August 1st, 2008


Anime Con in Orlando!

I have the possiblity of going to a con over in Orlando a couple of weeks from now and I wanted to see if anyone from this comm knows/is going to it. I'm fairly certain it's close to SeaWorld. I know It's close to Disney. 
(P.S. I haven't yet confirmed that I am absolutly going. I might not know till' the day I go.)
For your veiwing pleasure, here's a photo of Anibelle *my KFC Vulpix plush* and MadamRat.
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Dewott - Happy
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Looking for Pokédolls! + commish status

Looking for Pokédolls!

(actually the UFO plush, lolz)

I am keeping an eye out for these on ebay! Posted here because I am hoping to avoid paying an arm and a leg... although I suppose just one or the other would be acceptable.

No promises to purchase just yet, I am just hoping to scope out possibilities at this point. If we do decide on anything, I can offer paypal and/or sculpture commissions as payment.

Even if someone could point me in the direction of these items, that'd be super. 8D

Before anyone asks, tho, I'm not taking commissions right now! I can offer them as a form of payment, but if I go ahead and open myself to commissions right now I'm gonna get overloaded. ;_; I'm really sorry, but I have to finish what I have going here first, and a huge summer homework assignment is already slowing their progress.

Commission stuff:

kefanii, have you received your Sandshrew sculpture yet? Just curious, but if not it should get to you soon. ^_^

Still to come:
-Pikachu for yaoi_queen
-Umbreon for firebrand164
-Another 'floon keychain for fleurdetragedie
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Lucky Star: Oversoul

[Selling lottery items!!//]

Selling these!
New in packet Ichiban Kuji lottery prizes, armhugger plush and whistles with neckstraps (these are quite big!)

Shaymin land plush - $30
Giratina plush - $20
Pikachu - $15
Shaymin Whistle - $15
Giratina whistle - $10
Pikachu whistle - $7

Also; anyone who has not payed for their zukans from the group auction, and not contacted me otherwise, please pay ASAP. I have invoices, and I'm waiting on people!!
Fav scene in the GN XD

Sales Post + Giratina Zukan Auction!

Hey guys, thanks for everyone getting back to me with payment and such! I'll be getting everything out as soon as i can after the Giratina auction is complete and i've rounded everything up including other stuff from my main lj sales page ^-^

happyjolteon : high bidder $15 on Giratina zukan auction!

The auction will end around 10pm this Monday night! Monday will be my very first work day in the gaming industry so i'm SUPER excited about that too so it's gonna be a big day ^_____^

hay guyz im new \8D/

Hello! I'm Rei and I'm a Pokeholic.
I've been a fan of Pokemon since I was in 5th grade and I never managed to shake it off as a huge interest of mine -- presently at 19, it kinda' makes my mom roll her eyes when I still get so excited about it, but I don't really mind either way.
My favorite Pokemon lines are Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise, Mareep/Flaaffy/Ampharos, and I've recently fallen for Cherrim's sunny form, so I'll definitely be looking to expand on my pathetically small not-even-worth-taking-pictures-of-yet collections of those! At the present, however, I am unemployed and saving up for a DS Lite so I'm resisting spending until that goal is accomplished, but never fear! As soon as I'm able to spend again I'm certain I will become a buying monster.
Looking forward to participating in this community and hope to make lots of friends in the process! 8D
- Rei
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New Lugia/Articuno Collector

Hey everyone! I'm known as Articuno to everyone online, I'm very new here and just wanted to mention that I collect Lugia and Articuno merchandise (when I can afford it!) so will mostly be after that sort of thing. I run a Lugia and Articuno fansite! I absolutely love meeting other legendary birdy fans!
Not sure what else to say now but this place is really great, I sure hope I can get what I'm after from here! Thanks for reading!
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Turtwig and Articuno collection update

I haven't posted in a while but, I got a shock last weekend when superdweed came over and gave me early birthday presents. My birthday isn't for another 17 days and he's going!  to be here on that day too. I love everything he gave me though. There are more things he got me but the rest aren't pokemon related.

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Collection questions

Minor background story: I used to uber collect Pokemon back when it first hit the US shores in the late 90's. However, a flood wiped out 90% of my collection about 8 or so years ago and I just stopped collecting and didn't pay attention to anything outside the games and packed up what survived of my collection for storage until recently.

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