August 15th, 2008

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Sales Post update + Umbreon question

I've updated my sales post with Lamincards, Amada stickers, and a few misc cards and stickers. Also slashed prices on the stuff that was already there. That which doesn't sell before next week will be put into an eBay lot.

And also, how much would you pay for a slightly loved Umbreon Pokédoll? A couple seams on his legs are popping, which I would of course repair before I sold him, but I know that'll bring the price down some.
I'm not for sure selling him, as I love the little guy dearly, but if he's worth a ton, I might have to. :/
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GKWorld - Pokemon merchandise

Hello!  (Please feel free to delete if not allowed)

I was surfing anime merchandise websites and stumbled across a Pokemon Advanced Generation Bobble Figure Set.  I'm posting it because I've seen some people selling the bobble figures here on the community.  But if anyone is interested, GKWorld is selling the set for about 14 USD.  The picture they provide is the following:

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They, also, sell various American Pokemon merchandise, imported plushes/figures, a pokemon pokeball light keychain set, and other odds and ends.  They had a zukan set, but it's out of stock now.  (Various items are out of stock, and I don't know an estimate of when/if they will be able to restock them.)  And . . . um . . . I know that, at the moment, they still have mini coin banks of the three legendary birds.  (Note:  They do Not have pokemon kid figures.  Or, at least, they don't import them.   yet.  *crosses fingers*)

I've bought from GKWorld twice before and have had fantastic service from them [although I got a little worried the second time until they e-mailed me and said an item was on backorder but they would send the rest out that day].  ^_^;;  They ship from Lackawaxen, PA, so I usually get packages from them a couple days after they ship [I'm in PA].  And I think their prices are pretty good; sometimes they have random sales and whatnot.  And I had free shipping somehow (aside from posters).

So . . . yea, the following is a link that should [hopefully] lead to the search page for the pokemon merchandise.  (They have tons of other anime merchandise, too.)  Click here

ooak plush espeon

Some of you may remember me posting the custom Umbreon backpack here a few weeks ago for critique and such. Well, I decided to try my hand at making a plush Espeon next. Making custom plush patterns is still Hell.. Much thanks for my one friend for giving me a hand.

I am personally very happy with how this plush turned out. ^^ He stands as tall as an average house cat at about 14in./36cm. Comments, constructive criticism and the like greatly welcomed. The only thing I ask you to do is ignore the random crap in the background. XD;
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Alright, this post is quite small but I just need some information.
My stupid bank has cancelled my card and I have no idea why! Me and mum are going in to complain and to get in un-cancelled today, but It's really pissed me off since some of the eCheques I've sent to people in this community have been cancelled .
I need to know who's eCheques were cancelled (I received 2 emails about two different eCheques that were cancelled but I want to know if anyone else's were, so I can repay them a.s.a.p)
Hopefully, we'll also find out why my card was cancelled (hopefully no one else was trying to use it x___x;;)
But yeah that's it, and I'm really sorry to have caused such an inconvenience to those users >__<
Stupid bank... ¬___¬

It turns out that my card haden't been cancelled but my paying in book that had been mailed to me turns out that when I use it i'm actually paying in to my SAVINGS account, not my actual spending-money-through the card account, and the book dosen't say that. In fact, they had completly phailed to tell me >< Well anyway, they're sending me another paying in book to use for my main account... (I had used a paying in slip from the actual bank instead of my book before, that's why I was able to pay some live journal users but not others -__-)
Again, I'm really sorry to have caused so much trouble D;
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Auction Reminder -- One day!

Hello everyone!

I'm just hopping in to let you know that the lottery items auction has less than twenty-four hours to go, and I wanted to give everyone enough notice (especially international bidders and people who won't be on the computer when the auction ends) to get your bids in. I'll do another post when the auction has a few hours to go to let everyone know the official ending time and give a final heads-up to anyone looking to bid.

Here are the current bids on the lottery plush. Keep in mind this could be your last chance to get some of these items, as they seem to be getting a bit scarce on Y!J. The higher you bid, the better chance we have of winning because the higher my max bid goes!

In Both Lots (Definitely getting the item if we win one of the two auctions!)
Large Lotto Origin Giratina: happyjolteon @ $50
Large Lotto Ground Shaymin: girlunoriginal @ $35

In Lot 1 Only (About 50% chance of getting item!)
Small Lotto Giratina: ambertdd @ $10
Small Lotto Pikachu: heenz @ $5

In Lot 2 Only (About 50% chance of getting item!)
Small Lotto Ground Shaymin: meowthcollector @ $10
Small Lotto Sky Forme Shaymin: bergunty @ $25

Please go here if you're wanting to bid on an item or see pictures of the items:

May Hypnochat bless you all! XD
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Packages received, and notification of sales.....

Hey everyone!
Thank you to kefanii, bureiru & stargirlshine, I received all of your packages! If there's a place I can leave feedback for you, please let me know! :D

(Scaled down, missing from pic: Glaceon's box & sticker + Abra menko + awesome doodles)

Also! I've recently decided to sell all of the duplicates within my collection. There's over 100 figures (European, Kids, Full Color, etc.) and a few Battrio to go up. I'm planning on listing the sale at 11PM GMT under my main account, kari_xiii! See ya then!
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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New Custom Bell Plush - Natu and Skymin!

Well, I can't quite say that they're BELL plush, as they're currently missing bells due to my misplacing them. XD; Regardless, I love them all the same!

Shown with comparison to the official Pidgey bell plush! Natu is made of fleece with felt details (and a dab of white paint) and Skymin is made of felt with fleece and other felt details. Both of these were actually finished last week or earlier this week, but I only now remembered to post them (thanks to Gin posting the Chinchou I made for her!). I only wish the photography did the minty green fleece justice; it's such a lovely color in person.

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Of topic, but a quickie note to trainer_irene and skinst_bomb- your packages will be shipped on Monday now that I have a car again~ ;D

Also, while I'm at it, I'd like to remind everyone of the Bell Keychain Group Auction right here!
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Favorite type of merchandise?

Hmm, my SMJ auction doesn't end for another thirty-one hours, and because my stalking of it is going to be pretty uneventful for quite a while now despite the fact that I keep refreshing it, I might as well start a little discussion.

What is your favorite type of merchandise? Are you a plush person (and if so, what kind of plush?), a TCG person, a zukan person, TOMY figure person... You see where I'm going with this. Anyway, what is your favorite type of merchandise, and why?

I'm definitely most interested in plush, and within the broad category of plush, my favorites are life-sized/jumbo plush, TOMY plush, and friends plush. :) I love Pokémon plush that are big and huggable, and life-sized is even more fun because it gives a sense of size to the Pokémon (They're always a bit bigger then I expect!). I love TOMY plush because of the soft fabric they use, and the fact that the plush tend to be nicely proportioned and detailed. Sort of realistic, in a way, I guess. Friends plush are just cute and addictive, and I like their size. They're pocket-sized and adorable and there are so many different ones to collect!

How about everyone else?
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