August 5th, 2008

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Hey!  I said I'd put up some pics of pokemon, and here I'm going to. :D

These are the only four I had on-hand that seemed worth showing, so I took a few pics of them from different angles.

If I'm doing anything wrong with this post, let me know and I'll fix it ASAP!

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Yes, btw, that's my cluttered desk behind them. XD
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Look what came in the mail!!!

After having a really crummy day, I get an IM from my friend saying that my Shaymin had come!!! Since I had used her paypal account for this purchase, it went to her house ^^; anyways, I cut open the box and the first thing I see is a little, charming face smiling up at me <3!!!!

The pics do her NO justice at all. I've named her Shaymee and I just had to brag about her on here ;3; and Grrowly, I sent your gel pen out today. Irene, yours has been sent as well. Sorry it took me so long to actually send this >< I added a few things to the pack to make up for my lateness ^^;

shay.jpg picture by Twilmer

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{PRETTY} - Ariel~hime

shaymin UFO!


Shaymin UFO plush for sale @ my sales journal, siren_lagune
located int he USA, shipping is $5 in the USA!
click the picture for more details!

I also want to let warandromance & lineaalba know I received their packages, left positive and really hope you'll do the same for me, thank-you ♥

I came back from a trip a few days ago and hope to share photos of the new things I bought and those that awaited me when I returned!
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Piplup Zukan

I'm recently a Piplup fan, and I'm searching for a Piplup Zukan, but I couldn't find on eBay...
I"ve heard that Piplups are pretty popular so here's the image of it with Prinplup and Empoleon

sorry that the image is too small, but it's the only image that I could find on some site

EDIT 8/16: the figures I've ordered just arrived
Hey Baby!

Sales Post!

A number of wonderful little items have finally reached my end, so it's time to divulge and share the rest of the goods with you all! Please note that items here can be combined with any of the items at satinshellshop. Again, this post is incredibly image heavy! ;D

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Sales Information and Policies

Payment Method: PayPal only, all forms of PP payment accepted. Please note that there will be a small additional PayPal fee applied to your total. For eCheck payments, I will first wait for said check to clear before shipment.

Shipping: Shipping within the U.S. and international shipping available. Domestic shipping comes at a base of $2 (while supplies last) while international will be a dollar or more. I am not to be held responsible for damaged or lost goods once they leave my hands.

Holds: First come, first serve only! I am willing to hold an item from this sale post for you only up to 24 hours. If I have not received word from you or payment after the time limit expires, it will be back up for grabs! Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Trades and Haggling: I am open for trades (no art trades, sorry!), but hard cash payments typically take first priority. My wants mainly consist of any Skitty, Lucario-Line, Torchic-Line, Cyndaquil-Line, and Croagunk-Line merchandise. Haggling is also permitted within reason.

Thanks for looking, everyone! ♥

Darkrai zukans...

Hi, I have 2 Darkrai zukans. I am wondering if anyone is interested, they are unnopened. I am not selling them as of yet cause I haven't talk to the administrators of this journal. I am just wondering if anyone is interested and if they are enough for a bidding war or maybe just a trade i might do that....
my tank

Hello! Former fan, here...

Hi there! I'm Steph! I cruised in via posts I've seen by some friends of mine. I'm not anywhere *near* the fan that I see all of you guys are, and don't think I ever was, but... My sister and I used to collect Pokemon toys. Yup. And watch the show. And... we were fans of the whole... thing. At one point, we wanted to collect one toy of each of the original 150 (or was it just 50?) Pokemon. We also could name most of them, between us.

Now, all our old toys (except my Eevees!) are going to new homes, and ... sadly, I can't even remember most of the names of the little monsters...

Here's the little brood that will be remaining with me!:

The one on the far left senses motion or sound and chirps and twists her head and tail. So cute! Then there's big PVC Eevee, keychain plush Eevee, and the little PVC Eevee and uh... Flareon? Evolution...? I think...? lol! Told ya I can't remember most of them anymore... ^_^;;

Aren't they cuuuute? hehee.

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Pokemon really are adorable little things. And the fandom was a lot of fun while it lasted. I still can't believe the sheer amount of SUPER CUTE representations of the little critters that are out there! Which is the other part of the reason I cruised in here - some of you guys have some really creative photos of your collections. I'm a fan of collections, and creative photos thereof - even if not Pokemon! ^_^

Other than that... just wanted to say hello! **waves!**
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I Come Bearing Rare Beckett Posters for sale!!

I recently dug through my desk drawers and found my collection of Beckett Pokemon posters. They are quite rare and it was VERY hard picking which I wanted to part with. There are some I picked to save that I might put up for sale if I change my mind. ;) One of the posters will be up for auction because letting it go is really hard! ;_; It's a Team Rocket poster that kicks so much ass! But I already picked a really cool TR poster to keep, so... ;_;

Details under the cut! Get them while you can! ^_^

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Luxray Collection! Does anyone have any of this?

I started a luxray collection about a week and a half  ago and here is what Ive gotten so far not all of it has arrived yet but exept a Luxray collection photo and skymin photo soon 
 In the Mail/ Arrived:
Luxray DX
Luxray Plush
Luxray Amada sticker
Luxray mini notebook (smallest item pictured)

Does anyone have any of this stuff? :O 
Alot of people here are going to otakon could anyone keep a eye out for a Luxray kid?
 Chou get
Clear File and Large Notebook
Flat magnet and Puffy Magnet
Attack pose Amada sticker and pan sticker 
And anything else I can find or you can find for me  XD
(photos from sunnyshore) 

Shipping Day~

PokéBin Sales
To those who ordered from me and paid: your package was shipped out this morning. :> They should arrive in 3-5 business days, but possibly more or less depending on area. 
Please contact me if there is any problem with your order.

Shipped items include the members here:
ladylegsdarkrai, sui_kune, meowthcollector, warandromance, sugargerbil, shiny_vulpix, regen, grrrowly, yaoi_queen, scarsofsunlight, kari_xiii, gamecubegirl, darkrenegade123, stargirlshine, trainer_irene

I still haven't received payment from two members. I've contacted both of you privately; please respond in some way so that I know you haven't disappeared.

Question and New Friends

Who do I contact about selling? I have several things I'd like to sell/trade before college starts back up if I can ^^;

Anyways, I was at Wal-mart a bit ago and they had new Tamagotchis and on the package, there was a very suspicious Tamagotchi...

skyminanyone.jpg picture by Twilmer

Maybe it was just me, but that looks suspiciously like a Skymin XD

I got my things in the mail from Irene today (or rather my mom conviently remembered I had a pack) and they're so awesome!!!! I'll post more when my camera bettery is charged and rave about them then X3 *glomps Irene many times*

Does anyone know if they ever made any Mawile plushies? I was looking for one and couldn't find any :/ maybe I'll just have to make one XD

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kamui x

Introduction - Hello!

Heyy, there.  ^_^

I've been looking around for a while and finally joined.  I think I stumbled on the community a few times a long time ago but rediscovered it through the serasell community. 

I was an avid pokemon merchandise collector when it first became popular in the U.S..  (Oh, goodness.  Burger King Pokemon trading nights; I can't remember how intense it was there, but it was so much fun!  Yay for my mother who went with me Every time.  O.o  Ooh...and pokemon trading during recess of elementary school.  :D) 
But, as I kept missing the TV episodes later on, I had a lapse in watching the TV show, but kept up with the movies.  And the video games.  Hm . . . "Lucario and the Mystery of Mew" probably got me back to searching for Pokemon merchandise. 

Anyhow, I'm definitely looking forward to being a part of this community; your collections are all so amazing.  They astound me.  And, they're so much fun to look at!  :D  (I have quite a bit pertaining to the original batch of 151 pokemon, but I'm So behind in the Diamond and Pearl generation.  x.x)   I hope to dig out my box of pokemon merchandise some time to take pictures and share.  :) 

However, until then, I seem to have the larger-than-I-thought collection of pikachu items.  (um . . . minus the Burger King items, cards, and gashapon-esque straps and figures.)

(I hope I get this lj-cut right . . . )

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hannibal; flower crown
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It's been a while, but my sales post is finally updated! There's a lot of new items including kids [some shiny!], chou getto, and zukan. Also, some old items have been relisted with reduced prices. Have a look! :D
Lucky Star: Oversoul

[This star will shine, and then it will fall, and you will forget it all//]

Several things today!

First of all, I now have received all my skymins from Japonz, which means a collection update is due, but at this moment in time I am rushed off my feet, and absolutely crazy steeped in work.
I have received a lot of packages to date, I just haven't had much time to post, or thank people, after Tuesday I will be posting at a normal rate again ;3 (I can hear the groans already!!)

Box that made me squee the most, had this in;

Even this does not convey just how HUGE and SOFT and ANNOYING it is..
Well the voicebox anyway |D This feels nice DESHU, Goodnight DESHU... Shut up DESHU !!!

But to hug and cuddle, amaze <3 My biggest poke-plush to date! =D THANKYOU GIN!!!

- For everyone in on the big 'The zukan are plentiful' group auction, I have confirmation that they're on their way to me. SMJ are being their lovely selves and confusing the hell out of both me and
pheonixxfoxx , so.. I *think* they will be here next week.

- I haven't forgotten anyone, I don't think, but any sales/trades/things that have been left hanging wll have to wait until after the weekend when I am not about to implode with stress, this includes shipping out for anyone who has bought from me in the last few days. I thought I would have time, but alas, noup!

- Attn
andyboyh  and miss_fuu_chan ; I have no idea what cosplay I'll be wearing to registrations, but I will have a giratina and a pikachu with me, I'll just wave them madly in the reg room xD As for other plans, I have no idea!! Oh my..

Right, back to work *flail*
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What's that brand?

Hello, I was browsing along ebay and I found this:

Big PVC Skarmory!

I don't see any manufacturing embossments, but it looks pretty legitimate..What do the experts think? And is $20 a fair price for this steel bird?

Edit: And thanks to an earlier sales post (*coughlineaalbacough*), I now want that uber cute skarmory kid. Can anyone point one out to me, or maybe have a spare to part with? :3

Oohoo, Poke-Gets!

On my trip to Disney World, my friend and I stayed a mere five minute walk from Epcot... Which meant, COUNTRIES! As we all know, and if you don't, it's odd you're here, Pokemon's popular in Japan. So what was at the Japan giftshop... Complex?
POKEDOLLS! At a price of under $12 each, I HAD to scoop some up. I got a Riolu, Glameow, and... Jolteon! I'll post full collection pictures after Otakon, mainly because my collection'll probably grow. (Here's to hoping I spot that Arcanine plush!)
Just posting to let Lineaalba , Gin, and (G
oodness, I forgot your username. The Misty figure, corocoro, and eevee keychain came fine, thank you!) know that their packages came safe and sound!
My skymin are sitting triumphantly with their furrowed brows atop my mighty meowth, and Giggle the Giratina is their left-hand-beast. Misty's peace-signing her way to my TFG assortment, and Eevee may find her way to my keys. Thanks for the stuff everyone!
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