August 9th, 2008


Anyone interested?

I found the Cresselia ZUkan on ebay (with thanks to Glacidia <3). It comes with a Manaphy and Phione that I don't really want, so I'll more than likely be selling or trading those two if anyone is interested. But I found one of the plushies I really want, which is the Cresselia UFO catcher doll <3 I love Cresselia and I'd love to own this plush, problem comes with 5 others...


I can provide the bigger pic from the sale, it's a buy-it-now lot, so we'll have to act fast. I only want Cresselia and I'll take the Lickilicky, but would anyone be interested in the Manaphy, Phione, or Buizel plush? Including shipping, they'd be 16.00 USD each. Let me know if anyone is interested :)

Buizel: rosa_kaiba
Manaphy (open)
Phione (open)
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Hi everyone~

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Fourth, and last, I bought a booster today, and pulled a Shining Star Mew. :3 Would anybody be interested in it? It's the second one I've pulled, so I thought I'd check and see if anybody here was looking for/wanted it before I slapped it up on eBay with some more of my cards.
Rawr, Axel, Charizard

Two questions!

Hey everyone! This is kari_xiii, posting on my other account :3

Now, two questions.

1. Crescent related. Sorry if it's been answered before (Which it probably has) but how long do Crescent usually take to set up your account?

2. People in the US mainly. Does anyone have any of the 3 available Monferno plushes, the talking Monferno action figure OR the Buizel throw Pokeball plush they're willing to sell?

Also, store_xiii is finally re-open! I've added the Zukan left over from my last sales post, and added a couple of Mystery Dungeon figures.
Looking to the Sky

Collection Weeding

After some careful consideration, I decided to weed my collection a bit. Please note that I'm rather attached to a lot of these items and I may pull them out of the sales post in twenty-four hours or so if they don't sell. If something catches your eye, I recommend claiming it quickly before I change my mind. ^^; Once something is claimed, though, I promise I won't change my mind.

Feel free to make offers on anything within reason. If I put "or make offers" on something it just means that I'm not completely sure if what I'm charging is a good price for it.


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I'm also slashing prices on my other anime stuff. Check it out--I combine shipping, of course! All reasonable offers will be accepted on those things as well. :)
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Team Rocket cd up for grabs

I JUST won a lot of 4 used Pokemon cds on ebay. Here's two pics of them:

I already have the Team Rocket drama cd, so I was wondering if any of you were interested. I don't know the condition of each cd. The seller said they were in good condition, but that can mean anything. ^^; I just hope they play fine without any skipping.

The Rocketto Dan cd drama is very cute and you will enjoy it very much. This is the first (I believe) appearance of the fellow Rocket member, Mundo. I think I spelled that right. ^^; The story is VERY short. It involves Musashi(Jessie) challenging Mundo to a Pokemon battle. Musashi, Kojiro(James), and Nyarth(Meowth) both want Mudo's Ditto so it can transform into Pikachu (I think) and be presented to the boss. The thing is, Musashi wins Ditto, but Mundo wins Nyarth. Craziness ensues and a touching reunion. Even if you don't understand Japanese, it's not hard figuring out what's going on. Lots of sounds and voices help with keeping up. There are four songs included on this cd. The main one, of course, is the team's main theme song. Another song is sung by Kojiro, another by Musashi, the last by both. The last one is my fave. It's really awesome! The music is so dramatic and Musashi and Kojiro sing it beautifully.

Depending on how many people show interest, I will either sell or auction it. The starting price will be $5 if it's auctioned with a BIN of $15. If I place it up for sale, it'll  simply be the BIN price. This is a very rare cd and quite old. If you'd like scans of the inside booklet, I can do that. Just ask. :)
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mini sale & a tiny collection update!

Hii everyone ^^ I've finally found my camera and I have a couple of new things up for grabs, as well as a few older ones too, I've even got a couple of new additions to my collection - including a zukan that I have wanted for such a long time! Woop :)

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SG by HellLemur

Poke'mon Card Prices?

Alright well... I've been out of the fandom for the most part for a long time, and I have a box of cards that just sits under my bed that I'd like to get rid of. Problem is, I have no idea what the value is for these. Most are from the 90's, some early 2000's I'd say... I have 1st editions, fossil edition, holos, etc.

So my question is... does anybody know of any accurate and up-to-date price guides that I could look at, before putting these up for sale?

If it'd help any, I was going to type up a complete list of what I have. I'm pretty much wanting to get rid of everything.

Thanks in advance! <3
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Group Auction?

I found a set of the money banks, but the problem is.... I already have most of them. Anyone interested in a group auction for them? I'd say they'd be about $4 each (Possibly less if we were lucky). I've already crossed the ones I'm interested in out to avoid confusion :D

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Fav scene in the GN XD

Shipping Notices For Some Pokee People ^o^

Hey guys,

It's been an INCREDIBLY hectic and busy week for me since this has been my very first week at my new job plus i'm doing overtime this weekend but i wanted to touch base with these fellers to let em all know that i will be shipping your stuff out come Monday or Tuesday. I've finally rounded up the last person's payment so now i can transfer everything out so i can pay for all the shipping fees and stuff! I bought more packing tape this week as well so i'll be packaging everyone's stuff up soon to get ready and mail out =D

badgerr_ftw -- Your Persian will shortly be on its way home to you!

heenz -- James, Minun, Farfetch'd and your pokee marbles are looking forward to being newly adopted ^o^

myc -- Caterpie, Metapod and Butterfree are very happy to have a good home ^-^

sugargerbil -- Clefairy will be on its way to you soon!

sora_no_kokora -- You'll be the proud owner of your Giratina friend =D

Thanks for being so patient guys! And 4 fire trucks just went blazing by O___o;;
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New Member Introduction. And Collection Bragging.

Hello, I'm eX.A.K.R. and I'm new around here, though I have lurked around for a bit before deciding to join this community. I'm 21, and is from Singapore (which - trust me - is a sort of a mini-Pokétopia with the death penalty), and I more-or-less randomly collect Pokémon merchandise and such. I don't consider my collection large (especially when compared with some of the collections I have seen around here), but I don't consider it small either.

I have been collecting merchandise since about 2005, not long after my interest in Pokémon was rekindled. Prior to that, I have virtually no collection even though I was a fan from as early as 1999 to about 2002 or 2003. My current collection consists mostly of Zukans and other figures, as well as some McDonald's toys; I have just begun to collect Pokémon chirashi (mini-posters), and so far I have the ones from the last 3 movies before movie 11, as well as the one from movie 4.

I joined this community not to sell items (although I may consider selling items in the future), as my collection is generally not in the best of shape (dust and mould is a serious problem in my home D: ). I joined mainly to request help for buying Pokémon items that may not be available in Singapore, or no longer available generally (such as the Pokémon 151 t-shirts - more on that at a later date when I'm ready). I might trade items from time to time, but most likely I will be responding to trade requests rather than requesting trades myself, and probably only do it alongside a purchase.

Some of you might recognise me from The Pokémon Community and Bulbagarden Forums, both of which I have since left. I still visit their chat rooms on SystemNet IRC though, so you can look for me there if you need to.

And just to start things off here, I have took some fresh photographs of my collection. As it's very image heavy, I had to make multiple cuts so you can skip any part you might not want to look at. Note also that I took the photographs at different times of the day over a span of a few days, so this explains the lightning differences. Also, apologies if some photographs are blurry or bad - I don't have the most stable of arms, and I was not that focused on taking good photographs when I was snapping away at my collection.

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Sales post!

After a lot of thinking, I've decided it's probably time to weed out my collection a little bit—I'm going to be moving all the way across the country next year for university, and I'm already starting to ponder which things I'm keeping. I guess this is the first wave—I've been thinking about these items for a few months, and I thought now would be a good time to start. I'm visiting my dad in Seattle in a few days and that means cheaper shipping than if I were to do it from home in Canada! If you buy something before Monday, I can guarantee it will be shipped out from Seattle. :>

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If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let me know!

Buying all lugia items not shown, and a few shiny pokemon kids...

I'm willing to buy ANYTHING not shown in lugia items
(interested in plushies, hats, shirts, keychains, pictures, cards, figures... name it i'll more than likely offer).

Pokemon kids I'm l looking for:
Shiny Charizard
Shiny Lugia

Things I wont offer for:
any dark lugia items
chibi lugia plushies over $13
Lugia 6 inch dolls over $50...
The GIANT lugia over $6000 (someones willing to pay that)...
Lugia dx figure (someones shipping it to me...)
Solid pokemon kids figure obtained.

Good vibes from now on.
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(no subject)

Hello all! I've been lurking for a while and finally decided to say hi. :) I don't usually make introduction posts, so I've been a bit intimidated about it.

I've been absolutely enamored by some of the things I've seen here, especially the bell plush pokes as of late <3 I wish I could make something like that, but I'm not especially handy with felt. ^^; I usually draw, and sculpting Fimo is more what I've been dabbling in as of late, so I will probably post some of those when I get a chance.

Oh yeah, is posting something like my own sculptures considered to be okay? I was thinking maybe it would be along the lines of the plushies, which are also hand made, but I don't want to break any rules.

I noticed many people here have a specific poke or few they collect.. I've never been able to choose! I have various things from random places I've picked up, and although I tend to stick to Kanto/Johto stuff I've never picked out one favorite. This at least collides well with my lack of funds, since it's harder to be choosy when you are a poor college student :P

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