August 20th, 2008

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Hey y'all. It's been a while, BUT I come bearing good news.

Remember that giant lot of figures I posted about a bajillion years ago? Well, they all came in and almost two months ago at that. But since my sales post has already been discovered, I figure I might as well make a public announcement. x3


TONS of Full Color Stadium and Battle Museum figures, as well as a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff. There was also a bunch of Eeveelution stuff (and a few other rares), and since they're so popular, I figure it's only right to auction them all off.

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Though please wait to post until I can get the bidding posts up, so things don't get confusing. Open now~! And if I suddenly disappear, blame Tropical Storm Fay. x3

And soon, I shall post collection updates, I promise. D:

Massive collection Update

I got my final Pikachu plush in the mail yesterday, which means my massive update is finally due. Not only am I doing my Pikachu collection, but practically everything else. If anyone can guess how many plush I have, you will get a cookie. =P It's a bit tough, considering some are hard to see. Good luck!

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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Bell Keychain Group Auction - SUCCESS

We won the lot! =D

The following are the winning bids of the individual keychain auctions:

Raichu - $15 by devi_white
Wartortle - $5 by bonjovis
Flareon - $10 by firebomb
Mewtwo - $5 by ann_chovi
Charmander - $5 by firebomb
Croconaw - $5 by badgerr_ftw
Ariados - $4 by resilientspider
Dragonite - $5 by iammyworld
Marill - $10 by crimson_angel02
Psyduck - $5 by firebomb
Pikachu 4 - $4 by yaoi_queen
Venonat - $4 by randomflavor
Elekid - $5 by resilientspider
Totodile - $6 by anuvia
Cyndaquil - $6 by rinkatink
Pichu - $5 by lonepichu

Those who've claimed keychains beforehand will be privately contacted!

The remaining unbid/unclaimed keychains will be sold in a sales post once I get the lot in, and in the meantime, I'll accept payment from winning bidders as soon as the invoice arrives. If you've won, please tell me whether you're inside or outside of the US so I can properly calculate totals!

Thank you for helping us to win this! :D


Good news fellow European Pokémon collectors! New Gashapon figures!

I visited today Sokos with my mother. Suddenly I spotted a box full of these blue Gashapon balls and I went just and I said: "Whu, what?! They released these figures here?! Can't be true!" I had to buy one. (3,95 euros, what a ripp off!) but I hope they will come to BR-Toys too, because they are cheaper there, 3,50€.
So what I found? Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of time/darkness Gashapon figures! Just awesome that they bring these and other Poké figures here~<3

Yes.. I got Munchlax.. I want Bidoof.

Oh, and those who bougth stuff from me, your letters has been sended.

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Under the cut you will find a picture of my new Pokemon bookcase, the card I pulled today and a project I finished for a member here. I have been so busy lately with school. x_x So I am sorry that this entry will be more picture than text. :P

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I still am going through the friending meme post as well. :O

Cool eBay sales

Kecleon/Shroomish/Breloom Zukan
The shipping on that Zukan is massive- but I suppose you'd pay it if you're after  it- tip of the day- to find Zukan I type in "pokemon 1/40" 
There are quite a few cool ones on there at the mo.
Raichu Action Figure
I snapped one up yesterday and another appeared in its place! It may be from Hong kong but it looks official, and the seller emailed me this morning to say it had been shipped- very rare for them to contact!
Pokemon 3D Memo Clips 
WTF? I was interested in this one for Pikachu/Squirtle but at the moment I have no money thanks to a recent purchase...
Palkia Chunky Stylus
Didn't they ban a Mew one similar to this? They do have cleaner MD2 hangers...
Lunchboxes anyone?