August 4th, 2008


Website Updated! Plus some pics! Also last chance sales!

Click the link to check it out! I am sorry if anyone visited it in the past few days, I was doing some reorganizing. xD Also if anyone linking to me was hosting the link button from my photobucket, the location has changed! All the right info is on my Links page. :3

I have added every thing I have! :O Also I have broken up Plushies, Figures and Flat Items to separate pages.

On to business...

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This week is the last chance for my sales post. I won't be putting any of these on eBay. |D All I have is unpopular Pokemon. :( :P
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I'm sorry for posting again, but....As you guys probably don't know, I'm a now a big fan of the Rival character from the D/P games, for some reason or another. ^^;;

Well, I found out that he appears on a card!! This one:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Anyone happen to have it? It's on ebay, but they are charging 2.50 to ship one card. @.@

Thanks! BTW, I prefer the non-holo version. ;D
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Pokemon backpack


I'm offering a Pokemon backpack because it's getting close to back-to-school (which is in next month anyway).

It has no damage whatsoever, fortunately.

Price: $5.00
Shipping: $5.00

Payment method: Paypal (better method), Personal Checks, and well-hidden cash (at buyer's risk)

If you're interested in buying it, note me on LJ or email at

If you have any questions and such, just ask


Finally back online!

YAYS After many problems and phone calls later I finally got my internet back after nearly 2 months without it. I have slowly been going crazy and am constantly wondering what on earth I used to do  before i got it O_o
But I have a few things I wanna clear up before I start buying again. Fiirst thing is: Do I owe anyone any money? I'm pretty sure don't, but I wanted to check just to make sure. If I do feel free to flame me and such and I'm terribly sorry if I caused any trouble
During my absence I got a few packages. I got my pokedolls from Privatelyricist (sp?).I love Ho-oh and Umbreon has been named Manfred and is adorable, thank you! And we got the machop cards from Knackering! The drawing was adorable and now my brother has it on his door next to his SSBB poster. He's very proud of it ^_^ Thanks so much! Also is Fernchu still around? (I think it was you I bought Brawl from).
Phew! I think thats all for now.  I'm glad to be back thats for sure. So what have I missed?
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Newbie Questions

Hi, I'M new to this site we'll about a month ago and unable to introduce myself cause I pretty much don't know things about computer and have to learn them but anywways I like pokemon especially giratina and zukann figures..... This site is inspirational with people having rooom-full or pokemon memorabilia incredible....I have a question if anyone can help and if i can ask this question if not sorry, pleasevbare with me.... my question is how does crescent works? I have seen this weblink in this community and i am curious so if anyone can help it be great....thanks


Hey how's everyone doing???

I looooove Froslass a lot lately and just can't get enough of her!! So far all I have is the kid. Does anybody have any merch of her that you're selling?? I'm particularly looking for the chou get reeeeally badly!!


Banpresto Lottotina vs. Tomy Giratina

All lottery items from the group auction have been mailed, along with anything else anyone has bought from me. The only exception is uncleared e-checks.

I know some people were wanting a comparison photo of the two to see the size difference.


I couldn't get a good length-wise photo (and my camera batteries are close to dead), but height wise Lottotina looks a good bit shorter, though you have to factor in that he doesn't stand up as well as the TOMY one since he lacks legs. XD

This however, does not detract from the overall size - lengthwise, it is a touch longer than the Tomy Gira.

So, where it lacks in height, it makes up in length, not to mention meticulous detail. XD
Fav scene in the GN XD

Giratina Zukan Auction Ending Tonight!

Hey guys, had a huge day today for my first work day ^___^ Things'll be busy now since i work all day but i'll be getting everything out as soon as i can after the Giratina auction is complete and i've rounded everything up including other stuff from my main lj sales page ^-^

The auction will end tonight 10pm! Thanks guys ^o^

sora_no_kokoro : winning bidder $16 on Giratina zukan auction!
Fofinho Flowers

Collection update + Grail <3

Hey everyone! I was going to post this last Friday but stuff kept uh... keeping me busy. Except on Sunday, that day I was just plain lazy. xD
So, today my hand hurts like heck so I figured I'd just use it to do things that don't hurt. Like using a mouse. So you all get my first collection update!

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Revothug Tyranitar

(no subject)


I've heard a lot about this group, and I finally realized recently that I actually HAD a reason to join - I have a large collection of vintage pokemon cards, as well as a few other things.  I collected the cards from Base Set, stopping right when the first third-gen cards came out.  I've played the games for even longer, having played pretty much every game from Red/Blue up to Diamond.

My favorite pokemon is (as will be clear when I show my cards) Tyranitar. :D  I have a general fondness for Dark pokemon, as well as Steel.  Other than pokemon, I enjoy Irish folk music, reading non-fiction books (especially history), politics, and a nice pair of slacks.

I am a third generation ceramist, as well as writer and sculptor who owns his own ceramic studio.  I've made pokemon statues (roughly in scale with each other, and Ironically not out of clay) of almost everything up to third gen.  I may finish that gen and start into fourth if I feel the urge.  I'll post pictures of these soon!  lineaalba has seen them, and I believe she would agree they're decent.

Anyway, I am just saying hello for now - I will post pics soon!  I hope to be around more and meet you all, though naturally I am somewhat busy with running my studio. =3
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Biohazard: 狙撃兵

What's this? There's flour everywhere, what's this? There's Caekmins in the air~

A temporary part of my collection which I felt I should share here. Temporary in that, she is going to be eaten tomorrow for my 20th birthday.

Who's that Pokemon? It's shaymin? no...

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Progress shots (including mum stuffing shaymin in a bowl to check size) and everything seen here can be found at:

If you were in the chat, you would have caught all the progress shots today. Literally from start to finish. This was an effort from mum and myself that started at 12 today, and only just finished about 8pm tonight. It has been an incredibly fun day- it'll almost be a shame to eat her. Almost. ;)

The cake consists of:
2x Buttercake(s) (made from pre-made betty croaker cakes, substituting oil for butter off the packet directions)
1x Packet 500g Ready-Made Royal Icing

The flowers and leaves were made from the royal icing, with colour kneaded into it. The entire of the cakeball was covered in the pristine white icing after being coated in hot sugar syrup to stick the icing to. Usually when you make cakes with royal icing, you have marzipan underneath as the underlayer before the royal icing- since this cake would already be icing heavy, we didn't touch marzipan, which is why we chose sugar syrup.

Buttercream Icing (wedding cake grade) consisted of:
10oz of butter, 1 cup sugar; 1/3 cup water (boiled to 240c as sugar syrup), 3 egg whites, 1/8 teaspoon cream of tater, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.
Green Food Dye-Paste
Yellow Oil-Based Food Colouring Powder (this was our saving grace and made the PERFECT green)

This is very different to your regular buttercream, which is made with butter and icing powder, as it is incredibly smooth and light to eat. It also makes for a beautiful piping medium. It also was the glue for her leaves and flowers.

Facial details were hand painted by me using black dye-paste (edible of course) and diluted green dye-paste with a slightly shaken hand. Thanks, beaters, for 15 minutes of buttercream beating :D

:) So I hope you all can enjoy a slice of it with me in spirit tomorrow night <3
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Group auction? :X

Would anyone want to GA this? At minimum price, these would be $5.50 a piece, which is _ridiculous_ cheap. Shipping would be $5 priority mail anywhere in the US -- other countries, just ask and I'll figure it out (I'm sure it wouldn't be too much). I want Metagross. X3;

Metagross pokedoll - emurii (Waitlist: randomflavor)
Jigglypuff pokedoll - peachy_ewan_muf (Waitlist: emurii)
Igglybuff pokedoll -
Hasbro Chikorita - kittikattie
DP Festival Sudowoodo UFO catcher -

If you're interested, let me know how much you'd be willing to pay, in case we have to bid up?


For those who purchased things from my sales post here, and paid before 9:30 AM CST this morning, your item(s) have been shipped.

To meowthcollector, flag, archimer, rinkatink, happyjolteon, and shesatiger, your packages were sent by First Class Mail and should arrive in 2-5 business days. You each should have received an automated e-mail from PayPal with a tracking number, if not then let me know and I will send it along!

To regen, stargirlshine, viperfox, and gamecubegirl, your packages were sent by Regular Airmail and should arrive within 10-12 business days. No tracking available on these.