August 16th, 2008


Important message.

I don't usually make posts like this, however I feel this is important for the community to know.

I've just banned alex_dondre from the community and deleted their post.

It was suspected that they were a previously banned user trying to get back into the community; this was just proven to me - they are in fact fairymon7, who was banned for having a good amount of negative feedback.

Anyway, I'm just alerting the community in case anyone wonders, or if they've responded to any of your sales posts - please be aware. They can't reply to posts anymore here, but if they contact you privately to try and initiate a transaction, please be aware.
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Ok, needs another post, I'm sorry, >_<

I'm trying to make room in my.. room... I have a huge box from SMJ containing the MegaBlock set shown here;

Click the image for the original page with all the information! ... if you guys can read kanji/kana XD;;;;;;
To the best of my knowledge the set is complete. I simply haven't had the time to check, but it all seems to be there. And yes, the bucket is included. Unfortunately the character blocks shown are NOT included. Most are still in my shop, but the rest have been kept/sold!

Considering the set has a retail price of 6300 yen, I'm open to offers (obviously I won't ask for that much even closely!!), but yeah, if you want this, seriously, ask. It can also come with an assortment of 5 character blocks from my shop at no extra cost.

I really need to get rid, and I will happily send it out! If not it will be heading to my local charity shop for them to do with what they please!

And that's my last for tonight, v. sorry guys XD
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2 Questions

1. Im going to be going to the Mall of America soon, and i was wondering if there was any good shops or kiosks for getting some cool Pokemon swag?

2. My girlfriend doesn't really like Pokemon, but she has a spot in her heart for Girafarig, so does anyone have any Girafarig stuff they are/would sell?
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yay! ^^ pooost!

YAY! I got post today, after a little while of worry, everything arrived at once XDD

Thankyou so much to Gin, doctorsidrat, killerjaw01, madam_rat & shuriken_chan for my goodies! :D It's like a beautiful sea of blueness! <3 <3 <3 I love them all so much <3

I still have quite a few parcels to find their way here, but if these got here ok, then I'm not worried now XD Silly post must be just slow!

Oh and I managed to get two more of the Pikachu cups, another blue one (Did you still want one friskavk? :o) and a green one ^^

Images and details here!

Introduction Post

Um...I'm not sure if we are supposed to introduce yourself once you join or not so i did it just in case. Uh i like pokeomn (obviously XD). My collection isnt as much as everyones else here so its kinda crappy right now. My favorite pokeon are poochyena, metagross, chimecho, sceptile, arcanine, gliscor and alot of others. um i have no idea how to cut and stuff so if anyone can please help me ^.^;

Um so since i don tknow how to post yet ere is a link instead to my collection:

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Hey guys! I've gotten permission from lineaalba to do a friending meme, so let's go! How do you play? Well, just copy the text from this box:

Once you've done that, paste it into a comment and fill it out. Then, look around and read what other people have put. Do any of them sound like you should be BFFs? Then, reply to their post and ask to be on their f-list! Hopefully they will see that you are meant 2 be then too. And people may reply to your comment too, so be kind and reply when they do!

All right, have fun and make friends!

Catching up and a small sale :)

Hey everyone,

I wanted to make a quick post in here to let people know I got their items. I have been dealing with some health and personal issues and I feel like I have lost my mind!

I received:
1. Darkrai Finger Puppet - rinkatink I got yours done. I found the little letter that he came with.
2. Entei Kid
3. Sunny Shore package
4. Gengar Lot

And I think that's it. If there is someone else... please remind me. I would like to leave feedback for you all, and have a feedback set up for myself, but I am unaware how to do so.

Also, I had a few cards reserved for $7... but my email inbox got messed up and I lost all of my LJ comments! So I don't know who that was. Can you please let me know where I need to send the funds to and I will pay you promptly? :)

I have about 15 grab bags left of Pokemon cards that I am trying to get rid of. They are a mix of the most recent sets (within the past year or so) and there are Japanese and American Cards. Each bag will consist of 15 cards. One Holo and the rest of mix of Japanese and American Common cards. No basic energies. There may be some of the special energy cards in ther though... but no more than one in a pack.

The cost includes shipping:

1 bag - $3.00
2 bags - $5.00
3 bags - $7.00
4 bags - $9.00
5 bags - $11.00

If you would be interested, let me know. I do take Paypal.

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Simon &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3

Now I'm in the group auction groove!


If you were listed on this list, you've won the zukan (assuming we win the auctions!).

Hi everyone!

I already have one group auction ending in about 14-15 hours, but I saw two lots that I can't resist starting a group auction for. I think a lot of you are going to be interested in these two lots. :D

As usual, the deal is this: You guys bid on the items until the auction ends (possibly a few days after, if it ends up being costlier than I expect). What you all bid helps determine what I put up for our max bid. You must pay through Paypal between the time we win the auction (IF we do--these could go very high!) and the invoice arrives so I can pay for the invoice. Do not bid if you cannot pay in this time frame.

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The official winners are listed!
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New Friends, New Poke Crack, and Auction

Today I met and went shopping with warandromance today! ^_^ It was fun. I only wish we had more time to hang out. ;_; Hopefully we will next time. I'm hoping kaygee84 will be with us next time, as well. Anyway, the shops around Little Tokyo had the new series 8 Poke kids. <333 I went crazy! I was also FINALLY able to nab a Leafeon kid. Bout damn time! Anyway, here's a pic of my newest kids, plus a cute light-up Pika keychain commemorating the new movie:

Yes, I pulled a clear Azelf kid! ^__^ Yay! I was also thrilled to see Giratina. That Skymin kid will be the ONLY Skymin merch i get. ^^;; The hype is too crazy as it is. Hehe. Shaymin is very cute, though. I love the Rotom and Magnezone ones! <333 So cute!

Here's a pic of the stickers commemorating the newest movie...? o_O It looked like they were because of the packaging.

My two favorite types! Eee~! ^___^ I MAY sell some of the sticker in the future. Dunno. *shrugs*

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Be prepared for a HUGE plush collection update soon. ^_~ warandromance got a little preview of it today when she came over. She even wants to see me do an update. XD I have a few more Pika plush coming my way. Once they arrive, I'll do the update. :) Stay tuned!
Happy Mew
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The most adorable Shaymin merch to date! (in my opinion)


The shaymin name tag key chain! I must admit Im not too partial to most of the shaymin merch out there even though I've adored the little hedgehog since I saw her sprite art (skymin merch is a different story) so when I saw this little girl I couldn't pass her up. She's my first shaymin merch (besides my skymin pokedoll) I think it may be the start of a mini collection.

Next week (probably mid~weekend) I will have shaymin and skymin merch for sale. I know I have some sort of keychains, and the friends plush. Im not sure what else is coming (my guy is sending me a semi sort of surprise package and bought some extras for you guys!) so keep a look out.

Also Im temporarily without a computer (Im at a friends) hence the crap phone photo. My computer crashed :C

Phsyicmoonshadow (I think thats your user name) please PM me~ I received shroomish but there was a bit of a problem ;-; PM me I'll tell you about it.

thats all for now I believe. :3
Surfing Pika

Let's go! Final lottery items auction reminder!

Okay everyone! Sorry to be a post-a-holic today, but our group auction for the lottery items ends in about eight hours.

Here is the link to bid and look it over:

The auction will be ending at 7 AM Pacific Standard Time exactly.

We will only win one lot or the other, but I think/HOPE we have a chance of snagging one.

If you are planning on making any bids, DO IT NOW. The auctions are getting high as the hours whittle down, and the more you offer on your items the more likely you are to win them! Let's make this as successful an auction as possible!
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Biohazard: 狙撃兵

Postage, Store Update, and an epic chaining story

Just a heads up to everyone who had a paid order from the Reverse World Emporium- all your parcels were posted on Friday and should be there in the next week or two.

Reverse World Emporium has had a small update, with some new kids and cards. Expect a bigger one when I get three booster boxes in the next few weeks!

and now, for some more substance to this post:

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