August 18th, 2008

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Zukan auctions ending in twenty-four hours!

A notice--I will be ending the zukan auctions at Midnight Pacific Standard Time on August 19th. That is just under twenty-four hours from now. If you bid after that, it won't be counted, so be sure to have your ultimate bids locked in before then! Remember, the higher you bid the better chance we have of winning the auctions as a whole!

Here is the entry to bid or look over what's available:

The prices on the zukan lots we're bidding on aren't too bad right now, but I have a feeling they're going to climb as ending time creeps closer. I doubt the Japanese bidders are going to be merciful on us. There's no guarantee we're going to win these, but if everyone keeps bidding on the sets that interest them we might just make it! Let's try our best to make this happen, everyone!

I'll post a four-hour reminder as well.

Remember to only bid on these items if you will be able to pay for them through Paypal within two or three days of the auction ending. Just a heads-up before any difficulties come up.

Also, could someone with a high max bid on some deputy service or another volunteer to step in as a bidder in case my new deposit doesn't go through on time? It should go through without a problem, but I just want to be safe with so much at stake.

(Also, those who won the lottery items auctions and haven't paid yet, could you please do so either now or within the next day or two? The sooner the better, really. That would be girlunoriginal, ambertdd, and heenz. Thanks!)
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Sales Post!

All orders that have been paid for have been mailed! (With the exception to lone_pichu's - your e-check hasn't cleared yet. ^_^)

I had an exciting day today as far as mail goes, though nothing I had coming came from SMJ.

Below the cut is a sales post, and later I'll be posting the updates to my collection. ^_^ There are new items, as well as final discounts.


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Happy Bat

Pokemon DS

So uh... did you guys know about this? I already knew about the Japanese one, but I wasn't aware that they planned to release a version in America as well:

The guy at gamestop said that they released it like a day ago. I really wanted it but couldn't afford to spend $130 on a DS when I already have one. Pretty cool though.

Also, question. Did anyone play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, the new one? I really wasn't a huge fan of the old one, I like it, but I had a few problems, mostly having to do with the lack of evolution until the game was beat and how crazy some battles could get. Can you get the ability to evolve BEFORE beating the game? If so how soon?

Thank guys :)

Photostory of Flat Foam Skymin & pics of Shaymin Zukan

Apologies for the poor camera quality...

Tomin: Eh?! Why are you taking me away desu?

Tomin: Oh noes, I'm on the scales and you have a camera- you're gonna sell me on eBay! It's because I'm from Hong Kong- I'm not perfect for you blub*
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Oh and here's some close-ups of the Shaymin Zukan (I decided to take these because the stock photos make it look poor when it looks alot better in real life so I hope these pictures give you guys a better impression of said Zukan)
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PS: Raichu fans may also be interested in a butt-face Raichu auction (I won one today and with the free shipping it cost me $1.25 AU or £0.60!
Not 100% sure it's authentic but I know that this 10th anniversary figure is difficult to get hold of anyway...
Surfing Pika

Three-and-a-half hour notice on zukan auctions!

All right guys--the end of the auction is getting close! There are three and a half hours until these auctions end. The auction Y!J auction ends at 4:30 AM-ish PST, but I want to finish these auctions at midnight like planned so I can calculate and decide what our max bids will be.

If you are planning on bidding, DO IT NOW. Bidding will be closed right at midnight Pacific Standard time (any bids after that will not be counted), so bid bid bid! You only have three and a half hours to do this. These are rare zukan, so they're quite worthy of some wild and frenzied bid wars here!

Here is where you bid:

I'm going to do my best on winning these for everyone! :D

(Also, Charizard and Blastoise bidders/potential bidders, your chances are extremely high of getting those zukan. I doubt it's going to stay low enough for me to afford them. So go crazy on them! :D)
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Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

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Dropped by Uwajimaya today and picked up a few Pokemon Kids. I was surprised to see that they had some older sets as well as the newest one. Not only that, but they also have the new friends plush, bobbleheads, and the Movie 11 Keychains (that spin or glow) as well as a couple other neat things. :3

Anything paid for tonight (and maybe early tomorrow) will be shipped out tomorrow! Otherwise I'm not sure when the next post office run will be.

I also got a whole bunch of things the past couple of days and I have a photostory or two to post, but I will do that when I am less tired. In the mean time my site has been updated with everything. ^_^
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Epcot's plushies and pokedolls...!!! :3

All right... the mew guy made a post... but well... this one is general!!

I just wanted to know if there are these plushies in epcot:

-Shaymin sky forme Tomy
-Any UFO plushies like Raichu...

And how much are they... are they from japan or from NY??

Hope someone can answer this questions... and feel free the other members of asking to!! ^_^

Its just that im going to epcot this new year and I want to know wich plushies are there... xD

Thanks a Lot!!!!! If anyone could take a photography of the pokemon plushies area and post it here or in a new post....
Pokemon: Espeon Umbreon

[Commission finished!!!//]

Ok first of all packages received!

One apology though;

The photostory that never was. I just didn't have time before the con ;-;
I'm sorry fernchu, I haven't thanked you before now, but thankyou so much for taking the time to get jakks shinx for me <3 she is so very cute and she looks so nice with my pride :D

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Yesterday marked a rather epic day, one which I was beginning to think I'd never see!

I finally finished raifreak's commission!

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Lastly; regarding zukan!
Penanna is helping me out with these now, and we are more or less coming to the end of sorting sets. It will still be a little while longer before all the broken sets are repaired. As it is I'm running into problems; I can't actually find a way of getting the pegs out of the bases or the figures.
I'm going to try a little longer, and then I think I'm going to have to give up and just send them out with all the bits. I'm sorry, I tried >:

Anyhow, a few orders were filled with the complete zukan, and these were sent out today;
viperfox, flag and tonko.
Let me know when you get them ^^

(and Gare, you already got yours 'cause I sent it ages ago xP)

Oh and, I have an announcement to make about commissions; Anyone who has been on a waiting list for them (if you still remember, you've been waiting for a very long time ^^;;) I've had to decide to close them for the forseeable future. I still owe one or two in exchange for favours/trades, but other than that, it's unlikely you'll see me make a backpack again unless you're willing to pay me the new charges. It's very stressful; I underestimated just how much, so I've decided to close them until I can find some more time!

I will still be talking regular plush commissions though (opening them after I've completed the other trades/bribes I've got going on :3).

(teenytinypreview d'aww)