August 6th, 2008


Looking for these Kid Figures


You all seem to be really good at getting the Pokemon kid figures. i am looking for a particular three. not sure how rare they are:


i assume the Ho-oh is pretty rare. i don't want that one that badly, but i really would like to get the Snorunt and Breloom. does anyone have any extras they are selling? or going to sell soon? or maybe an ebay auction. any suggestions would be very much appreciated. thank you! :)
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halp: jakks plushies!

hello thar \o/

I've seen heaps of Jakks plushies on the comm and stuff, but, like, I live in Australia and we've had nothing but the first wave (starters, Pika, Manaphy, Buizel, Chatot and Mantyke). Searching online I haven't been able to find a list of everything that's come out (although I know there's a Combee, which I want like burning). Does anyone have a list, or know where I can get one? Thanks in advance :D
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Group auction reminder

Reminder about this group auction -- Igglybuff and Sudowoodo are still looking for buyers!! At minimum price these would be $5.50 a piece plus $5 priority mail shipping to anywhere in the US (international buyers, it shouldn't be too much more).

Metagross Pokedoll - emurii (Waitlist: randomflavor)
Jigglypuff Pokedoll - peachy_ewan_muf (Waitlist: emurii)
Igglybuff Pokedoll -
Sudowoodo DP Festival UFO Catcher -
Chikorita Hasbro Plush - kittikatie

I'm going to be away until after the auction is over, so this is the last time I'll be reminding people. (I'll still have internet access to bid, get offers, etc, but I won't be hanging around on the community.) Please let me know your max bid in case we have to bid up. I will be asking for PayPal payments when the auction is over, this weekend.

If we don't get enough people to cover at least one more of the dolls, the GA will most likely be canceled.

DO WANT, and Question.

It's not very often I get excited about a TCG card. Ever.

Yes, I love beautiful art, but for me, it became tiresome to collect every card of a single pokemon, even if I really like it, not to mention expensive. ^_^; I'll admit, the most I've spent on a card was $24, and that was for an Espeon star (which I have misplaced.)

The first card I was completely stoked about, was Steven's Advice. I have over 20 of the card, including two reverse holos, and I'm always trying to get more of his card. XD (I bought eleven booster packs of Hidden Legends trying to get one, and whereas I did complete the Regi trio of EXs and several other good cards, I didn't get ONE SINGLE STEVEN'S ADVICE.) Later on, I found out I was stupid and could have easily gotten two of the card from a pre-constructed deck.

But anyway, my point of this post.


I WANT THIS CARD LIKE BURNING. You just don't know (unless you saw me in the chat yesterday when sui_kune linked it to me.)

Steven and Cynthia are my top two favourite human pokemon characters (though I also like Nurse Joy, Domino and Cheryl); not only that, the card art is GORGEOUS. (Srsly, I'm obsessed. My husband cosplays as Steven, and I'm working on a Cynthia costume. XP)

So you can bet I'll be wanting an army of Cynthia cards.

I know this set hasn't been released yet, but when it has, I'm sure some of you will be buying booster packs.

I'm wanting at least one reverse holo and a few plain cards. So, if you pull any that you don't want or wouldn't mind selling, please, please please consider me.

Also, an unrelated question: Do you ever keep doubles of certain items in your collection?

I know it can be expensive, but there have been times I've wanted to use a keychain or something like that, but I hesitate because I worry something 'bad' will happen to it. XD;
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Mew Giddy

Collection Update and Photo Story

First off, Fernchu, I have finally mailed off your package, and it should be there in a week or so. Sorry if it's a bit squished - that Shroomish really knows how to take up space.

And again, VERY SORRY yaoi_queen, currently working on your commish. Just hoping my scanner will get a good scan when the timec omes - it's been really tempermental as of late. >>

So I got some stuff from Otakuthon, met sapphireluna there (^-^) and received a long-awaited package from warandromance! The cut includes my first ever photo story (save that photo essay I had to do for school once). So without further ado, here is a picture heavy cut!

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Yayz for mega-updates. ^^

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collection update and cool stuffz! xp

I haven't made a post in a long time without asking to buy something ^^;; So I thought I would.. not like I have much of an update. Just wanted to show off my (extremely tiny) collections! Also..I have something cool having to do with a human character later in the post that you guys might be interested in~~

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