August 22nd, 2008


Announcement: FIXED, and I don't mean in a spay/neuter way!

It would appear that the pkmncollectors AIM chat seems to be working finally, after many days of frustration.

You still need to remove the 'http://' from web links, but I think this is certainly a bearable problem compared to what we've experience earlier.

(Psst. This is just trying to get more of you to come back. We miss you! ;o;)

EDIT: For clarification, the 'www' still will not work in the chats for a web address.

Also, it seems that if you're using Trillian, this may not be an issue.

I'm not sure if it matters what version of AIM you are using - I suggest you upgrade though, if you're having problems still.

Please read the comments for further input and information, as I don't know every detail about this issue and other members might be more helpful. :)

Kids recieved!

I got my Entei kid form Cally, *I love grumpy Entei!* And who ener I got the Zubat from, D8> I forgot your name but thanks! Yay for Glacia's first kids! (The camera is broken D8>)

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Packages, Furret and Kecleon.

All packages will be mailed early next week! ^_^

Also... quite random, but...

I am seeking the Keclon Kid, UFO plush, and also a Furret plush. XD (Yes, I realize I sold my Furret awhile back, which I am kicking myself for.)

I know these are quite rare, but I figured I could just throw this out there in case any of you have seen them on Y!Japan or anything. ^_^

should I?

not posting this at Hells Pokemart but this booty could easily go there xD. It has free shipping and is pretty cheap (though still expensive for such as obvious booty) also the user hasn't got very good feedback (only 92% over 22 lots). So do you think I should buy or avoid? Mostly because I haven't got much left in my paypal until I receive payment for my shaymin plush D:.
Surfing Pika

Group buy(s)?

I'm all over doing group buy things lately!

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I also found a fairly cheap lot of five Eeveelution Pokédolls (considering how high they go for these days). Is anyone willing to pay $30 including everything (shipping/Paypal/etc.) per Eeveelution Pokédoll? The available ones would be: Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon, and Umbreon. I'm only keeping Vaporeon and would be paying the same as everyone else. All four would have to be claimed at that price for it to work out, so that's why I'm a little iffy on it... Let me know if you're interested in any of them, though!

No worries on either of these if they don't work out. I just want to see if I can make either of them work out. :) If we can, great! If we can't, I'll just shrug and move on.
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