August 13th, 2008

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MANY members of the community have a... possibly slightly odd... request for the rest of you.

We need a Chatot kid. (and there isn't one on the comm stores or in a semi-recent sales post OR tagged.)

... so if anyone has an extra Chatot kid, please let us know how much you're asking.

... thank you.

- The members of the comm who were in the chat tonight.
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Just wanted to reinforce the group buy on my latest post before Friday, when I'll be gone for vacation for a little over a week.
The Pokemon that still haven't been claimed are Pikachu and Piplup; they are $5 each plus $2+ shipping (depending on your location), and I would need payment before I buy the set. If there are no takers, I'll probably be able to afford it and then just sell off the two, but of course the former would be easiest.

There's also still stuff left in my sales post! Terribly outdated, I know, but I have new stuff coming in within the next 2 weeks, and even more depending on how much of the stuff currently there sells. :D
And for shipping of the items, I promise it'll get out tomorrow. I was hoping to get it done today, but apparently the shipping money my mum left has been claimed by my sister for her trip to NY x_x; sorrysorry

As always, have a great week!
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Intro post, finally. o.o

Hi! *waves* So I finally got around to uploading my pictures, which means I can finally make an intro post, after lurking around for months. x.x

I'm a raaaaaaaabid Pokémon fan (aren't we all? XD) and I do art too, sometimes pokémon. :3 ( My favorite ones are Flygon, Kirlia, Sneasel, and Eevee (though I've been falling off the bandwagon for Eevee lately... o.o). I've got a relatively small collection compared to you guys, though I had to leave most of my pokédolls behind when I moved recently. I'll go back for them though. :3

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Also, those art cards you see under the figures? That was part of an ATC trade with lemurkat, who is awesome. :D

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I'm still missing the Kirlia zukan and Flygon zukan, Ralts kid, and Kirlia plush, and then I will feel complete. o.o If anyone has one they're willing to part with, or point me towards one, I'd love you for life <3 XD Actually, if you have anything from those three lines, let me know. :3

I'm also thinking about asking the mods to make a sales post for most of those battle figures and a couple of Jakks ones. Is anyone interested in them? :)

Thanks for taking the time to read all that. o.o

Finally, My Collection!!! (I accept trades...) xD :3

Hey im new here just wanted to add my collection... and well Ill tell you when i recieve my raichu... finally gonna buy it!! Sorry for the yesterday misunderstood!! This is my collection:

Every single plush in my collection... except Glameow and Mime JR. Here they are:

Here are some zoomed images of my full collection:

And Well!! I totally accept trades!! I like Shaymin sky form, raichu, azurill, squirtle... and maybe other plushies will convince me. .. I trade every plushie but im really looking home for this ones (trades only):

Thanks!! and hope my collectio growa soon!!

Otakon 2008

It'd been three years since I attended the king of east coast anime conventions; some things have changed quite a bit, some stubbornly remain the same, but overall it was the Otakon I remembered well. For someone whose interest in anime is minimal, the scene is not without its long stretches of sheer boredom. But fortunately, the Pokémon collecting aspects, even if short-lived in the grand scheme of things, are more than sweet enough to make it worthwhile!

As always, click on pictures to see a larger version!

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By the way, my super SMJ haul is finally completed and all in one place now, and in the meantime I've gained quite a few new pieces from community members, so I have not one but two major updates waiting in the wings. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but by the end of the week I should have my super update finally complete. There will be lots of neat stuff with something for everyone, so stay tuned!

New Pikachu DS Lite in Japan!!!

I was just looking through Banpresto's official website to see what new stuff my boss might get when I happened upon a link to a page that advertised the new Pikachu DS Lite that will be released soon in Japan. It looks so cute! <3 From what I see, it appears to be a very limited production. I can only imagine how much it will cost. Still, it's adorable. Check it out! ^_^

Grail get!

This may be a stupid grail but It was mine and I never thought I would have a chance of getting it even though there all over yahoo japan. But thanks to heerosferret  I got him (the small luxray is from ailillui of ebay) 

He is so big and shiny he is my favorite plush ever <3  I waited at the window while playing my ds for the mail to come every day this whole week and finnaly he came. The side of his face got smushed so I had to push the stuffing around and now he perfect

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Char-line looooove~

Attn: g_manluver, Jakks Lickilicky!

Where are you lickilicky collector!? :O

Sorry for this otherwise pointless post, but contact me cause I have a jakks figure for you :D


To make this less pointless :D My new plush <333 cynda~ Kids are at their feets for size reference! (Off to work now guys, so if the picture is too big [it shouldn't be, I checked] I won't be able to fix for awhile)
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Group Auction, PART II (Now even more convoluted than ever!)

OKAY GUYS. The last auction for the lotto items failed due to circumstances beyond our control, but this time we'll do our best to make it happen!

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Here's where I'll post who is currently winning each item. Please refrain from bidding for about ten or fifteen minutes until I get the comments up for each item!

In Both Lots (Definitely getting the item if we win one of the two auctions!)
Large Lotto Origin Giratina: resilientspider @ $60
Large Lotto Ground Shaymin: girlunoriginal @ $35

In Lot 1 Only (About 50% chance of getting item!)
Small Lotto Giratina: ambertdd @ $10
Small Lotto Pikachu: heenz @ $5

In Lot 2 Only (About 50% chance of getting item!)
Small Lotto Ground Shaymin: meowthcollector @ $10
Small Lotto Sky Forme Shaymin: bergunty @ $25
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(no subject)

would anybody like this espeon plush? its a beautiful laying-down plush by the artist yumi yutaka and she's looking for a new mommy or daddy for this cutie. i can attest to these plush being beautiful and well made!!! please comment here if you're interested and i will give you payment information. its 70$ shipped INSIDE the USA and if you are outside the USA itll probably be 10$ extra to ship.

sold in record time!

click for larger version!


(no subject)

I have a request! I remember a little while ago about someone who made custom pokemon hoodies, but I cannot for the life of me remember the website, and I do not feel like combing through months of posts to find it. Help!
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(no subject)

Does anyone know anything about the ebay seller etctransfer? The name sounds seriously familiar but I can't remember why. I'm just hoping it isn't because of anything bad. I know being from Hong Kong is bad to start out with, but that aside..?

Also! warandromance, I got your package today! Thanks so much <33

firebrand164, Umbreon was shipped out today :3 Hope you like herrr~
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Parcels received/Pokemon Collection

I finally managed to get around to taking pictures of my (very small) pokemon collection ^^~ But I took some photos yesterday of the package I received from taycs (My adorable pachirisu keychan with pokeball and another pokeball as a freebie :D) and the other package I received from my friend off deviantart ^__^ (Sentret and burger king butterfree plush <3)
To see all the other images of my collection and the packages clickie the link below (It's image heavy! I went over the top, eheh XD;
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Apologies & Random Question

Well apologies for not letting people know when I receive items straight away, I have now left feedback for:


I would do a collection update with pics but I really can't be asked (we are sorting out so I will be doing a massive update soon)

Also a random question- What Pokemon did you start collecting but gave up 'cos of gameplay performance or anime/movie portrayal? 

I started collecting Pachirisu 'cos it was a cute lil' squirrel- and couldn't wait to play it in the game- then I found out that it was poor for what I wanted so I have given up on it- I trained up a Luxray instead- its fine for what I want but I have no desire to collect it.
PS I found that Golduck was a good fighter in game- it just doesn't want to die when the odds are stacked against it!


Pokemon - Staraptor
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Group Auction // Bell Keychains!

Bidding is closed! Please stay tuned for further details!

Hey! There's an auction floating around for a huge lot of bell keychains, one of them being a Quilava item I've never seen before! Of course, the starting bid is high (6,000 yen!) and has a chance of getting higher, but with 60 keychains in the lot I'm sure we can win this with a group auction. ^_^

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When bidding on your desired keychain, please start a thread (if there's not one already) and post your bid as a reply to the previous bidder so people will know when they're outbid! Also, do note that this (as with any group auction) is at your own risk, and please, serious bidders only- if we win this, be prepared to pay when I get invoiced.
Shipping prices will start at $2.50 within the US and $3.00 international. I'll accept Paypal only for this group auction.

Beneath the cut- Starting prices and claimed keychains!

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Again, please post your bid as a reply to the previous bidder or your bid will be ignored! The auction ends in about six days, and I'll be posting reminders throughout the week. Thank you!

Bidding ends on Tuesday, August 19th at 11:59 PM CST

Quick question and suggestion

First: does anyone own and are would sell the lickitung kid (either version)? How much with shipping to Canada?

Secondly a small suggestion for the community based on a problem I've been having: I wanted to leave feedback yesterday for a user but the feedback page takes forever to load (for me at the least) and its hard to find a particular user without accidentally scrolling over them within the 5 pages the post has become. So to any staff members I have a small idea, maybe you could list what members usernames appear within a certain page so people won't skip over them? That would probably encourages me or other user with not as good internet connections/computers to leave feedback.

that's all for now, sorry for the mildly useless post ^^;