August 17th, 2008


Collection update!

Its been a while, but I've got a few new Raichu items to add to my mouse collection! 
I've got a Raichu that has been cut in half, a Raichu clip, and a marble.

This marble I found at KB Toys, then one morning at home, in my 1 year old nephew's mouth! Scary morning that was!

To see my full collection just click Here!

Also, big news for me! A commission I made is done! Check it out!

Isn't this Raichu so very cute! This artist has always done such amazing work on charms, so I thought I'd give them a shot for my first commission ever, and I'm very pleased! Although I haven't gotten it yet, it's on its way. Just click on the charm's picture to see the original DeviantArt post. :3
Vault Boy



I have more pokemon I've made to show off!  The majority of these I made recently, as I still have to dust off all my old ones. XD

The only way I have to take pictures right now is with a cell phone camera, so please forgive the poor quality of the pictures. :(  I hope they work okay.

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Some news and 2 questions...

Hey everyone!! I just added a new thing in my collection... just bought it yesterday, Its my new DS Lite Pokemon!! Its the new black one with dialga and palkia... so amazing!! It included the Mystery Dungeon DVD... it was great and a carrying case... even when it has nothing to do with my plushie collection y think its part of my collection... xD... I'll try to upload some photos later...

And here's the question:

¿Anyone knows if theres a store here in the U.S.A. where they sell any japanese pokemon plushies??
¿I know some of the best plushies in japan are in the UFO cathcer.... but where are they... where can i find UFO machines... xD??

Some ignorant questions but I hope someone can respond them!!

Thanks a Lot!!!

A sad day for me


Hey all, long time no post..

Basically, I haven't been able to collect anything for a while due to varying expenses, same old same old eh?

Our hurricane preparations have put us in a small rut, so I am selling a chunk of my collection, here

There are legendary birds, eveelutions, a large staraptor figure and other misc items. i want these to go as a lot. you can distribute them as you see fit.. i need these out ASAP in case the mailing system here gets all crazy from the impending weather

Best offer in the next 24 hours gets it. I can accept paypal and ship internationally, for $5 flat rate to cover shipping costs and packaging


I would like an offer for the lot to at least start at $5.. :/

Thanks ahead of time!!!
Pokemon - Crystal Quilava
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Reminder: Bell Keychain Group Auction

Hey! I'd like to remind everyone that the group auction for bell keychains is still going on! The community auction ends on Tuesday at 11:59 PM CST as the keychain auction ends on Wednesday, and there are still several keychains with no bids on them including several starters, Mew, Mewtwo, Lapras, and Dragonair! Please check it out if you haven't already. ;D

EDIT: This is slightly random, but is anyone planning to sell their Grovyle poster from the Gamestop DS Lite promotion? ^_^ I'm totally interested in buying one, but I can't quite spare the money for the entire DS Lite package!

For the first time ever...





THAT'S RIGHT! A SHELF! And not a few thin, vertical sections of a bookcase, either! A FULL BLOWN SHELF IN A BOOKCASE! (You guys don't even want to see how many books I own. I've filled about 4 bookshelves, and they're big ones, too; this doesn't even count what I've got back in Florida.)

As you can see, a good portion of my collections finally have a home!

More under the cut, including Umbreon, Raikou, Espeon and Latias!

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Apart from this, I've got two Shaymin-green 'V' shaped shelves from Ikea that still need to be hung.

Hopefully posters will be adorning my wall soon - I need to get a Shaymin one, but I'll at least have my Ferret anatomy one up soon. <3

Legends Awakened Prerelease

Woo, I had a blast at this prerelease, it was a lot busier than the last prerelease, and for me, definitely some better cards. :D I stayed for the booster draft, AND I WON FIRST PLACE! But even WITH the 5 extra packs I won, I didn't pull A SINGLE SOLITARY CYNTHIA'S FEELINGS. Everyone who did manage to pull them (including some kid who got THREE) were hoarding them. T_T

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I also got a Vaporeon star in a trade for a Legendary reverse holo Golem and Golem EX. Not bad. :D
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Looking for games!

Hey guys! I'm looking for a copy of Pokémon Yellow as well as Crystal.

I've been looking around ebay, but of course I trust you guys more. *paranoid* ^^;

Also, with crystal especially, I'm worried about the battery being dead. If you have a copy of Crystal with a dead battery I'd be willing to buy it, but I'm wary of people not knowing/mentioning this issue on ebay sales, and it'd really suck to pay $20 for something I have to fix myself.

Also looking for the trainer's manuals to um... well, all the Red, Blue, Yellow games. Especially Red, for the emotional value. I lost mine ages ago and I would just really love to have one again <3

I'm not sure if this comm is the right place for this, but I consider my Pokémon games the most treasured part of my collection! XD So I thought I'd give it a shot. I was going to post on pokemon, but I feel a lot safer about buying within this community. ^_^

Thanks so much, pacificpikachu and iammyworld! This comm rocks, I love you all ;3;
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