August 7th, 2008

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couple of questions + collecting

Hi there!

This is probably a boring post -le gasp- no picture T.T but my next post there will be ^-^

Just to get things clear...theres the wonderful Tomy Glaceon and Leafeon plush dolls out in October and I would love to pre-order when the time comes, but thats the problem when the post comes asking about pre-orders what do I do? Do I just post saying I'd love to pre-order or do I have to click something and also do I give the full amount or half the amount of money it costs on the day of preorder? I would really appreciate it if someone told me, thanks in advance!
(I was talking about how Sunyshore might get them plushies if you didn't know ^^;)

I'm also starting a collection with the Treeko line, more really because of Grovyle which has nothing to do with PMD2 xD! Can you guys show me anything thats out there? I know about the kids, and plush but is there anything else? Thanks!

I'm starting a Munchlax/ Snorlax collection too, they are SO cute and also this has nothing to do with PMD2 also.

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I pick up my talking Shaymin almost EVERY day, and have it speak to me. (It's so cute, how can I not? XD) - this is kind of funny, since I actually prefer Sky Forme, and I don't usually pick that one up every day. (It just makes me smile, especially when it WHIIIINES so cutely.)

This evening, I wanted to have them speak, and I felt 'bad' for neglecting Sky Forme don't laugh too hard, so I picked them both up.

Shaymin has NO problems talking to me - I can shake it, turn it upside down, or sometimes just do NOTHING TO IT, and it'll talk.

Sky Forme, however, is not the same.

I thought when I originally put batteries in it, there might have been something wrong with it since nothing happened when I shook it, or turned it upside down (just like I did with Shaymin). I dismissed it though, since finally it did speak, and I put it away.

Well, this evening, it wouldn't work at all. ._. I finally did get it to talk to me, but only if I turned it upside down a certain way, so now I'm pretty sure it's defective.

I've never had a problem with a talking plush before, and I've owned several, so I'm pretty bummed, and I'll probably be buying a new one.

Has anyone else had this kind of problem with the talking Sky Forme Shaymin doll? I know people will say a talking doll is annoying and won't shut-up, but I want mine to talk my ears off! XD

I'm not sure what I'll do with the defective one. I may keep it for display only, or I may sell it. Would anyone be interested in buying it if I did decide to sell it? No, seriously. It's a lovely doll, but a quiet one, since it only speaks 'sometimes,' and I want my Sky Forme to talk to me.

Skymin cellphone strap for TRADE

I've decided to offer this cute Skymin cellphone strap for trade for Raichu merchandise. So if you've got some Raichu stuff (a figure, for instance) that's in good condition, feel free to post your offer here. ^_^ If I receive no good offers, I'll just keep the little critter hanging from my cellphone. :) You can find my wishlist here:

Yes, I posted about this in my collection update but I think it'd be better noticed this way. ^^*
kamui x

collection update?

Heyy!  So . . . I haven't posted pictures except for the pikachus, and while I still haven't gotten around to organizing them that much, I just made a trip to Mitsuwa yesterday!  :D  (Japanese Marketplace)

And . . .

Of course, picked up more Pokemon stuff.  ^_^
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anyhow . . . yay!  :) 
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Collection update!

My last SMJ package, which was almost a month ago, contained two of my sought-after holy grails; one was the Swablu/Altaria zukan, which is beneath the cut, and the other is the above set of Pokemon Trainer magazine promo cards. I'm not a huge card collector, but I was overjoyed to get my hands on these regardless; the Y!Japan auction I won them in was the ONLY time I've ever seen them up for sale, and I had been looking for them for a few years! Now I can proudly say that I own all of the Quilava TCG cards (ignoring alternate holo/non holo and differing language versions).

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Also~ I've sent out packages to denkimouse, caterpie, taycs, pixel_bee, and penanna~ Please let me know when you get them. :D I'm currently waiting for payment from kasaii- I tried leaving a message for you, but please let me know if you're still interested in the Growlithe kid!
Communist Sock Puppet o_.

Cute Custom Fleece Hats!

I've been itching to make some Pokemon-themed hats, so I figured I'd post here to see if anyone would be interested. c: I made an excuse to make a Raichu for my buddy for his birthday, but it's the only pokemon hat I've ever gotten to make. XD

Here's a sampling of some of the other hats I've made before...
my poor, poor bandwidth D:

Most hats would be $25 plus shipping, but anything that involves wire, lots of appliques, or more than 3 or so colors might be slightly more to cover additional materials.

You can contact me personally via email ( or by private message here on lj (glowsheep) Please do drop me a line if you are interested or would just like to see more photos of my hats. Feel free to ask about custom character or animal hats unrelated to Pokemon as well, but if you ask for a Pokemon I'll try to give you a special deal! Thanks! n_n

Best Pokemon deal?

I thought it be a good journal subject to ask: what the best deal you've ever gotten for you collection?

Like getting a plushie worth 50 dollars for 5 or something of that nature.

My top 2, since I've only been collecting for a short time, would be:

I won a bootleg figure on ebay for a $1.30 INCLUDING the shipping (meaning I literally payed nothing for the figure itself and saved on shipping cost).

Also on ebay, I bought a hard to find Whitney's lickitung card that turned out to be 1st addition for $1 plus 50 cents shipping (since I had bought another items and save on shipping because of it), the user in question also sent me a few other cards including another rare card that I'm sure I could sell for over a dollar fifty.

Trades and Postage

Tomorrow I'm packaging and shipping everything to everyone I owe stuff to from my sales, but only to people who have paid or people I'm trading with that we've already agreed on all parts of the trade and such. I'll have the list tomorrow as I'm going to go through and sort out the stuff tonight :) so just a heads up to all of you.

In light of that, I went digging through some totes of old stuff and I found two Pokemon items that I wouldn't mind selling or trading. They're the Eevee talking/tail wagging/head tilting figure and a Charmander figure that says Char and his tail lights up.
Eevee has a tiny paint blurb on him from the factory, but other than that, these two are in excellant condition. I have no idea about prices or anything, so just make an offer or trade. I need to put a wish list together XD I'm looking for a good Cyndaquil plushie, Plushies in general, Ho-oh things, Cresselia things,  Pichu things, Nincada things, and Shaymin/Skymin things (especially that hand towel...). I also take other things since I don't really have a collection focus ^^;

Speaking of Skymin, I won the bid for the Tomy one :D it'll join my Tomy Shaymin, Shaymee. I'm going to name it Pilot XD I can't wait for that to arrive :3 same with all the other stuff from here and elsewhere ^^ most of it's going to my school address, which means I have a week's wait before I can see any of it D:

Also, does anyone know where to find the talking Skymin plushie? I've been itching to get one after hearing so much about it here XD how much do they go for? I'd really like one!

One last thing, going through my old totes, I found this lovely:
pikapillow.jpg picture by Twilmer
Yay for old Pokemon bedding! I only have the pillow case left. On the back is Ash and Pikachu. Seeing this, I feel reeeeeally old XD Darkrai's taking a closer look and wondering why that puny Pikachu's on it and not him and his sexy legs.