August 12th, 2008


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 Just wanted to let everyone know that today (or rather yesterday since it's after Midnight here) I shipped out everything to everyone who paid and people I did a trade with :) 7 packages in total. I don't remember everyone's screen names, though ^^;

And to make this entry less short, have my custom plush ;) I haven't shown these off here yet. Just a warning, the lighting kills most of these >< they look SO MUCH better irl

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Group Buy?

Would anyone be interested in doing a group buy on this with me? ^_^; This is really a long-shot...


All I'm wanting from it is Shaymin, Skymin and the diorama. ^_^; I know it will still be a bit expensive for me, but I'm hoping to get some help since I really have no interest in the other figures.

More under the cut!

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i have a bunch of updates (and hopefully pics from otakon if my peeps come through... :OOOO my camera died the first hour so i had to rely on friends ;-;) including loot from the con and stuff that was waiting for me... so ill update bit by bit!

first...... my three gym leaders from ichigo pan!!! also - a strange new raichu toy!?

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I probably got it for more than was necessary to buy it for, but I have a giant lotto skymin!!
I was absolutely stoked, I found out on my friend's sidekick, so I couldn't be sure but I basically sat in shock for 10 seconds then screamed a little xD

Anyway, I come bearing some good news, and some bad.
The group auction for the zukan arrived just before I left, but as some of you have heard, there has been a lot of in-transit breakage. I've rescued and repaired about three or four sets since I arrived home from the con last night, and I think one has been completely sorted, base and all, and survived intact. Though like I said, I have only opened one of the four bags. XD

This, albeit blurry picture should give you some idea of how they were packaged. I am not impressed, but then I knew it was coming I guess .o.

I will definitely be repairing and cleaning up every set of zukan that it is feasible for me to repair and clean, if I come across a set that has been bought and has damage to it, I will contact the owner and we can discuss how you'd want me to repair it, or if you want me to repair it at all.
I'll happily offer that for free~
As I said I have already repaired some sets, so now comes the tedious task of sorting over 200 zukan sets. Please bear with me folks it's going to be a long week~ ^^;

Amecon was awesome, and I had so much fun, but I am so shattered so I may be half dead for atleast another day XD

Jakks Pacific Poke Toys

Just wondering if any of you collect these series?  If so, are there any in particular you have been looking for?  I moved recently and found a couple places near by that have a plethora of Jakks Pokemon figures and even a few mini plushies that I hadn't ever seen in person before.  I want to put the offer out there.. if anyone likes these guys I can certainly look for them and/or price check and send them out your way.
Brock and Sudowoodo anyone?  Heh..  That is all.  Hope you are all having a lovely day!

Hideous Ebay Find + a Community Question

First off, I simply MUST show you a hideous Pikachu find on ebay. Please take a look. It's just... *shudders* My Pika icon is disgusted by this disgrace. ^^;

Also, I think this thread has been done before, but I want to ask it again cuz I find it amusing. :)

What is the Pokemon you thought you'd never collect, but find yourself with hoards of merchandise that feature said Pokemon? I know this happens to us all. It's really quite funny if you think about it. Sometimes it's a little figure, plush, or an appearance in a game or anime episode that changes our entire outlook. ^_^

A pic of you and the Pokemon you chose would be cute, but you don't have to provide one. ^_^

My pokemon?

I fell in love with Groudon the moment I began playing Ruby. :3 I never imagined collecting his merchandise, though. Yet here I am with a TON of awesome Groudon merch, including the grail I'm holding in the pic. <3 What's said in the pic is an ongoing inside joke between me and kaygee84. ;) It's quite entertaining. We're considering making "Dirt Talk" a regular thing on here... but that's still up in the air. At the moment, it's just a funny idea. =P

EPIC CARD SALES/TRADES Post and Collection Update.

I retrieved all of my rares from storage (i.e. my dad brought 'em back from Florida), and photographed the ones I thought people might want to buy or trade for. :3

All are either rare, or promo, and many are holos. :D If there are any uncommons or commons pictured, it's because they're popular pokemon people collect. (I've actually got more rares than this, but I didn't photograph unpopular pokemon, unless they were from a gym leader set, since I know some people collect gym leader stuff.)

Also, all of my leftover friends plush in this post are now $2 off the listed price!:

The same normal sales/trade policies apply as my other post - you can read them in the friends plush post linked above. ^_^ Some cards I have more than one of, or both holo and normal versions. Please ask!

All cards are $2 or less, with the exception of Shining T-tar. I will trade for some cards, but I only collect Umbreon, Espeon, Raikou and Latias. I've got quite a few of most of 'em, but show me what you've got if you're interested. :D Also, orders must be at least $2, just because if they're less than that the shipping will cost more than the cards themselves. When asking for a card, please be descriptive as possible, since I've got multiples of pokemon for different cards. ^_^


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Aaaaand, new stuff to my Skymin collection! (added movie plush keychain, Skymin and Shaymin cellphone straps, Skymin notepads, Skymin on pokeball, Skymin tomy figure and movie Skymin mechanical pencil!)

Fantastic Four: Reed

Intro Post

Hi, my name is Kimbo and I like to eat pokemon.

I'm kidding. I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with viperfox and the famous (and delishious) caekmin. Pretty much it's Cally's fault I love pokemon and admittedly my collection isn't that big compared to some of you guys, but I thought I'd share.

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Help!! Looking for plushies... :3

Hi to everyone!! I'm new here and well I just wanted to add a wishlist!! its just that ive been looking for these plushies so much and ill hapilly trade for them so here they are!

Raichu Jumbo UFO plush: They dont sell it here in the states, they dont sell it on ebay.... i cant get it... I would trade anything for him!!

Azurill Hasbro plushie: This ones pretty hard to get too!! its not in stores anymore so i dont know how yo get it!! anyone that wants to trade one I have other plushies to trade...

Anyone who is interested please contact me or post a comment... I will happily trade for them!! If you want to see my collection to see if youre interested in any of my plushies wait for tomorrow I will post a Photo of all of my plushies!!

Thank you very much!!
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Card hunting part two This is my haves list. I have too much to list on here without being an annoyance. I'm looking for the following cards to get a kickstart on the next season:

Rare candy (as many as people have. So many players at my league want them in decks, and my boyfriend and I just don't have enough for it)
Roseanne's reasearch (secret wonders) (once again, as many as you can spare)
Claydol Great encounters (any and all)
Luxray legends awakened x2
Gliscor Lv. X x2
Gliscor (with pester attack) x4
Leafeon Lv. X x1
Cynthia's plan (any and all)
Buck's training (any and all)

Any help folks would be able to give would be great. We've been trying so hard at league to get some of these cards for people, and have exhausted most local resources. And I know a lot of people here collect and don't really play. I also have tons and tons of other cards for trade that aren't listed here, like pre-evos for many of these!

and here, have a Shaymin (land forme) wallpaper!
Fav scene in the GN XD

Shipping Notices For My Pokee People ^o^

Hey again guys,

Just wanted to toss this out there that i was able to get to the post office after work today like i promised and got everyone's stuff out!

Please let me know when you receive things and thanks so much for being incredibly patient while i rounded everyone's stuff up to get ready and ship out!! <3

Oh and juumou, i received your package last night...thank you!!! Munchy is sooo cute and i finally got my sticker sheets! XD Thanks so much ^____^

badgerr_ftw -- Your Persian is coming home to you!

heenz -- James, Minun, Farfetch'd and your pokee marbles are on their way ^o^

myc -- Caterpie, Metapod and Butterfree hopefully wont get too claustrophobic XD They're heading your way ^__^

sugargerbil -- Clefairy is looking forward to a new home!

sora_no_kokora -- Giratina is really excited for a great owner ^___^

I also apologize in advance as i usually used to do little doodles to include in everyone's packages but with my new full time job i'm SO busy i barely have any time so i'm sorry ;___; I even forgot to include some thank you notes because i had sealed them all up and realized i left them out after D:

sugargerbil, myc if you guys could just contact me via my lj that'd be great..thank you!
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So, I'm annoying. Anyone want to see Zukan pictures? :D

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ALSO anyone who has any of the zukan that look like they don't have pegs, can you please measure/take photos of the pegs/describe the peg types? I have a small ziplock bag of loose pegs I need to match up, and they are all wierd and wonderful shapes I have never encountered before!

Thankyou, you are all wonderful, and goodnight from me ^___^
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Ho-oh Arrived!

The Ho-oh Keychain I bought form Rinkatink arrived today! It came a LOT sooner than I thought it would :)

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And a question, did they ever make a Ho-oh Zukan? I'll have to take a pic of my Ho-oh collection soon. It's only...4 items big ^^; 5 if you count the Rapidash game Ho-oh promo. any help locating non-card Ho-oh merch would be appreciated ^^

Also, how do you get a feedback page set up so people can leave feedback about payments and sales? Just wondeirng ^^;
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