D
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Clay Mewten
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Some SMJ/Crescent Shop questions

I've been trying to look into both of these, but I'm still confused. I'm kind of leaning towards SMJ for now, I'm more interested in buying smaller items (like under 2,000 yen), and I know both services an additional fee for their service, but I have some questions:
1. Which one has the cheapest price for smaller items, SMJ?
2. If I buy several items from different listings, will I be charged commission for every listing, or is it one charge per the entire payment combined?
3. On some auctions, I see a shipping price listed in the item's description (below the picture), but I don't see any mention of it on other items. Is the shipping cost on those items decided after winning it?
4. If I bid and don't win the item, am I still charged?
5. Do they charge for shipping from their company to you as an extra, extra fee, or is that included with commission?
6. Do I need a credit card to sign up, or can I get away with just using PayPal?
7. Do any of the services charge you for account inactivity/any other fees not regarding auction stuff?

Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

(no subject)

Updated post! After looking through some older toys that were previously going to go to good will I found several older Pokemon items in relatively good condition. (Which surprised me)

A few new items have been added, Remote Control Cubone figure as well as some other smaller things. Prices on some items have also been reduced. 8D
Friend Code DP, Hedgie Love

Let's go surfin' now....

I went to the car boot last week. I usually find the classic Tomy figures and Play-by-Play plushies, but this time I found something different.....

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Also, unfortunately due to the high price of tax and insurance, I can no longer afford to keep my car. So, we've sold it. With the money though, I'm planning on going back to Japan - No definite date, but we're gonna go back anytime from now to November. I'm torn between Shaymin & Christmas merch though >>; I love both of them but.... Help me out? Which one? ._.;
Lucky Star: Oversoul

[We're in trouble now...~ It's only just beginning//]

Thanks to Garefowl, I have totals much quicker than I expected!! ♥

The invoice style goes as follows;

LJ username: Bid price | S/H | Description | Ultimate Total ~!

The shipping estimates were made by approximating size and weighing my current zukan collection packed in jiffy bags. I think they're accurate (read; hope!), but wow do I have a headache now XD

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Dear Team of reserves; leave me your emails and I'll send you totals, failing that I'll be in chat later on! XD

Dear everybody, to make sure that this all goes through correctly, make sure to do the following!
1. CHECK your prices and won auctions, any discrepancies, contact me immediately!!
2. When sending your paypal payment put your LJ username, and list the zukan you are paying for in the message not the subject! (I expect a few people to forget, it's only human, but please try ^_^)
3. Relax, you've made my job easier!!

Me and Foxx will be awaiting the invoice for both auctions (yes, there were two lots from the same seller hehehe) and will act accordingly, and keep you all updated on the state of play.

Oh, and I think you might need my paypal email... !! It's kisuneko[AT]googlemail.com

(also sorry for third post today *slap'd wrist* :c)

Thanks guys |3
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