August 19th, 2008

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You win some, you lose some...

Hi everyone!

I'm here to bring the news on those zukan auctions we were bidding on!

The Good News: We won the auction with Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, etc.! It was a fierce auction and the darn other bidder kept extending it later and later, but we managed to pull it off!

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The Bad News: There's some big zukan collector possibly FMR on Y!J who had some crazy max bid up on the Pikachu set. I bid up quite a bit higher than I planned on going based off of our totals, but they still outbid us. :/ Sorry everyone, and I'll be keeping an eye out for that set in the future in hopes that we can maybe win it another day.
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Something about Jakks plushies... :3

Hey guys!! I know that not much people collect jakks plushies but theres a problem!!! Well i dont know if its happening in every place but, I live in Houston, so i remember that a few months ago I used to go to target, walmart and KB toys and i always found plushies but now jakks is not shipping anymore... i dont know whats happening!! if anyone knows what maybe happening please tell me... now i cant find any plushies!! and if anyone knows a place where I can surely find american or japanese plushies, please tell me!!!

Thanks a lot everyone!!!! ^_^

Edit: Maybe theyre changing to Hasbro again!!! Hope so!! :D

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I'm looking for two games, since I picked up Pokemon Yellow again.

Pokemon Blue (complete)

Pokemon Leaf Green (complete or cart only)

I only have $19 in paypal so ^^; Lookin' kinda cheap copies.


what what in the boot

Dammit, guys. I shouldn't want them. They're the bootiful booties! But...

I want them. ;A;

They're $20 for the whole lot, so. Anyone want to do an auction for these? Come on, look at those fugly faces that want your love.

If I get a reasonable amount of interest, I'll buy the lot. It's $20, so if I get about 6-7 that other people want, they'll be nice and cheap. Trust me, no more than $2 at the most.

- Uhgma
- Actually Cute Spheal - Reserved!
- Cute Sandshrew - Reserved!
- Meltslash - Reserved!
- Ratta-where'smytail-ta - Reserved!
- Soapy Walrein
- Voodogia - Reserved!
- Dripizard - Reserved
- Drooooowzee
- Angry Bagon - Possibly reserved!
- Wtfpuff - Reserved!
- Decent Clefairy
- Grouchy Rayquaza - Reserved!
- Woooobbuffet
- Braingela - Reserved!
- Shiny Minun beast - Reserved!
- Tubbytar - Reserved!
- Wtfuckachu - Reserved!
- Brawwwk Torchic
Jiriillusions--by me

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This here is a massive long shot, but...

Well, we all know Pokémon has some fantastic devices in it. Have there ever been models made of any of them? I know there's no Hikoukyuu (as much as I'd kill for one), but how about the Megaliba? Or the spider mech from the fourth movie (does that thing have a name)? Or ANY of Team Rocket's mechs besides the Magikarpmarine or the balloon?

Also, is there any non-card merch for Aqua, Magma, or Galactic? I WILL PAY IN BLOOOOOOOD.

Looking for Worlds 2008 merch!

Hey all. Another search post for me. I'm looking for a couple pieces of swag from the merch that they gave out at worlds this year. I don't know if people are up for trading/selling any of the stuff. I'm most interested in a Lucario shirt size XL (any of the many colors will do), and the binder. I can trade another Organized play binder for it that has the three forms of Chimchar on it. I'll also pay money. I'd love to be able to at least get a couple of these things. Thanks.