August 14th, 2008

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Mini Collection Update + A Census and Some Questions.

First off, thanks everyone for the warm welcome and the comments on my collection! I certainly feel more at home and at ease with such a warm community - you guys are great!

Secondly, I headed out to the library to grab a book I need for my literature studies this evening (I'm taking 'O' level examinations privately, and I picked literature as one of my subjects). A dinner and some shopping later, I headed over to the movie memorabilia shop to check if they had movie 11's mini-posters in stock.

What greeted me there was more than that.


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Miv's team
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First sales post! :)

Hi again! I've gotten permission to sell here, so here goes. :3 Please bear with me, I'm still working out the kinks on this thing. XD


Pricing and Payment:
All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or Paypal fees. I'm okay with trading and haggling! I'm mostly interested in the Flygon, Kirlia, Sneasel, and Eevee lines, though I also like Skarmory, Girafarig, Stantler, Sentret, Groudon, Celebi, and Skymin. :3 I do NOT accept trades for cards. I stay away from the TCG. o.o
Paypal is preferred: To kiohl9 at gmail-dot-com, and please put your LJ name and what you bought from me in the notes. :)
I will also take personal checks, money orders, and well-concealed cash. I will ship packages out once I receive payment. :)

Holds are okay! Please don't try to hold over 2 or 3 items though, and please don't hold them for like... a week without getting back to me. >.<

Items will be coming from CA, USA. Flat (and flat-ish) items will be shipped in a bubble envelope. Figures, like Trading Figures and zukan, will be shipped in a box with bubble wrap or other padding. I ship via the cheapest option available (USPS First Class Mail, or First Class International), which usually takes about a week or so. If you want something faster, or if you want insurance, let me know. :3

My (currently empty) feedback thread is here. :3

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Thanks for looking! <3


My Darkrai box arrived today! I just got my new camera, so I don't know exactly how to post photo's yet with it, but there was an adorably cute Munchlax note in it! My first reaction was, " Awww! Yay!" And my brother stared at me XD 
Thanks Vulpix_Lover!

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My grails

Here are my grails , the 3 legendary dogs, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune, if any one happens to find any of them please contact me.



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Missing post ;-;

Hi everyone, I'm sorry to be a pain, but I'm getting a little worried about my mail =\ I'm pretty sure my sunyshore order's lost and I haven't received any other parcels that I've been waiting for, about a month or so later (I usually get my mail pretty quickly too..)

Could people who I have bought something from let me know when they have been posted so I can try and keep track of what is missing?  & does anyone know how much tracking costs on mail from the US to the UK? Only if these parcels are missing, I'm really going to kick myself for not paying extra to take it since this will cost me more in the long run anyway ;-;

Again, sorry for seeming whiney, I just want to keep a track of what should be on it's way so I can try and figure out if they are lost or just delayed =)
Pixel Pair

Before and After Photo Meme

So, kiraras_lemon 's comment pictures in the Espeon plush post the other day inspired me to start a photo meme: Before and after pictures of your collection. The before picture can be before you joined the comm, or found eBay, or learned about YJ and deputy services, or even just before your collection really started to grow. The after should be as recent as possible!
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Feedback and display questions

Oi, I've obtained a bunch of stuff since my last collection post, but I can't show you cause the computer suddenly refuses to read the card type my mom's camera uses.

I did have some things to ask though. So here we go.

First of all, I think I've given feedback to everyone I've bought from, with the exception of my latest purchase, which I'll do after this and two members I didn't find feedback posts for. So nefhithiel and daynipp, if you have them, could you provide a link? Thanks. =D Also, if I forgot anyone else just go ahead and tell me.

On a related note, if anyone I've bought from could leave me some too that'd be fab.

My last thing has to do with displaying. I've been trying to find a setup for my collection. I tried them on my dresser for a while but then at night I'd hear my cat patting things around up there and have to wake up and stop her, lol. I have these cubby-things in my closet though that I think are for shoes, but I don't keep anything in them so I thought I could use them maybe... the idea of shoving them in a closet seems a bit cruel to me, but I don't have many options. Plus I keep the door open all the time anyway so I guess it wouldn't be that bad.

Okay what's my question you ask? Well, it has to do with flat items. I've seen people on her who keep their collection in bookshelf-type areas and then have their flat items attatched to the "walls". Is there something special you use that won't potentially damage the items, are do you just tape them really lightly or something? Also, if anyone else has a different way of displaying them, feel free to show me.

Lastly, I've still had no luck trying to find any of those card-sleeve things. I thought about checking Wal-Mart again cause maybe I just overlooked them, but does anyone have an idea of what section I might find them in?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Hey Baby!

She's The Kind of Girl You Bring Home to Your Mother...

A bundle of items have been coming my way, including two beautiful grails! One arrived as of last week, thanks to the wonderful rocketharuka, while the other has been sitting daintily around for a little longer so these photos are a bit late in coming. Scans from the Cyndaquil book I recently purchased from kefanii will be available soon!

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The other grail is something I never imagined I'd ever find available for purchase, but eBay proved me quite wrong. ;D

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I also have quite a few items over at my last sales post that still need a new home! Most items have had their prices dropped and a few new additions have filtered in.

Thanks for looking, everyone! ♥

Small Post is Smaaaaaaaaaaaaaall

Got these in the post today. ;) My last for a while I think! :D I wasn't expecting Darkrai (a trade with yaoi_queen) since I thought it was going to my school address. But it arrived in time anyways! :D :D It's soo cute, thanks again! :3 I leave tomorrow at 6 AM. x_X

The Munchlax is the TOMY plush. I guess you can kinda see how big it is from the kid comparison. ;D If you are a plushie collector and want just one Munchie plush, this is the plush I would recommend. It is a great size, very on-model, nice and soft and, most importantly I think very easy to obtain for a reasonable price (on eBay even!). I of course love all Munchies. ;D

Also I have an update on Fushigi-Lax! I have had some correspondence with an awesome and helpful Japanese Kabigon collector. He or she (I can't tell by their name ;-;) believes that Fushigi-Lax is a bootleg/copy of the Hasbro Beanie. They have one in their collection as well! So, if true, that means I have two different bootlegs of the most common Snorlax plush. xD How funny! :D

I recommend a visit to their collection, it is very impressive! :D Click on the Snorlax holding the little box to get to the Collection. :3

If you click on the Snorlax looking at the stars you will be brought to the Links page! And then you will see that they were kind enough to link to Gonbe no Bento! I am so honored. <3

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Hallo, I'm giving a shout out to the stuff I've received recently!

I'm sorry I can't remember names worth a dang, so if you recognize your item here, THANK YOU (and link me to feedback!)

-Light Vaporeon (with freebie Venomoth sticker :D)

-HUGE Piplup Evolution poster promoting DX plushies <3 PACKAGE COVERED IN PIPLUP EVOLUTION STICKERS OMG must cut out and save

-Torchic TFG :D Have you received Beedrill yet? I sent him at Otakon thanks to their postal service. ^^
Pokemon - Buds

Eeeee new card <333

I didn't even know this one EXISTED until I saw it on Y!J randomly O:
It's so pretty <33
It also came with some other TCG stuff, one being a poster of the three Beasts.
I only wanted the card, so the poster is up for auction/BIN.

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I also have more stuff in this sales post that I'd like to go :D

And semi-related, anyone know what this says?
I can read it, but I'm not exactly sure what it says aside from "Information pack" and "card"
thanks <3

Also a note, I'll be gone from this Sunday (the 17th) until later in the week, I'll be checking LJ often, but I won't be able to ship until Thurs once I leave. Granted, I may be back before then, making this disclaimer pointless.

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hey d00ds and d00dettes,

this is about the pkmncollectors chat!

for anyone having issues with chat: my guess is that some AIM servers are down, resulting in some members having bad connections to AIM chats. for all of you having issues i recommend using, which is BROWSER BASED, requires NO download, is NOT a client. just sign in and join chat by clicking the little icon with three smilies!

for anyone wondering about this "chat"": pkmncollectors chat is an unofficial chat for members of this community (and sometimes their guests) to discuss whatever - usually (hopefully) pokemon! it began one night when i posted asking for bored folks to join me there and for its first hour of life only contained myself and prguitarman. now it's a (usually) very active chat 24/7 and has been constantly inhabited almost always since winter!

you're welcome to join us - we are "pkmncollectors" on AOL Instant Messanger. You can invite yourself from regular AIM or do as instructed above with meebo. we only ask:

1) be nice
2) don't have a background color

in chat we have no mods or admins or banhammers, so therefore EVERYONE is a "mod", and please try to keep conversation lighthearted and on the topic of pokemon (this is a reminder to regulars as well :P). conversations can often get heated and turn into serious discussions or debates, so just leave if you don't like it! :>

that's all!