July 31st, 2008

wanted: roselia!

Hello there, I am new here.
Well, I have been looking for a Banpresto UFO Roselia plush doll (Roselia is my favorite pokemon!). I had one, but I lost her in Scotland. She is now freely roaming the county of Ayrshire (lovely place, though). Would anyone know where I could purchase one? Or know someone with one that is willing to sell? You see, I miss my Rosaline :(
here we were:

Transparent Figures Group Auction Update- they're here!

I had a group auction going for the new clear Tomy figures (Shaymin, Giratina & Regigigas): http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/1509276.html

Well the new transparent figures are here in very good time, and to all those who reserved that wondered if they were BNIB yes they are (I am sorry for the crappy camera quality):

Holds were for:
Girantia: regen
Shaymin Land: grrrowly  meowthcollector
Regiagias: olesvenson 
And I kept the Skye version for myself :3

If you still want these please send $10.20 via Paypal to killerjaw01 (at) gmail (dot) com 
If not please let me know...
PS I can only ship Friday this week- I am on a long weekend on Saturday and will not be back until Thursday next week.

PPS I have made a small update to my sales post with new stickers, a plush & reductions on some of the items still in there:

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Jim Cook

Wild Lurker Appeared!

Hello! I'm kind of a new member here. I joined up a few months ago, but have been lurking ever since. About time I introduced myself eh?

I was shown this wonderful little community by a pal of mine, and I thought this would be the perfect place to ask questions about particular items I have, and also to expand my tiny Pokemon collection. Other then collecting Nidoran and it's evolutions, and the Eeveelutions, I want to start collecting aquatic creature type Pokemon, but only the Pokemon that resemble whales, dolphins, sharks, fish and eels. So naturally any Pokemon that resemble these will catch my interest fast ^^

Also a question: How easy or hard is it to find Tracey (Kenji) merchandice, if such items exists that is?

holy crap this is a big post

Epic package has landed, IT'S GO TIME!

If you are on this list you owe me money for shipping items! Your items will not be shipped until you pay me mm'kay.

sonicelectronic: $4 for Shaymin little plush and Shaymin keychain
rocketdraggin: $4 for Giratina keychain and Giratina bowl
eknock: $3 for Dialga bowl
yaoi_queen: $2.50 for Pikachu neck bag

Everyone else is set with payments. faiarrow, sui_kune, trainer_irene, ambertdd, and shesatiger, (including your items from my last sales post!), all your items should be out soon-- tomorrow, I hope. :> Anyone else who pays tonight, I'll do my best to get your stuff out soon!

A few notes about the sales before I pass out: some people who reserved kids in chat still owe me, you know who you are~ Annnnd, those two Clefable stamps I reserved for the Clefairy collector are in here! :3

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  • encas

This was a long time in the making.

That's because I just recieved the last of my items from my lastest mini-online shopping spree! I was waiting for them all to come in because I wanted to tell everyone that I got everything and that I enjoyed dealing with all of you! I left you all feedback if you have threads. I'll keep an eye out for your feedback threads if you don't have them. You should all do the same for me, since I should be getting one soon since I requested one.

Anyways, this entry is dedicated to one of my quickly growing collections. This one has a funny story. I originally started with one bell plush that I won in an auction in March or April (I forget, to be honest), but from that point on, I couldn't find any other merchandise of it on eBay or this community. But as of late, a lot of merch of this Pokemon has popped up, particularly in an auction that [info]juumou held on eBay (incidentally, I thought that the lot was purchased by someone in this comm for a while! But boy, was I wrong...) So anyways, I won the lot, and around a month after my birthday of June 10th, I got an additional $50 to spend anywhere I wanted aside from my eBay gift card in that same amount. And so an e-shopping spree was born! I obtained even more items of that Poke (and others, but that's for another day) with that money from this community.

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[info]sakura_18_, would you like me to cover the cost of the shipping of that freebie Phione sticker that I recieved today? Or is it such a small amount that it doesn't matter?