July 29th, 2008

Lucky Star: Oversoul

[My postman came late today//]

But hell was it worth it ....

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I had something useful to saaaay ;A; iforgot *so sleepy*

I have roughly a half to two thirds of people's payments! I know roughly the status and have heard from another half of the remainder of people yet to pay!
This is going very smoothly, and I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone once again, and to the people who keep surprising me with little bits of help in the form of complete visible set lists and kanji ♥ I would be tearing my hair out without you lot :D
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Almost had it...

I'm very sorry to say we lost the auction. :( It just went way too high! It ended at 7200 yen, which would be about $70 american.
Oh well, better luck next time.

Also, today is shipping day. All paid orders will be shipped. If you haven't paid up yet, please do so or I'll release your items from the hold pile.

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first of all: thanks to everyone for all your sunyshore orders! as always it is very much appreciated and everything will be mailed by this weekend (or else! i leave japan on monday!)

so, we got a very special thing here in sunyshore today! one post-card sized volkner... and one four foot tall volkner. you heard me!

postcard size:

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Collection Updates!

I got an AWESOME package from the ever lovely pheonixxfoxx in yesterday!

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Anyone who is looking for 216handsbound I wanted to let you all know she has just moved, and doesn't have internet up yet. It probably shouldn't be more than a week. She asked me to mention in specific, seel-trainer. So please keep that in mind ^^; if you need to contact her sooner than that, leave me a PM I'll pass it along to her.
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Sales Post!

I recently won a Pokemon Lot on eBay and I only wanted ONE thing from it.. so I want the rest to go to homes where they will be appreciated. :3

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I'm going to the post office on Thursday, so hopefully everything should be sent by then. :)
That also includes the coin purses and custom cases people have bought from me, thanks for your patience. <3
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I have been meaning to do this for a long time, but I haven't had the time =/
Anyway, I bought a zukan lot a while ago and only wanted one, so the rest are here up for sale along with some plushes and other things.

So take a looksie!

sorry the pictures are blurry! i tried to make them bigger!

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Ps- trainer_irene, I got Lugia today! He is wonderful!
Ps2- Has anyone heard from soddymothdust? I have been trying to get ahold of them about something I wanted to buy.
Ps3- regen...just comment about your zukan!
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Hi! I'm new here (but I really joined the community a few weeks ago) and I was pulled here in a way or another by my friend rocketharuka <3 and I hope I can make new friends on here and get some interesting items. Oh, I forgot to say, I'm Aonik, maybe some of you know me from dA... maybe not!
Ok now... I havent' got a BIG collection of anything yet (just some items) but I'm mainly looking for stuff of my favourite Pokémons: Mew, Lucario (I love these guys as much as Haru does XD), Kyogre, Larvitar,Lugia and Ho-Oh. Also Treecko, Taillow line and a big etc, puff.. and I'm a plushie geek, I love Pokedolls the most! I hope one of these days I can do a wantlist.

Hmm..  well, and I think that's all. See you guys, have a nice day! ^^
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Sales Post Update + Giratina Zukan Auction!

Hey guys, i posted this up last week but due to one of my pets dying recently i've been a bit backed up with stuff and out of it in general.

I'm going to leave my Giratina zukan auction going until this Friday evening plus my little sales post still going on at the link below.


sora_no_kokoro : high bidder $10 on Giratina zukan auction!

badgerr_ftw, i messaged you back and never heard anything so if you could lemme know any info that'd be great...thank you ^-^ Gotcha, thanks!

myc Gotcha too...thanks! heenz just get back to me whenever you can...no rush :3

Thanks guys ^-^


herro, all!

I recently came across about 100 or so OLD japanese pokemon cards from when I used to collect a while back. while I am STILL a rediculously huge pokemon fanatic, I was thinking of selling some of them that I have doubles of, or that I no longer need.

Is there a site that you guys use to refer to when deciding how to price these cards? I don't want to under-price them, especially since there are some in here that are really rare, ( at least, I think so.)

Thanks in advance!